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07 Nov

Everyone is into the health craze these days. Nobody wants to be obese much less fat anymore. There is a more sensible effort on the part of each individual to look better, get into shape and stay healthy. Times are hard after all, so it is of utmost importance to be able to stay as healthy as you can so that you do not get sick. Staying healthy is not just about going to the gym to lose all the excess weight. It is also about eating a balanced meal that consist of healthy foods. Working out will prove to be nothing if you just keep on eating junk food instead of eating the healthy foods which would help speed up your weight reduction.

When the subject of healthy foods comes to mind, one automatically thinks of bland, steamed flavorless vegetables, fruits and no meat. This is actually a big misconception as eating healthy foods do not necessarily mean that they have to be bland or always steamed and flavorless or that it always has to be vegetables and fruits. There are many restaurants that offer healthy options of foods for those who are trying to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle. One just has to be able to pick the right type of food to eat in order to get the results that one wants.

If you are a picky vegetable eater, there are a variety of vegetables that are considered healthy foods that you may like. Cauliflower for one is considered as a healthy food. You may use this for your salads or you may eat it with a dip. Other vegetables that are considered as healthy foods are potatoes, yams, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, carrots, celery and a whole lot more. The secret to getting vegetables taste good is really in the way that you cook or flavor them.

There are in fact a lot of spices and herbs that are also considered as healthy foods that one can use with vegetables. Some of which are the following: basil, pepper, thyme, oregano, rosemary and cilantro to name a few. Experiment when cooking your vegetables and you'll get to love eating them in time.

Meat lovers do not have to fret as there are certain meat and poultry products that are also considered as healthy foods. The main trick here is to cut down on the fat and eat only lean meat. Lean meat is healthy and has less cholesterol that is bad for your body. Other meat products that are healthy are lamb, chicken, turkey and venison. Try to cook them differently from the usual frying or barbecue so that you less the risk for heart problems caused by too much cholesterol.

Eating healthy foods need not be something dull or boring like what many people think it is when one wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. The secret is really in the way that you cook them or add flavor to them without having to sacrifice the natural content of the ingredients.

Source by Sean Jordan

07 Nov

If you have mastered the basic 3 Club Cascade, then you are ready to try the following 10 tricks. Good luck and good Juggling!

Reverse Cascade – The opposite of the Cascade. In the cascade, the clubs are always thrown underneath each other. In a reverse cascade, every club is thrown over the top of the previous club thrown. Imagine an open bucket at eye level in front of the center of your body. All the clubs must be thrown into this bucket and caught by the opposite hand.

Reverse Arms – The cascade pattern, but with your arms reversed (your left arm is over at your right hand side and vice-versa). Instead of a cascade throw, you throw the club under the opposite arm, to be done by that hand.

Juggler's Tennis aka Sunset – This is a trick that can be built up gradually. Every club thrown from one hand goes over the top of the other two clubs, which are just swapped from hand to hand. Once this is mastered, you can then try just throwing the same club over the other two back and forth (just like a tennis match with the other two clubs as the net)!

Under the Legs – Begin by using just one club in your left hand and throw it under your left leg so that it can be worn by the right hand, then throw the club under the right leg so that it lands back in the left hand! Once you can do this smoothly, you are ready to attempt under the leg while juggling the 3 club cascade pattern! If you are struggling then try either doing a double spin or a really high slow spin. This allows the club to go a bit higher and gives you longer before you need to catch it. Here are some under the leg possibilities:

  • Every throw from your favorite hand goes under the leg
  • Every throw from either hand goes under the leg
  • Left hand throwing under left leg,
  • Right hand throwing under right leg
  • Left hand throw under right leg
  • Right hand throw under the left leg

Wrong way round / Half flips – Begin by holding all clubs by the opposite end. You can try and keep juggling with the clubs facing the wrong way, or during the cascade pattern apply half a spin (or 1.5 times spin) to the club and catch it the proper way round. You could start by juggling the cascade normally and then flip the clubs so you catch them the wrong way round, then flip them back again. This is a good comedy trick!

Chops – A chop is made after you have done a club, when you quickly carry the club downwards (chopping motion) into the middle of the pattern. The following throw is under the arm that just chopped a club. You should be able to work up to chopping with every throw (both hands doing the chopping). You can then work on making your throws higher and wider to make the trick look really impressive!

Chin Rolls – When juggling a 3 club cascade, try placing one of the clubs (up with the knob facing down) on top of your chin. The objective of this is not to balance the club, but that it should fall into your other hand and the cascade can be continued! It all happens in under a second, and looks impressive!

Double / Triple spins – In order to master some of the more difficult 3 club tricks (and to move on to 4+ club juggling), it is suggested that you learn how to do double or triple spins smoothly. By giving the clubs extra spin, the clubs can have more time in the air, which allows you some time to do other tricks such as flourishes (see below). To achieve double spins, work your way through the 3 club cascade tutorial once again, but this time use double spins instead of single spins! Repeat for triple spins also!

Flourish – When you are able to throw a club with double or triple spin from one hand, you should try to learn some basic flourishing moves with the same hand (such as wiping your forehead with the club, twirling the club like a baton, spinning the club on your hand etc).

Fire Juggling – Only to be attempted once you are very confident with juggling normal clubs. It is strongly suggested that you find someone to teach you how to safely use fire clubs, and not just attempt to learn by yourself.

What next? Try moving on to 4 Club Juggling (you need to really master 2 club juggling in each hand separately as well as throwing double or triple flips instead of single flip for this to be successful! Roll, Spin Poi and many other Circus Skills!

Source by Steve W Thomson

07 Nov

People who are over weight usually do great injustice to themselves by excusing themselves from really losing weight. One thing that I have learned is that excuses cannot help you or me. It is only when we look at our personal problem straight in the eye and then acknowledge them as a problem that we hate are we able to really do something about it.

Many people will convince themselves that their weight is not too bad or perhaps blame everything from genes to heredity and thus blind them selves of the need to lose those unwanted pounds. In this article I will attempt to lay down some of the excuses that people give to stay over weight and perhaps make comments as to why there is the need to be truthful about our weight situation and then zoom down on it to obliterate it from our lives. Shakespeare once said “to thin self be true” and in this article we will be true and out of that openness and self acceptance, we may be able to conquer the self sabotage that we do through excuses.

The following are some of the excuses we give to ourselves to stay fat:

(1) My metabolism is not good

(2) My genes are bad

(3) My thyroid is bad

(4) I am okay because I eat “fat free” or “low fat” foods

(5) Losing weight is too hard for me

(6) I am a fit and “good looking” fat person

(7) My body has reached the ideal weight where I cannot lose weight any more. And this list is by no means exhaustive.

I am sure you can identify with some of the excuses listed above that we make to ourselves so as to continue staying fat. But these are fallacies that we must obliterate from our minds as we try to lose weight. Loosing weight does not hurt you in any way but it does help you look good and also feel healthy and enjoy your life.

There are some people in this world that will do everything they can do to prevent themselves from looking at their problems to help eliminate it. They do this because they are afraid of the problem itself or perhaps the cost and effort that it will take to actually do something about it. They will then stop at nothing to convince themselves that not doing anything about the problem is a better choice. Like everything, we must be honest with ourselves when it comes to losing weight.

We must face the weight issues that confront us and then do something about it quickly; that is to lose the weight and be happy. We must stop putting all the blame on our metabolism. It has nothing to do with it but rather it has everything to do with the quality and quantity of foods that we eat. A lot of people who are over weight are like that because they eat junk foods and also eat too much of them.

Even though metabolism may play a part in overweight situations especially as we age, it nonetheless is not the main or only reasons why we become obese. No matter how slow one’s metabolism may be, given the right kind of food and exercise, it can be sped up to help one lose the weight.

Blaming our genes as the culprit when it comes to losing weight is like blaming a car accident on the car itself instead of the driver. While genes can cause some people to struggle with their weight loss effort, if the right kinds of foods and exercise are employed, they will definitely lose weight.

It is true that a bad thyroid can cause one to struggle with weight loss but I want to tell you that very few people have that kind of problem so there may be a chance that you do not have that problem. Your doctor can run a test to help you determine whether you have an under active thyroid problem and then suggest antidotes for its treatment if it is found out that you have that problem.

Some people think that because they eat “fat free” or “low fat” foods they are free from being over weight. The truth cannot be further from this. Even though most food manufacturers took the fat from the foods they nonetheless replaced it with sugar which goes into the blood stream directory and eventually turn into fat any ways. So as you can see the fact that foods are labeled “fat free” or “low fat” does not mean that it is safe to overeat.

The problem is not how much fat is in the food but the problem is our behavior towards food. Even though some people will take the easy route out by simply convincing themselves that they cannot lose weight the truth of the matter is that every one can lose weight. You see, the body records every calories or food energy that you put into your body.

So if you think you cannot lose weight may be what you need to do is to cut your food into half for example and your calorie intake will be cut into half and as time goes on you will see the pounds coming off. It is very rare to see someone medically proclaimed as impossible to lose weight. I cannot conceive you that such a situation even exists in the world. Cut down the food intake and the pounds will come down immediately or with time.

No matter how much people try to convince themselves that they are fat but fit, I cannot see that as true. A fit person is healthy, energized, can bend and stretch up easily without any difficulties and has all their internal systems working correctly. This is not true for fat people. Even though a fat person may feel great perhaps they are young, as they grow up some few years beyond their youth, they may start experiencing health issues.

So if you think you are fat but healthy, I am happy for you that you feel healthy but not happy for you that you are fat. Drop that mindset and do something about the weight because these things have a way of slowly sneaking up their ugly effect on people with time.

Some people who are over weight may try to eat the right foods and then exercise but as soon as they loose some few pounds they will just quit their efforts because they think that they have reached the ultimate level of losing weight and that to them they have no more weight to lose. The only thing that cannot lose weight is the bones themselves but as long as one has some flesh to their skin, they can always lose some few ounces or pounds beyond the weight they think they cannot lose weight from. So when it comes to losing weight, there are no plateaus.

