When should I start cutting for summer?

When Should I Start Cutting For Summer?

This is a question many people begin to start asking themselves as we slowly drag ourselves out of the winter months. Many people choose to bulk during the winter as their physique will be well hidden by multiple layers of warm clothing. Many people don’t choose to bulk over winter but gain plenty of weight anyway as a result of excessive calorie intake from food (and often alcohol) over the festive period.

The truth is – it depends on how ‘good’ you are at adhering to a diet. If you’re the type of person who can do extended fasting or deal with a huge calorie deficit fairly comfortably, then you need not worry. However if you have a history of attempting and failing diets, it may be wise to give yourself plenty of time. A block of fat weighing a kilogram is equal to roughly 7,700 calories. The math is actually fairly simple. if you want to lose a kilogram of fat in week, you simply eat at a caloric deficit of 7,700 for that week, which depending on your daily expenditure, means eating about 1,100 calories per day. If you expend a greater amount of energy from cardio or other forms of exercise you may need to eat slightly more.

Fact: The bigger you are, the more you have to eat to maintain size and keep yourself alive. People who are severely overweight can actually lose weight eating at maintenance or even a surplus compared to the average person’s calorie intake. You may find that your weight loss slows down substantially the thinner you get, this is because your total daily energy expenditure is lower. You can offset this by decreasing your calorie intake further or exercising.

The way you actually approach this deficit is entirely up to you also. You could eat at a deficit or you could eat at maintenance and have days where you do not eat at all (granting you an immediate -2000 or so calories). As long as you total a 7,700 calorie deficit by the end of the week, you should lose about a kilogram.

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