Competitive Cheerleaders – Get Strong and Flexible

July 18, 2018 / Uncategorized

Cheerleading can be a very athletic event. For those that think otherwise, take a closer look. Cheerleading has become a competitive sport in its own right and it takes a good level of physical conditioning to compete. Of course there is no real competition on the side lines of a game but to perform the stunts they do these days requires strength.

For those competitive cheerleaders that do participate in competition, they find that to perform at their best they need to be in the best of shape so they exercise, get rest and eat healthy. Being in the best shape you can be also helps to reduce the possibility of injury from pulled muscles or falling accidents if too tired.

Flexibility is also an important element to cheerleading. Being flexible will also help prevent injury but you will be able to perform with more ease. You can do stretching exercises everyday if you have the time. Stretching before, during or after practice is recommended.

Participate in some form of strength training. It could be working out with dumb bells for upper body strength to doing bodyweight exercises. If you can get stronger arms and back you will be able to do lifts with less effort if you are the base.

Leg strength will help you jump higher and give you a sturdier base for lifts. You can easily exercise your legs by doing squats with or without weight and doing lunges. Step ups onto a stool or step are a great exercise also. Not only will you be helping yourself by strengthening your legs, you are making it safer for your squad if you are a base.

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