The purpose of this article has been to help people see the harm they are doing to themselves with all these excuses not to lose weight so that as they come to the understanding about these things they may decide to do something about their weight. I have found the need to write this article because I have been there and understand the need to lose weight much so than ever before. So that losing weight to maintain good health must be top on the agenda of our lives. My dear friend do not allow your self or anyone to tell you that your weight problem is beyond fixing. You can lose that weight even today.

Source by Joseph Papabuadoo

07 Nov

If you’re a runner, then it’s high time that you discovered Pilates. The benefits of regularly practising it are plentiful for athletes and in this article I’m going to share them with you. I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that all runners would benefit from a regular session!

Pilates is an exercise built around slow flowing movements. All movements are done with control, which results in the building of strength, but not big bulky muscles. In fact, dancers are very keen on practising it as it is ideal to stretch and keep their muscles in good shape without building them up like body builders.

The New Zealand All Blacks are crazy about Pilates too, but that’s another story for another time.

Going back to runners, it was not apparent initially how ideal Pilates is for the runner. Not only does it reduce muscle soreness but it will protect against injury. Now runners are relying on the exercise to enable them to increase their performance.

Although all runners take care to stretch their muscles before and after taking a run, Pilates provides a progressive stretching that will protect the runner against injury.

Breathing is another strong plus point for taking up Pilates. Lung capacity will increase and there is also the positive side effect of any exercise that involves concentration and focus – a relaxed state of mind.

My physiotherapist tells me that there is no such thing as the perfect back. After 3 years of intensive training in her field and ten years of practice, I guess she should know more than anybody. Most of us have an imperfect posture and that’s another area that Pilates can help with.

In fact, she has several clients who have various ailments but through using Pilates as their primal stretching exercise, they have been able to keep their injuries at a minimum so that they can enjoy their running more and do more of it.

Pilates is very much focused on the core of the body, the centre. Stretching and exercising these muscles can enable your spine to be supported where it should be. The abs and lower back are strengthened by slow exercises. These are muscles that running does do not get strengthened by running. The muscles are better able to handle uneven ground and to absorb any shock.

Runners who regularly do Pilates have reported that they no longer get calf pulls and that they can maintain an upright posture, even on longer runs. This is essential for good breathing.

My last piece of advice on this – is not to push if you experience any pain. Either you’re injured or the exercise is not being done correctly.

So an exercise that improves posture, strengthens the lower back and can cure sciatica issues is certainly something to take notice of for runners. If you don’t have the time or the finance to attend classes, then you can pop a DVD into the machine and follow along with the instructor, at home and in your own time. I’m sure that your running will improve and you’ll cut back on lost time through injury.

Source by Thomon Wardle

07 Nov

Poor grip training and hand, wrist & elbow training on the PGA Tour will continue to produce hand, wrist & elbow injuries. The people in the know that report on the PGA Tour have to be made aware of this hole in the boat. Fundamental hand and grip strength exercise concepts are overlooked because traditional ‘grip-only’ hand training has become so organically accepted over the years.

When I was a junior golfer, I was also told to grip a tennis ball to strengthen my hands… bad advice!

The back of our hand, wrist & elbow house our ‘grip-stabilizing’ band of muscles. Each time we grip anything (think gym, practise & play), these muscles contract in support of the grip. Otherwise the hand and fingers would collapse. It is a co-contraction, meaning the ‘hand-opening’ muscles contract to support the action of the ‘hand-closing’ muscles. We call this co-contraction GRIP! But we either don’t understand it… or we don’t train our golfers like we understand it.

The problem is that the hand-opening muscles (the grip-stabilizers) are contracting in one static position over and over, thus building a static extensor band that is SO easy to injure, especially under the stress of a golf strike… multiplied innumerably by high rough, more by wet rough and more by rocks & tree roots…

Thus, hand, wrist & elbow imbalance is universal in golf and injury after injury after injury will occur at an unnecessarily high rate… hand, wrist, elbow especially. It is the same ‘route’ cause – hand muscle imbalance – not tree roots alone!

Yes, golf is a contact sport for these areas, but if when key structures are statically trained, producing inflexible muscle chains and poor blood flow, they have VERY LITTLE chance of escaping injury, especially as the golfer ages..

We have developed an easy complete exercise that will solve this training and golf-inherent imbalance in EVERY SINGLE GOLFER. I am a former professional golfer. I have seen the poor training first hand. I’ve worked with 1000’s of athletes and musicians. ALL (every one!) are strong in flexion, weak in extension. Same thing over and over until we work with them. Should this not be a very obvious hint? We have many professional golfers using our product and they do very well.

But this imbalance is not just an injury issue for the older golfer. It is also a performance issue for all golfers. The stronger the grip stabilizer muscles are, the stronger the hand strength, the greater the player can relax and still have control of the club, the better the player can negotiate rough with lower risk of injury when required.

I am hopeful that we can raise awareness with golfers and prominent fitness and training professionals in the golf industry, especially former players. Now that Tiger Woods and John Daly are both out with elbow injuries, the spotlight is on this issue as much as ever. Mike Weir is another very notable golfer, Aaron Olberholser, Nice Price, Julie Inkster, Lanny Wadkins, Doug Tewell, etc. etc. etc… and the full list including hand and wrist injuries is exhausting…

If you are a golfer, a therapist, a trainer or participate in any grip activity, understand that the hand-opening muscles are just as important as the hand-closing muscles in grip performance, speed, strength, flexibility, stamina and to injury reduction at the hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow.

Source by Dr. Terry Zachary

07 Nov

For over a hundred years horse liniments have been used to treat horse ailments such as muscle aches, joint pain and even arthritis. Horse seem to suffer from many of the same conditions that human do.

Since humans descended from mammals eons ago and horse are mammals their body structure are somewhat similar. Obviously a human will not be mistaken for a horse but with ligaments, tendons and joints they will suffer from pain associated with strains, sprains, muscle aches and joint pain.

This is especially true with horse that are used for jumping, racing and even the ranch horse that spends a lot of time on the trails. Human who are very athletic are also prone to injuries that horse get! The muscles and tendons work the same on both species and when over worked react the same resulting in pain.

Most of the pain is caused by inflammation of the particular ligaments & tendons that have suffered the injury is minor in nature and can be treated with ice, rest and stretching when the inflammation has subsided.

If the injury is of a minor nature then many breeders and racing horse owners will apply liniment to the affected area to speed the healing process. The key point for humans is to read the label of any equine liniment before using it. Make it a point to read the ingredient label on the horse liniment container.

Always look for equine liniments that contain natural botanical based herbs and essential oils and. Do not use any horse care products that contain DMSO which is an ingredient found in many horse liniments and is not approved by the FDA for human use. DMSO absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream, carrying with it any chemicals and synthetic preservatives that are contained in the horse care product.

Since the horse is obviously a larger animal that humans it can tolerate higher concentrations of DMSO even though it may cause adverse health effects to horses and I myself would stay clear of any usage of horse care products that contain DMSO.

In fact, my recommendation would be to use only an all natural equine liniment that has no synthetic compounds or artificial preservatives that may compromise your horse’s long term health.

The only effective all natural horse products are those that have herbal compounds and essential oils as their main ingredients. These oils and herbal compounds are effective for minor strains, sprains, muscle aches and joint pains. The differences in the various products on the market will be the exact type of botanical compounds and essential oils and their concentration.

Some companies that make all natural equine products are Equine Natural Horse Liniment, Chapman’s Premium Horse Liniment & Dr. Fleming’s Miracle Horse Liniment.

All of these companies adhere to the all natural approach in terms of ingredients which can include arnica, capsicum, eucalyptus, menthol, witch hazel and even sweet birch. Look carefully at the labels to see what is in each horse care product.

The equine care product with the most all natural ingredients seems to be Dr. Fleming’s Miracle Horse Liniment even though the nae conjures up the image of some type of snake oil. It seems to be a very viable horse liniment despite its catchy product name.

Now if a human wants to use one of these products I would suggest diluting the liniment down to the individual tolerance of the user. The easiest way to dilute a horse liniment is to add a carrier oil to the mixture such as grape seed oil, safflower oil and even a high grade olive oil. These oils are light enough to mix well with the horse liniment and not affect the liniment itself. The liniment should be thoroughly mixed before using it and it may be necessary to dilute it several times before it can be used.

The main point is that humans can use horse liniments but the recommendation would be to use only all natural horse care products.

Source by William Cianelli

04 Nov

Weight training is a great way to get your whole body in shape. Many people associate weight training with your upper body and arms. However if you have the right equipment then you can easily exercise the lower part of your body, such as your chest and legs. You may think to yourself that everything about using weights is an advantage. However there are disadvantages to using weights and all the advantages and disadvantages will be described below.

One of the advantages of using weights to work out is the way that you can strengthen your whole body. We all know that weights are used by the person using them standing still and then performing an action using the weights. This action can be moving your arms up and down or side to side. If you are not the type of person that likes to partake in running, swimming or any other kind of real life sport, then weights is the perfect solution to keeping your body toned and in great shape.

Another advantage of using weights to keep fit is when you are using these weights and your body is standing still. Your bones in your body are becoming active as they are trying to support you as you are doing the exercises. So you are in effect working out the entire body every time that you use weights to exercise.

There are disadvantages to using weights for exercising and the main disadvantage is safety. You should never exercise with weights alone. You should always have a supporter with you in case the worst happens. The most common safety concern is using the barbell. There is a possibility of becoming trapped under the barbell if you are unable to do a repetition due to the amount of weight on the barbell.

Another disadvantage when using weights is causing damage to your own body. As stated before you need your whole body when you are using weights. If you cannot keep complete control of your body when you are working out, then you are going to pull or even tare a muscle in your body. Also using heavy weights when you are not ready will always cause an injury to the part of your body that you are exercising. Always remember to start off small and then move on when you feel perfectly ready to do so.

