Living On The Edge – How To Do A Free Running Front Flip?

August 20, 2018 / Uncategorized

Take a running start

For front flip beginners, it is easiest to perform this move while you are running, the faster the better. When starting the flip running you will effectively convert the forward momentum of the running into upward momentum. Whilst an all out sprint should be avoided, you should break out into a fast run but be able to maintain control. It does not necessarily matter how far you run before you flip, just make sure it is far enough for you to be able to pick up enough speed to comfortably jump into the air and punch.

The leap and punch

Your short and quick burst should be immediately followed by the leap and punch part of the step, wherey you you convert all your momentum in an upward movement so that you are able to comfortably flip. The process of converting the momentum into an upward spiral is known as 'Blocking.' The blocking movement is achieved by approaching the punch at an angle where your feet remain in front of the rest of your body. When you hit the ground with both feet, you should think the word 'jump' and propel yourself as high into the air as you can.

As you land, punch your arms up above your head as you prepare yourself for the next part of the flip.

Motion in Air

The 'motion in air' manoeuvre is definitely the most exciting part of the front flip. To be able to get the rotation rotation, throw your hands downwards and tuck your chest into the knees. To steady yourself you may want to grab your leg beneath your knee through the flip.

Now it's time to land …

The landing

Never look at the ground for the whole duration of the move and instead focus your eyes on a focal point before and after the move as this will help you to keep in balance and remain in control of the flip.

The correct way to land from the front flip is with your knees bent, your hands above your head and with your eyes firmly fixed on your focal point.

A successful free running front flip involves mastering the running start, the leap and punch, the motion in the air and the landing and in order to master this sequence, practice, patience and determination is required.

The clothes

Of course to do the front flip, either whilst practicing or once mastered, you'll need the correct gear to carry it out. Baggie joggers, hooded tops, cool sneakers and urban caps will not only ensure that you fit into the metropolitan character of free running but will also help you in your quest to master the front flip with ease.

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