“I really want to get in shape before I go to the gym.”

So many people have this mentality because they are intimidated at the thought of going into a gym looking unfit. Their scared of machines they don’t know how to use or lifting dumbbells beside people who are clearly well experienced. Maybe its gym clothing that scares you the most?

It’s not hard to appreciate why so many people are intimidated and think they’re too unfit to join a gym.

Why Gyms Can Be Intimidating

Gyms are packed with open space. So if people seeing you working out intimidates you, you might want to join a smaller gym.

There is a lot of machines and equipment that can be confusing to someone who doesn’t have any experience.The fear of looking stupid is something EVERYONE experiences. Most of the machines have a little diagram on how to use them. However some people even worry about using the right combination of machines etc.

Getting over gym fear


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