Overall weights are a good way to work out. Millions of people use weights to do a daily work out. After one or two weeks you can start to feel your body becoming more and more toned. You can also feel the muscles in your body start to bulge a bit more then before. However safety will be the major concern to remember when you are using your weights. You must remember to stretch all the muscles in your body before you attempt to exercise your body. You have to get your heart pumping and when you are done remember to warm down so that your body knows that the workout is over. Warming down will prevent trapping any Lactic Acid in your body.

Source by Andy Eaton

30 Oct

How often when you are studying do you end up with a crick in the neck, a sore back, painful wrists and fingers and eye strain? Probably more times than you can remember.

The reason we end up with aches and pains like this when studying is because most of sit hunched over our desk or table, for long periods handling heavy text books whilst simultaneously trying to write notes of what we are studying.

Our posture is poor and as a result our back and neck suffers. Lifting heavy text books on to and off our desk can tax even the strongest of wrists so it is no wonder we feel strained after sessions at our desks.

It needn’t be like this. There is a way out and it is very simple. All you need to do is use a book stand for reading. These things are amazing devices. So simple and straight forward and yet everyone who has ever used one has been surprised at the benefits obtained from using one. Most new users of book stands wonder how they ever managed without one in the first place.

They come in all different shapes, colors and sizes depending on your own personal taste what you want to use it for.

If you are a student and need to reference several books at one time there are stands that will hold several books at a time as well as allowing you to adjust the height and angle so you can be comfortable when reading. Some are big enough to allow you to place the book on one side and your notebook on the other making it very easy for you to take notes.

There are other book stands that will hold and protect your cook books in the kitchen allowing you to always have the recipe or recipes you are using available there and then. Some will also allow you to have a couple of books open at one time so you can work on more than one recipe at a time. With clips to keep the pages open you won’t lose your place.

And book stands are not just for printed books either. You can also get them for your electronic reader as well. Whether you own an iPad, kindle, nook or whatever there is undoubtedly a suitable holder for you. If you use an iPad for reading eBooks you will no doubt have found it quite heavy to hold for any length of time. Using a book stand will relieve you of this weight.

No matter where or what you use your book stand for it will very likely make reading a far more comfortable and healthy pursuit than you have experienced so far.

Source by Duncan Smith

30 Oct

Are you trying to get your ex back and you have found out that there is another woman involved? Are you angry and hurt and wish that you knew how to steal him back from the other woman? Does it tear your heart out to think of them together and you wish that all of this was just a bad dream and that you could just wake up and it would all be over?

The truth is that it can be very easy to get your ex back even if there is another woman involved and what he probably feels for her isn’t what it might appear to be no matter what he might say to you. Even if he says that he has moved on the fact remains that there is a chunk of his heart and his soul that is still yours and it’s your job to bring those emotions to the surface and make him feel that passion that was once only yours.

If it helps you to push past the pain of knowing that he is with someone else you should know that most rebound relationship don’t work out. Once the newness of being with someone else wears off and the possible excitement of sneaking around behind your back is gone he will see that she has flaws. She will also lose interest in him once she feels that she has stolen him away from you and often the relationship will fall apart all on its own. But you need to do your part and back off a little bit and stop applying that pressure to him to get back together since this is often a uniting force between the two of them.

Instead of trying to talk him into getting back together or making him feel bad for hurting you it is important that you come learn how to move him emotionally without it looking like you’re being manipulative or trying to get him back. You are going to have to be a little stealthy and know what makes a guy stop for a moment and then begin to feel warm emotions for someone. We are talking about the kind of emotions that even if he is with someone else will cause him to dump her and come crawling back to you begging you for another chance.

You might think that this sounds quite impossible but I think you know that trying to convince him using logic just isn’t going to cut it at the moment. You need to make him want you, need you, desire you and regret the decision that he made in choosing someone else over you before he will ever be open to getting back together. You are going to have to push him over the emotional brink and bring him to his knees in order to get him back and take control of your relationship in the way that you need right now.

Source by Cory Jean

30 Oct

The top baseball pitching coaches know the best pitchers have their own rituals and techniques they follow to be consistently top performers. Our Baseball Pitching Tips are designed to provide you with this same type of consistency. We believe this tips will help raise your pitching to a whole new level:

1. Practice your different pitching motions . Your windup and stretch motors should become as natural as possible. A pitcher has to account for so many things in a game as is. Make your burden easier by never having to worry about your mechanics. By continuously repeating your pitching motion, you will develop the appropriate muscle memory for these different pitching motors.

2. Do not be afraid to experiment with your pitching motion . Some pitchers have had fabulous success by altering their motion at certain times. Anything you can do to disrupt the timing of the batter will end up working in your favor. Something as simple as adjusting from an overhand throw to a three quarters throw or moving over to the extreme ends of the pitching rubber can give you the extra advantage you are looking for.

3. A good mind set for pitchers is calm and cocky . This means that you believe in your pitching (cocky) and relaxed (calm) even in the face of errors made by teams or yourself. By continuing to practice your motion and pitching, your confidence in your pitching will increase along with your desire to succeed. You will not want all that practice to go to waste so when the game comes, you will be a little cocky. This is a good state to be in because it usually will bring out the best things in your pitching.

4. Have your plan set-up before you step on the hill . If you have prepared yourself properly, you will have already worked out in your head how you will attack certain batters. Any discussions that you need to make with the catcher and / or coach should be addressed before you take the mound so you will know what to expect before entering the game. By doing the mental work before you pitch, you will make it much easier for you to just concentrate and focus on your pitching.

5. Visualize the game in the days leading up to your start . Take a cue from some of the top athletes in the world by using neurolinguistic programming or NLP. This technique essentially asks you to visualize your pitching in the game and seeing you succeed. These visualizations should be made as vivid as possible by thinking about and seeing all the colors and sounds of a real game in your mind. You should try to mirror them as close to the real game as possible. By doing this exercise leading up to the game, it will do wonders for preparing you for your start and giving you the right confident mindset for the game.

Source by Jack D. Elliott

29 Oct

These days it’s common to see babies with flat heads, and you might have even seen one or two sporting funny looking helmets to correct the deformity. But what if you have reached adulthood with a flat spot on your head, having been born at a time when knowledge of this condition was limited? Can plagiocephaly be treated in adults and older children?

The rise of plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly has gained much media attention in recent years. While the Back to Sleep campaign of the 1990s may have successfully reduced the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), long periods spent lying in the supine position also left many children with misshapen heads.

Fast forward 20 or so years, and awareness about plagiocephaly is beginning to pick up, with doctors and health visitors providing advice for parents and private clinics offering helmet therapy to correct severe cases of plagiocephaly in infants.

But how about those teenagers and adults who were born before the information and treatment options we now have came to light? Is there a limit to the age at which plagiocephaly can be treated?

Plagiocephaly treatment for adults

Unfortunately, the only known treatment for plagiocephaly in adults involves surgery, and few surgeons are willing to undertake the procedure. Given that the condition is thought to be largely cosmetic, the risks and costs associated with surgery outweigh the benefits.

Today, parents are usually advised to ‘reposition’ their babies from an early age. This involves varying the position in which the child plays, sits and sleeps to relieve pressure on the back of the skull. Repositioning is often successful in treating mild cases of plagiocephaly, but where it fails, a helmet can be used to correct the deformity.

As babies become toddlers and they begin to move about more independently, there’s a limit to what can be achieved though repositioning. And while a helmet can be used to treat moderate and severe plagiocephaly in babies, by the age of around 14 months, the bones in the skull begin to harden and this method becomes ineffective, too.

Outlook for adults with plagiocephaly

If you’re an adult who has recently become aware of plagiocephaly, this is probably not the answer you wanted to hear. However, you can take some comfort in the fact that the condition is relatively benign and is not known to be associated with any health risks later in life.

While awareness of plagiocephaly is on the rise, the advice provided to parents by healthcare professionals remains inconsistent and there are still babies being left with easily preventable head shape deformities to this day.

So while it’s regrettable that you are unable to correct your own flat spot, you can still make a big difference by making other parents aware of the urgency with which they must act if they are to treat their children.

If the child of a friend or family member has a misshapen head, gently suggesting that they get it checked out can save a lot of heartache further down the line. It may be useful to show them this short presentation on plagiocephaly, which explains how to spot the signs and briefly covers the treatment options that are available.

So spread the word, and try not to worry too much about the shape of your own head. Remember, you’re your own worst critic and other people are far too busy going about their daily lives to notice minor irregularities in the appearances of others.

Source by Bronwyn Zelst Cook

29 Oct

You get up in the morning and you start your usual routine. Part of your usual routine includes taking a shower. Except now, you’re just simply adding in one extra step to that part of your routine. While you are taking a shower, you’re doing things that will make your penis bigger!

Sounds pretty freaking awesome, doesn’t it?

I mean, what man wouldn’t want to add length, girth, and more to his penis erection… while in the shower… WITHOUT using crappy tools… and WITHOUT having to take dangerous pills?

Well, this is absolutely possible. The key is to do this with 100% all natural penis enlargement.

Natural penis enlargement involves using nothing but your two hands and performing unique exercises on your endowment to enhance all aspects of your penis… naturally, consistently, and permanently.

Sounds good? Great!

I have for you below a beginner routine you can do the next time you take a shower. The routine is very easy and it should only take you six minutes to do.

Let’s get started…

Step One – Allow your penis to warm up. This is very simple. Since you are doing these routines while taking a nice hot shower, warming your penis up is already done… with the hot shower! Just let the water hit your manhood for about 2 minutes.

Even though warming up is very quick and easy, do not, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate the importance of warming your penis up prior to doing natural male enhancement.

Most men assume that since this type of enlargement is so easy and gentle, that warming up is not really necessary. Well, the fact of the matter is that yes, this method is gentle, however, it is EXTREMELY effective! If you don’t warm up or if you do the method too aggressively, side-effects are sure to happen.

