Why you need a personal trainer


I’m a personal trainer who works in the West End of Glasgow. I’m a personal trainer in the west end slot for Glasgow PTs west end and provide high quality training for my clients. One of the questions I always hear thrown around by potential lads is “what are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer?”


When you prefix the word “personal” to any kind of service be it a trainer, dog groomer or stylist, it instantly takes on an elitist ring. But personal trainers are not only for the rich. There are many legit reasons why anyone could benefit from a personal trainer and why it is a good investment. From giving you a more individualized program to just being held accountable for your workouts, there are so many reasons why people need to work with trainers.

Here are 5 perfect reasons why you need a personal trainer.

  1. You’re new to exercise:

If you’ve just joined the gym and don’t know where to start, setting up an exercise schedule could be overwhelming for you. So many things go into a complete workout program: weight training, flexibility training, and cardio. And then there are other elements like choosing what activities to do and figuring out how to fit it into your daily schedule.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, here’s how a personal trainer can help you:

  • Figure out the workout routine, equipment, and schedule.
  • Custom design a reasonable program for you.
  • Teach you the basics.
  1. You’re not getting results:

Sometimes exercising consistently for weeks and months don’t always give you results.  If that stubborn weight just won’t go away or you aren’t reaching your goals, it’s time you hire a personal trainer.

Here’s how a personal trainer can help you:

  • Improve your current routine by tweaking it or changing it altogether.
  • Push you harder to hit that goal.
  • Help you examine your goals and see if they are realistic.
  1. You’re bored with your old workout routine

It’s easy for experienced exercisers to fall into a workout rut by following the same workout routine over and over again. Besides being boring, doing the same things will also result in a weight loss plateaus, burnout and overuse injuries. A personal trainer can introduce variety into your otherwise boring workouts.

Here’s how a personal trainer can help you:

  • Revamp your otherwise boring workouts.
  • Introduce new equipment to you.
  • Help set more challenging goals.
  1. You have a specific illness or injury

Did your doctor recommend you to exercise for your illness or injury as part of the treatment? You definitely don’t want to take chances on your health by working out without professional guidance. Many trainers have specialties that help them to work with clients who have special needs.

Here are some things a trainer can help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic injuries
  1. You need accountability and motivation

People tend to be more focused on their workout routines when they are held accountable and are motivated. Sure your high school reunion next month or your high blood pressure may motivate you, but we all know it’s hard to follow through when you have a busy schedule. Personal trainers will not only motivate you but also make sure you hit that goal no matter what.

Here are different ways in which a personal trainer can motivate you:

  • Paying a hefty amount and just showing up so that you don’t put your money to waste is enough motivation to keep you going.
  • Your trainer can tell whether you did your workouts and followed that diet during the week. Since you can’t lie, it makes it harder for you to skip your workouts.
  • Having a regular standing appointment is a great way to get you all geared up for your workout sessions.

What to expect from each session

Each workout session will last about an hour. Your trainer will guide you through weight training, cardio, flexibility, and others depending on your goals. You will learn how to do the exercises properly, find out how much weight you need to lift and basically get pointers on how to maximise the benefits from each exercise.


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