Step Two – Do the initial lengthening exercise. To add length to your erection, with this step you’ll do the basic stretching exercise. These types of exercises mimic what DANGEROUS hanging weights do… but without the SCARY side-effects!

Alright, to do the basic lengthening exercise, simply make an O.K. sign with your right hand. With your three fingers facing upwards, place the circle of your O.K. sign right below the head of your penis. Gently pull on your penis without removing your hand for 2 seconds. Now let go. Repeat all steps with your left hand. Do 20 repetitions with each hand.

Step Three – Do the initial thickening exercise. What you’re doing here are the basic introduction Jelqing routines.

With doing this exercise, you’re going to keep your O.K. sign from the lengthening workout above. Except this time you are going to put the circle at the BASE of your penis.

Starting from the base of your penis, gently but firmly move your hand towards the head of your penis, and then release your grip right before reaching the head. Repeat with the opposite hand and then do 20 repetitions with both hands in a rhythmic motion.

Step Four – Finish off with 20 PC muscle contractions. The PC muscle is a small muscle between your anus and testicles. Have you ever tried to make your penis move without using your hands? That strange feeling muscle making that happen is your PC muscle.

Now, to do contractions, all you need to do is contract this muscle in a “pulsating” rhythm 20 times for 20 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds, and then repeat the set 3 times.

That’s it!

Just remember, with doing these exercises, you want to encourage growth… not force it. It’s important to stay CONSISTENT… but just don’t over do it.

The above is the basic exercise routine for beginners to get started with natural penis enlargement. By following those steps above, you can grow up to an extra inch within 4 months, plus see a noticeable thickness increase.

Source by Anthony Sciuto

27 Oct

Muay Thai is a form of mixed martial art that originated in Thailand but has now gained worldwide popularity. It serves a variety of purposes. Although the primary aim is to learn a means of self defense, but many people take up Muay Thai for the cardiovascular exercise and the general fitness that can be achieved through these sessions.

To be a good Muay Thai fighter, you should first have a lean and fit body. And the best way to get your body into shape is by running. Running not only tones the body but also gives shape and strength to your legs which is essential for Muay Thai fighting. You can start off slow and gradually increase the distance you run, up to 5-10 km every day. This will also help to increase your stamina. Skipping is also a good exercise, which, apart from keeping you fit, also helps to attain the balance and posture required in Muay Thai. Rather than jumping on both feet, hooping on one foot alternately will give you a better practice. But a lean and fit body alone does not make a good Muay Thai fighter. You should also focus on building strength. And the best way to do that is to train with lighter and mobile weights with several repetitions. These were just means to tone your body and make it ready for the actual fight.

As far as perfecting the art of Muay Thai fighting is concerned, there is no alternative to practice. There are four possible practice methods for Muay Thai fighting. First is shadow boxing. Usually practiced in front of a mirror, you can follow your movements and simulate both your offensive as well as defensive moves. However, you need to remember two things while practicing shadow boxing. You should throw the full range of your punches or kicks rather than holding back and delivering half shots. Also, it is a means to better your fighting. So you should concentrate on your movements and posture rather than on your looks and muscles.

Next method is to practice with a punching bag. You should carefully select your bag after consulting with your trainer. Use your bag to perfect the placement and technique of your attacks rather than aimlessly pounding away at the bag. Next up in the regime is the practice with Thai pads, with either your trainer or a well trained partner donning the pads to represent targets for you to strike this can help you perfect your attack on a moving opponent as well as develop your defensive skills. And finally, once you are ready, you practice sparring with a partner to get a real life feel of the intricacies and maneuvers of Muay Thai.

Now, while sparring, there are a few subtle variations that you can bring about in your fight that can improve your fighting a lot. First, you should lean into your kick so that your body weight also goes into the kick. Thus rather than depending only on the speed of your kick, you can increase the force of your kick as well. Another simple trick is a follow through kick or punch, where rather than focusing your power on the target you intend to it, focus it at a point beyond your target. This will make the force of your hit drive through the target and do much more damage.

These few Muay Thai fighting techniques will help you to enhance your fighting skills.

Source by Hern Andez

27 Oct

Anyone who is remotely familiar with martial arts knows that it encompasses many positive benefits mentally and physically. First off Martial Arts, to start with, is one of the best things you can do to get in shape. Most workouts that target muscle strength and muscle endurance are done using your own body, versus using heavy weights that can slowly deteriorate your muscles, this is called muscle atrophy. Workouts include exercises such as push ups, sit ups, running, sprinting, etc.

Martial arts also is one of the best cardio workouts being some days you might have to sit in one spot and throw three or four punches or kicks as fast as you can for a minute. This forces you to explode fast causing a boost in your muscle endurance level. Children must wear what's called a Gi in class. These Gi's are very thick and are harder to maneuver in than regular clothes. This forces the student to sweat and work in an uncomfortable state, improving their technique. This mental lecture also teaches them that they might have to defend them at any given time. That if they have the mental toughness they can handle any situation that's thrown at them. Martial arts also helps with your flexibility because during class every student much stretch for about 15 minutes. Now imagine if you stretched everyday for a couple months. You would be able to do the splits, and have flexible hips and high kicks.

The biggest thing martial arts helps you with is your mental game. Half the time when you or your child is bullied or picked or even intimidated its a direct result of you being intimidated. Within a martial arts class you learn a lot more than just a punch or a kick or how to scream when you hit something. You are taught to be the bigger person all the time. If you watch any one of those cheesy kung fu movies you quickly find that the main characters are never looking for a fight. The are thrust into conflict out of necessity. You will learn that fighting should be your absolute last option. It was Gandhi who said "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind". You are taught the values ​​of discipline, honor, respect, self control, having confidence, etc. All these aspects help shape you or your child to become a great martial artist .

Source by David M Womack

27 Oct

An Overview of 7 Keto DHEA

7 Keto DHEA has been in littered in the headlines in support of weight loss. Although it explains the health benefits of 7 Keto DHEA, there has been little explanation as to what exactly it does.

7 Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA, the renounced hormone, a substance recognized to improve the effects of aging on a lot of functions of the body. Given that 7 Keto DHEA does not change into estrogens or testosterone, it is a 100% safe option to its parent substance. There are indications that 7 Keto DHEA asserts the body reduces weight by imitating thyroid hormones that reason the body to create more heat, therefore combusting more calories without actually performing anything. To a certain extent this means that enhancing thyroid enzymes can be considered as thermogenic.

It lends better assistance to the immune system by augmenting the production of IL-2 in human lymphocytes. IL-2 is the principal cytokine controller of T-helper cells that asserts activate the immune system not in favor of invading pathogens. It assists to diminish cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone related with stress in addition to sever disorders of frame of mind and aging.

When beginning the use of 7 Keto DHEA, the resting metabolic rate of the body shall begin to augment. The RMR (resting metabolism rate) is the smallest amount of calories that the body requires to uphold its basic functions, which comprising digesting food, breathing, circulating blood, and so on. By raising the RMR your body will burn normally additional calories per day, to the amount that surpasses your intake of calorie. By doing so, your body will begin to consume your fat accumulations in your back, stomach, thighs, and other parts of the body. The output is steady natural loss of weight. A 7 Keto DHEA supplement would have considered different from any other metabolism amplifier given that it is naturally available in the body.

Benefits of 7 Keto Supplement
While there are many diet products that are available on the market, only some can really give what they articulate they can. 7-keto has had supportive recognition over the past few years as a result of its properties of natural weight loss. Neverheless, weight loss is not the sole advantage of this supplement. The following are some of the benefits including:

Enhance metabolism
Its main function is to increase your metabolism; therefore you are able to combust more fat while you are having a rest. Your RMR will be radically improved in order that you can dissolve away fat and neat your thighs and stomach.

Advances immune system
One recent research tested 7 Keto supplement's ability to get better immune purpose in aged participants. Accordingly, the research revealed that following only four weeks, participants obtained high levels of white blood cell, could brawl of illness more rapidly, and associated cells that increase the immune system of the body.

Slows down aging
Similar to human growth hormones and IGF-1, the natural amounts of 7 Keto decrease subsequent to reaching a certain point. Researches revealed that 7 Keto supplement could assist to slow the process of aging and even inverted the process of aging if it was taken early.

Improves Cholesterol
Studies shown that 25mg of 7-keto per day was adequate to significantly improve the levels of HDL cholesterol and lower the levels of LDL. Study participants saw that 7 Keto DHEA lowered their cholesterol level by up to thirty points within six weeks that is sufficient to consider lessen the danger of heart disease and some other related health problems.

Source by Ethan Burke

26 Oct

If you are considering running for weight loss, then you are on the right track (no pun intended)! Running is a great way to tone up and lose weight fast. It also helps to increase your metabolism. It is important to note that you should eat the proper foods while taking on a regular running schedule.

It takes approximately 3600 calories to burn one pound of fat. Depending on how fast you run, you can easily lose 10-12 pounds in one week. This is based on running three to six miles every day. For some, that’s a cinch. But, for others that can be tough. So let’s look at how to do this effectively.


Running requires a commitment. This is not something you can do for two days and then stop if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Some people love to run because it clears their mind and makes them feel good. Others can’t stand to run – not even if their live depended on it! Knowing which type of person you are will help you determine whether running for weight loss is the right choice for you.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Running requires that you get the proper hydration and eat the right foods before and after a run. A runner’s diet is a little different than a non-runner’s diet. A runner’s diet includes more carbohydrates (of course, the good carbs) than that of a regular weight loss diet, proteins, and fat. Also, it is important to make sure you take a vitamins and mineral supplement.


You build endurance through consistency. Running every day should be your goal if you want to lose weight quickly. You are building up your stamina every time you run. This means you will be able to run faster and longer over time.


Running is also great for weight management. Once you get down to the size and weight you want to be, you can switch up your running routine. The important part is to continue running.

Here is a basic running for weight loss daily plan. Feel free to change it around to suit you.

Day 1: 3 Mile Easy Run

Day 2: 4-6 Mile Run (do intense for 5 minutes with 3 minute recovery)

Day 3: 3 Mile Ease Run

Day 4: 4-6 Mile Run

Day 5: 3 Mile Tempo Run (intense then heart rate down and then up again)

Day 6: 6 Mile Run

Day 7: 3 Mile Easy Run

You can really lose weight and keep it off by running and maintaining a proper diet. Make a commitment and you will succeed! Make sure to visit our recommended healthy weight loss programs and diet pills.

Source by Rudy Wang

25 Oct

With life as fast paced and crazy as it is, getting your workout in has become more and more of a challenge. Between kids, soccer games, and hockey tournaments and that does not include your own work day, grocery shopping and doctor appointments, where do you find time to squeeze in a workout, let alone make it effective?

Well, I have good news for you. You do not need to go to the gym to get a good workout and you do not even need a lot of equipment.

There are many many exercises that can be done with little equipment and leave you feeling challenged and exhausted if you want. Start by taking a look around your house. What can you use? Do you have a set of stairs? Stairs are fantastic for cardio, squats and lunges.

Do you have a coffee table or chair? These can be used for tricep dips and pushups. A few pairs of dumbbells and you can add some back rows and bicep curls.

Do not be fooled by someone telling you that you NEED a gym to get a good workout. I have taken advanced clients for more than a year through home workouts that have definitely been challenging.

When putting together a home workout program be sure you give your body a balanced workout. Some examples might be:

  1. squats
  2. lunges
  3. push ups
  4. crunches
  5. jumping jacks
  6. tricep dips

To get the results you want, the most important tip is to be consistent . Design your workout with the equipment you have (there are so many options), and set your schedule and then follow it.

I promise you that if you eat well, and exercise regularly you will see changes. As you begin to see small differences, they will give you motivation and more determination to keep going until you reach your desired goals.

Source by Kelly L Parker

25 Oct

If you have found this article, we can assume that you are looking for information on how to pass kidney stones quickly. Assuming that you are a person suffering from kidney stones, you know first-hand that the condition is extremely painful. Passing that stone is your number one priority so that you can put an end to the pain and suffering. This article will provide you with three useful tips to help accelerate the passing of your stone. If you follow these tips, it is even possible to pass your kidney stone in under 24 hours!

The first tip to help you pass your stones quickly is to drink lots of distilled water. Drinking a lot of distilled water will allow you to urinate more regularly giving you a higher chance of flushing the stone out. It is extremely important that the water is distilled. The reason is because stones are composed of different elements and minerals such as calcium, oxalate, phosphate, magnesium, uric acid, etc. Regular water can contain metals and impurities which can actually help the kidney stone grow larger and only aggravate the problem.

The second tip to help pass your stones quickly is to get some exercise. This may sound ridiculous, especially if you are in a lot of pain. However, lying down in bed all day really does nothing to help you pass your stone. The idea behind exercising is to get your body moving so that the stone can start moving down your urinary system a lot faster. If the pain is too much, just tone down the level of exercise.

The last and highly recommended tip is to consume a natural home remedy made specially to help pass your stone. There are a number of safe, natural home remedies out there that can really help cut down the time to pass a stone. Some remedies are more effective than others. They usually involve mixing ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. The idea behind a home remedy is that by consuming it, you can breakdown or dissolve the stone making it easier to pass through your urine. For more information on a proven and highly effective home remedy be sure to visit the site below.

So now you know how to pass kidney stones quickly. The three tips given in this article should greatly help accelerate the time to pass your stone so that your pain and suffering is minimized. To recap, make sure you drink lots of distilled water, get some exercise, and consume a natural home remedy that aids kidney stone breakdown. For more information, please visit my site below.

Source by Samir Singh

25 Oct

With NFL training camps winding down, and the playing season set to begin, many professional and amateur athletes have found that taking Serrapeptase Rx by Enerex Botanicals helps them stay on the field.

“Why is that so important?” you might ask. I recently spoke with one NFL agent that was buying the Serrapeptase Rx for many of his athletes, and this was his take on it… During training camp, each of his players gets only so many chances to impress the coaches. If they are injured, or have swelling that prevents them from being on the field, it may limit their reps, and hence their chances of making the team. This can have implications worth millions of dollars for a professional athlete.

So how does Serrapeptase Rx help? It is a very powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatory that helps minimize bruising and swelling when taken prior to, and after, injury. It has been used by Olympic athletes for years for training, and now the general public is beginning to find out about it.

I have spoken with several EnerexUSA dealers, and many amateur athletes across all sports are getting amazing results with this enzyme. There are numerous double-blind studies showing how safe and powerful this product has been over its 30-year history.

One of the studies was on sixty patients getting ready to have knee surgery. The patients who took the Serrapeptase enzyme had 50% less swelling, and were pain free in ten days. That is a fairly significant study, but there are actually dozens of studies with similar results for various conditions.

I personally know baseball players that have rotator cuff injuries, and they, as well as arthritis patients, have seen tremendous results while taking the enzyme. I take Serrapeptase Rx myself to help deal with previous injuries, and my 87-year old mother takes it to reduce the swelling she suffers from as a result of diabetes.

In addition to the powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and the pain relief that goes along with it, Serrapeptase has another unique ability that is very important, but often left out of conversations. It has the ability to digests non-living tissue in all forms, including internal scar tissue and arterial plaque.

One of the reasons that so many athletes who have surgery have to go back to the doctor, or have another procedure done, is the scar tissue from the first surgery. Will Allen, a Miami Dolphin cornerback, recently had to go through this procedure and lost all of training camp time. It is possible that had he known about this enzyme from Enerex, he might not have needed the second procedure, and could have been in camp fighting for the first team defense.

This product is certainly worth a serious look – from both professionals and amateurs alike. With no know side-effects or interaction with other medications, it is safe and very effective. There are a few things you need to know, however, before running into a store or going on-line to purchase any product with “serrapeptase” in it. The enzyme is most effective when it is in capsule form, and the capsules themselves have been enteric-coated. To be effective, the capsule must pass through the stomach acid and dissolve in the small intestine, so you need a preparation powerful enough to do the trick. Enerex Botanicals makes the most powerful Serrapeptase product in the world at 1,000 mg and 120,000 IU strength. That is why when jobs are on the line, as in the NFL, this is the brand that athletes are reaching for. Purchase a weak substitute, and you may be very disappointed.

The Enerex brand is available in the U.S. through selected doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, and some knowledgeable health food stores. You can find a list of retailers from the U.S. distributor, EnerexUSA.

Source by Mark Schumacher

25 Oct

A soothing rubdown can help you unwind, but that’s not all. Explore the possible health benefits and risks of massage therapy, plus what to expect.

Massage is no longer available only through luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Today, therapy is offered in businesses, clinics, hospitals and even airports. If you’ve never tried massage, learn about the possible health benefits of massage and what to expect during a massage therapy session.

Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therapists typically use their hands and fingers for massage but may also use their forearms, elbows and even feet. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure techniques.

There are many different types of massage, including these common types:

• Swedish massage. This is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you.

• Deep-tissue massage. This technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.

• Sports massage. This is similar to Swedish massage but is geared toward people involved in sport activities to help prevent or treat injuries.

• Trigger point massage. This focuses on trigger points, or sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse.

Benefits of massage

The benefit is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

While more research is needed to confirm the benefits, some studies have found massage helpful for:

• Stress relief

• Managing anxiety and depression

• Pain

• Stiffness

• Blood pressure control

• Infant growth

• Sports-related injuries

• Boosting immunity

• Cancer treatment

Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often involves caring, comfort, a sense of empowerment and creating deep connections with their massage therapist.

Despite its benefits, massage isn’t meant as a replacement for regular medical care. Let your doctor know you’re trying massage and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans you have.

Risks of massage

Massage is generally safe as long as it’s done by a trained massage therapist. But massage isn’t appropriate for everyone. Discuss with your doctor first in cases of:

• Unexplained pain or other symptoms

• Burns or open wounds

• Cancer

• Blood clots

• Fractures

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Severe osteoporosis

• Pregnancy

Some forms of can leave you feeling a bit sore the next day. But massage shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. If any part of your massage doesn’t feel right or is painful, speak up right away. Most serious problems come from too much pressure during massage.

In rare circumstances, massage can cause:

• Internal bleeding

• Nerve damage

• Temporary paralysis

• Allergic reactions to massage oils or lotions

What you can expect during a massage

You don’t need any special preparation for massage. Before a therapy session starts, your therapist should ask you about any symptoms, your medical history and what you’re hoping to get out of massage. Your therapist should explain the kind of massage and techniques he or she will use.

In a typical massage therapy session, you undress or wear loose-fitting clothing.

Undress only to the point that you’re comfortable. You generally lie on a table and cover yourself with a sheet. You can also have a massage while sitting in a chair, fully clothed. Your massage therapist should perform an evaluation through touch to locate painful or tense areas and to determine how much pressure to apply.

If you want, your massage therapist may use oil or lotion to reduce friction on your skin. Tell your therapist if you might be allergic to any ingredients.

A session may last from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of massage and how much time you have. No matter what kind of massage you choose, you should feel calm and relaxed during and after your massage. Pain that’s more significant than momentary discomfort could indicate that something’s wrong. If a massage therapist is pushing too hard, ask for lighter pressure. Occasionally you may have a sensitive spot in a muscle that feels like a knot. It’s likely to be uncomfortable while your therapist works it out. But if it becomes painful, speak up.

Finding a therapist

Massage can be performed by several types of health care professionals, such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist or massage therapist. Ask your doctor or someone else you trust for a recommendation. Most states regulate massage therapists through licensing, registration or certification requirements.

Don’t be afraid to ask a potential massage therapist such questions as:

• Are you licensed, certified or registered?

• What is your training and experience?

• How many massage therapy sessions do you think I’ll need?

• What’s the cost, and is it covered by health insurance?

Use massage as another health care tool

Brush aside any thoughts that massage is only a feel-good way to indulge or pamper yourself. To the contrary, massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being, whether you have a specific health condition or are just looking for another stress reliever. You can even learn how to do self-massage or to engage in massage with a partner.

Source by Ivy Ling

25 Oct

Chap Clark has dedicated his life to working with young people and had three teenagers of his own when he embarked on the task of understanding this age group. He thought he was well prepared, but one of his sons told him that no adult “gets” teenagers. Centerpiece to a team compiling research on the topic, Clark substituted for several months in a California high school that had a diverse demographic and performed well academically.

As a part of Part I – The Changing Adolescent World, he reports that while at the turn of the 20th Century people were classified as either children or adults, within 50 years adolescence became an in between stage. Now social scientists talk about early, mid and late adolescents. Throughout Clark’s time with these mid-adolescents, many adults made comments not recognizing the changes that have taken place. Clark’s premise is that teenagers are indeed different from those of the mid-20th century. Further, he presents that the transition from child to adult took about three years in the 1950s and now it takes up to 15 years. Freedoms once saved for late adolescence are now given to mid-adolescents. Dr. Clark’s scope lies primarily in understanding who these people are, with only some suggestions for resolution.

Chap believes that the defining issue for contemporary adolescents is abandonment. This study has convinced him that there is a far greater chasm between youth and adults than he and most adults have ever realized. David Elkind’s The Hurried Child describes how often parents over book their children, often in age-inappropriate activities. In A Tribe Apart, Patricia Hersch reflects on how the teens of the 90’s were the most isolated and unsupervised to date. As a result of this abandonment, they form their own “family” with their peers. Around the age of fifteen abstract thought begins to develop and teens begin to realize that they need to find their spot in the adult world. If they don’t have a strong connection with a parent or other significant adult they gravitate toward their peers. Often these bonds are stronger than with their family. Finding a balance in their loyalty is a challenge. Rather than trying on different selves, Clark believes that teens operate primarily in this world “beneath.” Chap maintains that teens do not trust adults with their inner most life. Teens, according to Clark, do not believe that adults genuinely care about them.

In part 2 – the landscape of the world beneath Clark explores the following areas of the teen’s life: peers, school, family, sports, sex, busyness and stress, ethics and morality, partying, gaming and social networking, and kids at the margins (any margin – the vulnerable and the privileged). In this last section, the author talks about the three aspects of individuation: identity, autonomy and belonging. Identity reflects how we see ourselves; autonomy includes taking responsibility and making wise decisions; belonging reminds us that we are designed to be a part of a group – not isolated. Part 2 takes up half of the book and deserves more space in this review than I can give it. In the section on school, Chap reports that cheating is considered the norm. Also, I do want to say that Clark recognizes the importance of the family in the lives of teens.

Finally in part 3 – Where do we go from here? Clark offers some suggestions. When there was a shift from a “nurturing” focus to an institutional focus, much was lost. So returning to more nurturing is one step. As one teacher concluded – she needed to listen more. Also teens need a stable and secure presence as well as authentic, intimate relationships with adults. In the end, Clark offers five strategies to turn the tide of systemic abandonment:

1. Train those who work with youth to understand today’s teens.

2. Those working with youth must work together.

3. Those who work with youth must understand them and provide boundaries.

4. Parents must learn about their teens and need to be encouraged in their parenting.

5. Communities must be sure teens have a few significant adults advocating for the teens.

Currently, Clark is involved with an organization- that is active in working out Clark’s suggestions presented in this and his other books.

As I continue to explore this topic, I have the following concerns:

1. While Clark’s stated scope of the book is observing the teen today and to begin the conversation of what to do about it, I wonder if more consideration should be placed on the causes to facilitate the solution.

2. While Clark includes the family and church, in this book, they seem to be relative minor participants in the solutions presented.

Source by Maggie Dail

25 Oct

Many of you have heard about penis enlargement exercise, but do you know about what really happens when you are on such exercise? Having this knowledge will allow you to truly understand and maximize the effectiveness of this natural penis enhancement method.

In a nutshell, penis enlargement exercise can stimulate the development of new cells in your penis, especially in the corpora cavernosa. In case you are wondering, corpora cavernosa are actually two chambers that give you an erect penis in the case of an arousal. It is the exact part inside your penis that determines your penis size when erect. With new cells being created and added to the corpora cavernosa, you can clearly witness an increase in the length and generation of your penis, and that increase is permanent. Although this result does not take place over night, a matter of weeks is all it requires for your patience.

Another part of your penis that will be worked upon by any penis exercise is the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is responsible for controlling your ejaculation. As the PC muscle being strengthened, you can prolong your stay period and thenby enhance your sexual performance.

Despite that the primary purpose for men undertaking penal exercise is to get a larger penis, many have reported additional benefits that they received as a result of the tissues and muscles in the penis area being stimulated and worked on.

One of the unexpected benefits is a harder and longer erection, which is due to the fact that the blood circulation in the corpora cavernosa has been improved. Some men also found that they got a better control over ejaculation. All these benefits combined will surely increase your pleasure in the bed and boost your self-confidence.

Now, if you are curious about how a penis enlargement exercise actually works out, get yourself a light flannel wash cloth and let us do a basic sample exercise.

Step One: Get yourself to a full appreciation.

Step Two: Place the wash cloth on top of and near the base of your erect penis.

Step Three: Flex your penis so it lifts the towel a little, then relax it, bringing the towel back to its original position.

When you first start, repeat the three steps above for as many times as you can afford and there is no need to strain yourself. Later on, as your PC muscle gets strengthened, you should aim at 25 repetitions at a time and do it every other day. Do not worry, it will not take long until you can manage the 25 repetitions.

For obvious reasons, safety is the most important element you need to make sure when exercising your penis. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a reputable program and follow through. A trusted source will mean that the exercises you do are tried and tested and are proven to give you results.

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25 Oct

Yes, it is that time again when most of us decide to make some changes in life. These are usually related to our health. Stop smoking, start training, lose some body fat, start eating healthy and so forth. According to a study conducted by GNC, 55% promised to eat healthy, 50% resolved to exercise more, and 38% wanted to lose weight.

This is the probably the worst time to make changes in your life. For one, it is highly ineffective and from previous experience, there are very few of us who actually stick to them! Only 20% of us actually stick to our new promises we make to ourselves. Most new years resolutions are the same every year, and, tend to fade away come February.

Do not let the statistics determine your success. Here we will offer you some inside tips to help you become that 20% and ensure you resolutions remain in tact and become achievements. Never again will you need to make these New Year resolutions.

Develop a Support System

Tell your friends and family about your gaols and how you will achieve them. Better still, set some mutual goals with your friends and work together. Ask them to follow up with you on your progress from time to time to ensure you are on top of things.

Make your Resolutions Attainable

Do not try to conquer Rome in a day. All goals must be realistic and achievable. Give yourself the best chance possible at achieving them. Do not plan to run a Marathon by March. Aim to participate in a 10km walk or a fun run for charity. There are plenty of small events in Bangkok that you can choose from.

Make a Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just as a business is only as successful as its business plan, your lifestyle works on the same principles. Write down specific dates to achieve your goals.

Break it Down

If your goal is to lose say 5kgs, the write out step by step, just how you will achieve this. If you have tried to achieve this before, also write down the obstacles you experienced that preceded you from achieving them. Then set out to minimize them. If work is one reason why you can get to the gym, then go for a walk at lunch time or speak with your superiors or HR department to introduce workplace health and fitness initiatives.


We all know diets do not work. Changing your eating habits does not determine dieting. Eat sensibly. Eat 4-5 smaller meals pre day. Include plenty of vegetables, protein and minimise carbohydrates. Do not eliminate them,

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with gifts, holidays and weekends away, a spa package, massage or go shopping. Refrain from using food as a reward. You can also set yourself financial rewards. Set aside a certain amount of money each day or week for getting to the gym x times or eating your five planned meals for the day.

Keep a Journal

Write down everything you eat and what time you eat it. Record your exercise duration and if possible your total energy expenditure (calories). When things are not going to plan, you can look through your journal and make adjustments accordingly.

Get professional Assistance

Employ the services of a professional. Find a personal trainer or fitness coach who can devise the most appropriate exercise and nutrition program that you enjoy and can stick with. They will help you stay on track and help you work through the tough times.

Make sure your New Years Resolutions for 2006 are not on your list for 2007!

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25 Oct

Diabetes mellitus or DM is a disease affecting multi-organ systems due to the abnormal insulin production, improper insulin use or even both. It is a very serious health problem throughout the world effecting thousands of people.A survey conducted in United States showed that almost 6.2% of the population sufferers from this disease. It is a matter of great issue that almost one-third of the population is unaware of the disease.


Diabetes is actually the fifth leading cause of deaths in the country of United States. And the real insight is expected to have a steady increase in the coming years. Diabetes has a very important role in leading to heart disease, adult blindness, stroke, non traumatic amputation of lower limb etc. it is found that diabetic people do have a risk of nearly two fold to develop coronary artery disease and that too with more than 65% suffering from high blood pressure.

Diabetes – a short review

Diabetes mellitus are of mainly three types, they include type 1 diabetes mellitus, type ii diabetes mellitus, gestational diabetes and also secondary diabetes. Gestational diabetes as its name refer to deals with the diabetic episode during pregnancy or during the gestational period. It will subside once after delivery. Secondary diabetes is another form of diabetes where diabetes will occur secondary to other diseases, for instance chronic hypertension.

Type I diabetes mellitus or juvenile diabetes

It is known as juvenile diabetes since it is more common among the juveniles or young people below 30 years of age. It is insulin dependent diabetes with a peak incidence during the age group of 11 to 13. Type I diabetes is caused due to the progressive destruction of pancreatic beta cells that occurs by the auto immune mechanism. Clinical symptoms include increased frequency in urination or polyuria, excessive thirst or polydipsia, increased hunger or polyphagia, weight loss, fatigue etc are seen. Ketoacidosis is a very serious complication seen in children due to diabetes and is often life threatening and may lead to metabolic acidosis.

Type II diabetes mellitus

Over 90% of diabetes mellitus is type ii the pancreas continues to produce insulin, but this amount of insulin is either poorly used for tissues or is either equivalent for bodily needs. There are mainly three abnormalities or factors leading to type ii diabetes mellitus. One of them is insulin resistance, where insulin receptors are either minimal in number or will remain unresponsive. Another factor is the poor ability of pancreas to produce insulin. The final factor comes with appropriate glucose production by the liver.

Risks related to diabetes

When we analyze the analyze risk group for developing diabetes mellitus, a condition that requires primary importance is impaired glucose tolerance or IGT. It is a disease condition caused by the mild alteration of beta cell function. Here the blood glucose level is usually high but not to a level to be called as a case of diabetes. But most people with impaired tolerance for glucose have a high risk for developing type ii diabetes within the next 10 years.

Another important risk related to diabetes is insulin resistance syndrome, also known by the name syndrome x, it is in fact a cluster of abnormalities which will act in a synergistic manner so a stop increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is typically charactractised by increase insulin levels, high amount of triglycerides, hypotension.

Once identified, then complete cure of the disease is not so easy although proper measures can help you to control diabetes in a very effective way. Although there are many environmental as well as genetic factors involved in causing diabetes, exercises. Balanced diet, adequate rest and sleep and a stress less life could help you to keep away from diabetes or to stop diabetes.

There are a lot of management measures for diabetes control. It chiefly includes nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, oral anti-glycemic agents, insulin treatment etc. therefore a collaborative management is usually preferred for treating diabetes mellitus. Nutritional therapy is one of the main management for diabetes mellitus.

Diabetic diet

Diabetic diet management is one of the main components of the collaborative management. Some of the general guidelines for diabetic diet include the following.

  • Fiber rich diet: Always include the fiber rich food in the diet as it could increase the bulk of your stomach and can add on to your satisfaction.
  • Restrict sodium intake up to even 2400mg / dl.
  • Include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • There is an alternate mode of planning the diabetic diet which is considered as one of the convenient method. This often referred as plate method. The most important advantage of this method is that here the patient itself could visualize the amount of starch, vegetables, and whatever food filled in the nine inch plate.
  • For lunch and the dinner, half of the plate is to be filled with non starchy vegetables, one fourth with starch and another one fourth with any non vegetarian items up to 2-4 oz. A single glass of milk with low fat and a small piece of fresh fruits could complete the meals.
  • When we look on to the breakfast, the plate has to be filled with starch around half and another one forth with optional proteins.
  • This plate method is found to be very useful as it could owe about 1200-1400 cal / day, which adds on to an appropriate balanced diet plan.

Nutritional therapy can do much to control diabetes. But there is a small variation in the diet plans of patient s with type I diabetes and type ii diabetes. When we consider total calories, type I diabetic people needs increased calorie intake because it is commonly occurring in young people and therefor for the proper maintenance and restoration of tissues, diet with good calorific value is important. While in the case of type ii people, this is often restricted for obese or overweight people.

Effect of diet is very much crucible in type I diabetes as not only food control but also insulin therapy is also a must in type I diabetes. Uniform timing for meals is considered very strict in the case of type I diabetes mellitus because of the multi doses of insulin's but this is just desirable for type II diabetes mellitus. If needed, intermittent snack can be taken for diabetic patients with type I form, although it is not much recommended for type II diabetes. Usually the frequent snack is not recommended for type diabetic people.

It should very seriously note that diet teaching should not only focus on the patients but also to his family and caregivers. It is most suitable to give adequate teaching to the person who is cooking and serving. But still, the ultimate responsibility to maintain their blood glucose fall on to the patients. Try to avoid alcohol also since it could again worsen your body and health by causing hyper glyceridemia. Besides all these, regular exercises, strict drug regimen, periodic screening etc. should be done to control diabetes and its effects. Diabetes if monitored and maintained in a very appropriate way, it could be effectively controlled.

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25 Oct

AS Autumn with it's breathless colors of flames and golds comes to an end, we await the arrival of Winter and it's own definite beauty.

Yes, there is no point kidding ourselves, it will be pretty damp and, at times, downright. It will be cold and chilly and for some the task of dragging ourselves out of bed in the dark mornings will get more and more difficult. The glare of oncoming headlamps will play havoc with your eyes as you head homeward bound during the dark evenings in manic traffic. And as you relateantly adjust to the shorter days and lack of natural daylight and sunlight, you are also faced with the fact that Christmas, and it's inevitable rush, is heading this way, as it always does, at full speed!

All the ingredients to ensure a good dose of winter fatigue I'm sure you'll agree – but help is at hand! It does not have to be unbearable. If you are feeling a little lack lustre, yawning at a ferocious rate and basically have just about enough energy in the evenings to slip down on the sofa in front of the box, you'll be tickled pink you opened this page! You can bring back that 'joie de vivre' and add a little peppering of genuine verve back into your life by trying some (or indeed all) of these 20 simple ways to boost your energy levels this winter!

1) SLEEP – Get as much sleep as you need to and remember your body really needs it at this time of year.

2) VITAMINS – Supplements such as Vitamins A, B and E are all important for well-being. If you want to avoid supplements, however, you can ensure that you eat the necessary foods containing these essentials. Try using 1 teaspoon of Brewers Yeast in a glass of milk or water, it's full of Vitamin B and good for digestion too.

3) LAUGHTER – Bring on the laughter and smiles, it's the most natural way to help depression, anxiety and, believe it or not, it lowers blood pressure too!

4) STRETCH – One really effective way to beat fatigue is to try a Yoga pose known as the 'Standing Stretch'. Stand in the correct posture, that is, with your toes pointed out in front of you, your knees relaxed and your feet at hip distance. Ensure the weight is balanced even between the ball and the heel of your foot. Interlace your thumbs and stretch your hands up above your head while keeping your arms against your ears – and stretch upwards from the lumbar area of ​​your lower back. Keeping your breath even through, now slowly release the arms down in front of you. Tuck your chin into your chestbone and gently lower yourself down, vertebrae by vertebrae keeping arms hanging loosely and then just hang from the waist. This position encourages the blood flow to the head and is a real winner when you need to energize yourself. After one minute slowly bring yourself back up into a standing position, imagining as you do so that each vertebrae is stacking itself upon the next until you are ever upright and repeat three times.

5) DIET – Check your Diet and be sure over the winter months to include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday.

6) AROMATHERAPY – Use pure Essential Oils as often as you need them. Burning Peppermint or Rosemary oils is excellent for alertness and both also aid concentration. As these oils are energizing oils it is best not to use them in the evening if you are planning to have a good nights sleep.

7) THE MAGIC OF WATER – Do not forget the recommended amount is approximately two liters per day.

8) AVOID toxic people because, quiet simply, they can completely drain you of energy.

9) EXERCISE – Get plenty of exercise – There's no escaping it. The health gurus recommend that we all need to include at least 15 minutes exercise, three or four times a week.

10) LEARN TO SAY 'NO' more often. As the old saying goes 'those matter matter will not mind and those mind mind not matter'. You'll be amazed at how much energy you can recoup and even more amazed to discover that if you say 'no' the world will keep on turning.

11) COMBAT PARTY NIGHTS – If you've had a late night on the town try drinking at least two glasses of water before crawling up to bed, it will make the following day far more bearable.

12) BREAKFAST – We've known from a very early age that we should never miss Breakfast. No matter how tight you are for time try not to skip it. For a quick energy-inducing breakfast grab a mug of hot water with honey and lemon and a quick bowl of cereal, ideally with fiber.

13) REDUCE your intake of Caffeine. While it may give a quick boost, a lot of caffeine today actually ends up having a negative effect on your energy level. You might even try substituting a couple of cups a day with a herbal tea, such as sage to raise spirits, peppermint to aid digestion or chamomile to enable you to unwind.

14) LEARN – Meditation and Relaxation techniques – they'll be invaluable not just today but for life.

15) MOTHER NATURE – Get out there and make the most of the short daylight hours. Overdose on fresh air. There is nothing more revitalizing than taking the time, even if it's only 15 minutes a day, to soak in our beautiful scenery and breath in the fabulous scents of the season.

16) MASSAGE – It's a wonderful way of keeping the immune system in ship shape order and the body supple and healthy. So go on invest in your health and schedule a massage once a month for optimum results.

17) DIGESTION – Be kind to your digestive system. Eat slowly and avoid late night eating as much as possible.

18) STRESS – Manage your stress levels and become aware of your react to stress. Remember stress is infectious!

19) MANAGE TIME EFFECTIVELY – Avoid using up your lovely energy by rushing to every appointment. Aim to leave about fifteen minutes earlier, not only will you arrive in plenty of time – you'll be completely unfrazzled.

20) CONCIOUS BREATHING – Believe it or not most of us do not breathe properly. With the speed of modern day life most adults are chest breathers which means the breath does not make it right down into the abdomen. Become conscious of your breath each day by taking a little time to become aware of your breathing habits. The following short exercise will benefit you in many ways as well as helping to re-energize your mind, body and soul … Firstly relax your entire body by taking a deep breath into your stomach. As you slowly release it imagine it traveling up along your spine, relaxing all the muscles as you go and bringing attention to the shoulders by consciously lowering them into a relaxed position. Follow your breath and think about bringing the breath down into the bottom of the lungs and really feel the tummy rising and then exhale completely and slowly. After just a few minutes resume your regular activities and feel the difference.

Now you'll be ready to welcome the coming months with open arms and revel in the wonderful delights this season has to offer leaving you invigorated and ready to enjoy this Winter. You will not know yourself – I promise!

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25 Oct

People should understand that when I say "coach" young children, I am really mean "play 'with young children, when talking to kids under the age of seven. with kids that young is important. Some kids, of course, really take to a sport and may be ready to try some coaching tips and that is OK, but coaching kids at too young an age is not necessary.

Having said that, there are many things parents can do to help young children to be prepared for organized sports. Even before parents begin to play with young children in sports, it is important that they develop their kids' interest in sports. This can be done in a number of ways including attending games, watching sports on TV, parents playing sports themselves and talking about sports at home. These suggestions show enthusiasm for sports, which is a necessary ingredient for how to coach young children. When kids see an adult's enthusiasm for something, they recognize that something as being a little more important and special. Often, the enthusiasm is contagious and kids will play and want to be around the sport more. To maintain enthusiasm, it is important that parents play sports with young players whenever their kids want and for as long as the children desire. Adults should try not to be the one to end the play session, when possible.

Once interest is developed, it is important that parents try to show kids the correct ways of performing the basics. Kids at this age will learn from what they see much more than any explanation of what to do. Parents, who can perform the correct foundations when playing with their kids, are giving their kids a better chance of early sport development with these correct displays. This is also an added bonus of attending games and watching sports on TV, of course.

Next and of utmost importance, dealing with kids requires patience. Coaching young children in sports requires even greater patience. Perfecting sport's skill takes years and years, so adults having patience is the number one indispensable necessary when coaching young children. Most young children have very short attention spans and, understandably, little understanding of the fundamentals and strategy of sport. Adults, especially parents who do not have a lot of patience, should leave coaching young children to others. This is easier said than done, but necessary, if parents want their kids to enjoy their sports experience.

Patience when playing with kids is best displayed by using an unemotional and understanding voice. Talking in this manner is a necessary positive parenting character that is easier said than done and may require practice on the part of parents. Equally important is that parents understand that negative gestures, those showing displeasure with a child's actions, are just as damaging to a child's self-esteem as negative words.

Following are a few other suggestions that will help coach young children in sports:

1. Always think of safety. Many a child's interest in playing sports was derailed by pain caused by physical injury while playing. Using the safest equipment with young children is worth it and will not inhibit players' development.

2. Learn how to make playing the most fun to avoid boredom from setting in. Parents can consult established coaches, look on line, read books, watch instructional videos and attend coaching clinics for some fun ideas.

3. If parents feel the need to give some basic financial advice, keep it simple and short. Do not overwhelm kids with too much and too often instruction.

4. Do not over challenge kids before they have a chance to build confidence but some basic competition is OK.

5. As mentioned, variety of play can be good to maintain activity and fun but parents should stay away from any tedious or strenuous drills for kids under age seven.

Finally, all kids are different so parents and coaches should use good judgment with each child. What may work for playing with one child may not for another, but keeping it fun for every child should be the number one priority for how to coach young children in sports.

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25 Oct

Getting rid of fat does not have to be tough, which is especially true if you have a number of fat burning tips and tricks up your sleeve. By this I do not mean that I would ever want you to take a risky strategy to getting rid of fat rather one which would be healthy while also providing you with great results.

A lot of people have the same dilemma washing … is there a way to drop a few pounds and get rid of tummy fat quickly and easily? Yes, there is. Achieving belly fat loss will necessitate a few dietary changes on your part, but the results are outstanding. Countless individuals use these fat burning tips with tremendous success, easily getting rid of fat and their first 10-15lbs.

Here are my three Simple and easy Rules for Getting Rid of Fat:

1. Do not consume anything that is white. If you name every food that is white, chances are you should not be eating it: bread, pasta, crackers, most cereal, flour based products, white potatoes, white rice, and pasteurized dairy and cheese are all no-no during this time. (The only exceptions to this rule are the following healthy foods that promote belly fat loss: chicken, fish, turkey, and cauliflower).

2. Only drink water, NOTHING else! How about coffee? As a solution to withdrawal heads, one small cup of organic black coffee. Can you add half and half? … Well is it white? That's what I thought! Consume no less than half of your weight in ounces of water each day (For example if you are 200 pounds, you would need to consume a hundred ounces) to really start getting rid of fat once and for all.

3. Do not eat anything at all with the word wheat in the ingredients list. So what about whole wheat? Look, if the word starts with W and ends in T and contains the letters "hea" in the middle, you can not eat it. So pasta, bread, crackers and cereal are all no no's. Many snack foods which are packaged also contain wheat so make sure that you read the ingredients list very carefully.

Are you up for this challenge? Apply these easy belly fat loss rules to your own eating plan for the next 2 weeks and I am certain you'll be seeing some amazing results for getting rid of fat in no time.

Be sure to click below for your free fitness guide.

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25 Oct

The concept of losing weight basically comes down to taking in fewer calories than you burn each day. A great way to lose fat and get into shape is to start some regular running routines at least two or three times a week. Girls on the run should be taking in complex carbohydrates like potatoes, bananas, cereal, and whole grain slices of bread. This will give your body the fuel it needs to be able to run on a regular basis. The number of times you exercise or run each week will directly correlate to how much weight you are able to lose.

If you just want to build up a slightly better fitness level over time, then running once a week is fine. However, if you are planning to lose some weight, this will never be enough. Three of four sessions of running is ideal each week, with days of rest incorporated in between. The extra exercise may lead you to being tempted to take in more calories to offset what you are burning. Girls on the run should avoid this, as it will do nothing but put weight on you. Implementing and sticking to a running routine can be hard.

The most important thing is to stick to it in the beginning no matter how you feel, or how much you want to take an extra day off. You should view each day of running as a positive thing in your life, and not a punishment of any sort. Girls on the run should shake up their routine each week by varying their location and checking out new scenery. Your community is bound to have a beach, park or lake you can run around. You could even drive to a distant location, park your car, and then run from there. A great run will leave you invigorated and feeling great about yourself and your well-being.

For girls on the run, the main motivation behind running is usually a desire to lose some weight. In order to do that you must push past that point where you think you want to stop. That is called the fat burning zone, and if you are not hitting that point, then you are not getting the most out of your workout. Running a few sprints each week will help you add muscle mass and increase your metabolism. Interval training will have you well on your way to burning those unwanted calories.

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25 Oct

Using Antioxidants to Your Advantage

Before being able to use antioxidants to your advantage, there are some things you should about them first such as what is an antioxidant? Where can I find them in the food I eat? Why should I be eating antioxidant rich food? Can you supplement antioxidants? These are all questions that you will be answered through the following paragraphs so you can start eating healthy and smarter.

So first thing is first, what is an antioxidant? An antioxidant are nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes which are proteins that help with chemical reactions in your body. That being said, these antioxidants are said to help prevent the development of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis and cataracts. Just that alone should convince anyone to start being more aware of what they're eating, but let's move forward.

Now that we've established what antioxidants are exactly, you'll need to know how you can get them into your system. The best way and easiest way to get them is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables through your day, every day. For the most part, if you eat 2 oranges a day with some broccoli and a steak or chicken for dinner, you'll be able to get the antioxidants needed. Now you obviously do not have to stick to just those as they were examples, but you should be eating enough fruits and vegetables, meats with lots of protein, chicken is a good one, and you can also eat lots of wholes grains and nuts which all together will be able to provide all the antioxidants that your body needs.

Using a supplement to get your antioxidants is also an option, just like there's protein supplements . Although it may be easier to just supplement these very important nutritional factors into your diet, that does not mean you should simply do that and still eat unhealthy. Reason being is that will still be a form of self promoting laziness, whereas you could make yourself some really good meals every day and still get those nutrients and antioxidants needed. That being said, you can always use supplements for that little extra kick that you could need if you're really going for it and working out a few days a week and really living that healthy lifestyle.

With everything said and done, it still comes down to what you're going to do about your situation. If you have read all the way through this point, you've already taken a step in the right direction to better your health and lifestyle.

Source by Nick Reyner

25 Oct

Having a problem that involves excessive sweating can make you feel out of place and the center of attention when you attend functions. People who do not understand the excessive sweating condition, can make those that do, feel really embarrassed and ashamed of the condition that they are having to live with day in and day out.

It is extremely important for sufferers to stop excessive sweating before it has a chance to ruin their lives any further. This condition occurs when it wants and where it wants and you could be doing nothing at all and still break out in a sweat.

Excessive sweating can occur anywhere on the body. This could be on the palms, feet, scalp, neck, and even in the groin area. Before trying to identify a sweat treatment, it is important to work out where the problem lies. Sometimes an individual can determine certain situations, items of clothing and so on that can trigger excess sweating.

Some of the causes of excessive sweating could have emotional stress, anxiety, food choices and physical movement. You will be able to find a good sweat treatment if you are able to determine the original cause of the excess sweating.

Correctly identifying the reason for this condition will then allow you to take immediate action. If you want this condition to stop affecting your life, then the sooner you take action and find a sweat treatment, the better.

If stress is your trigger then look at ways of dealing with or reducing stress in your life. You may be able to get family and friends on side to help you with this. If your trigger relates to food choice, then keep a record of what you eat and the reaction you have afterward. There may be foods that cause you to break out into a sweat immediately and there may be others in which you experience no reaction. Using this information means you can cut out the problem foods and increase the ones that were reaction free to find your own natural sweat treatment.

There may be some natural sweat treatment options that you can use to help you cure excessive sweating, so read up on some product reviews to find some possible solutions. Others have tried Botox injections with a lot of success. I am not so sure of this method for myself however, as it is quite expensive and would need to be repeated regularly to remain effective.

If you have tried many methods of sweat treatment with no success, then make the time to visit your doctor or a dermatologist to see if you can get the help your need.

Source by Martin Stevens

25 Oct

When you go into the body building sport you will find yourself in an internal search as to how to find the best supplement for muscle gain. However, the kind of muscle gain supplements is by itself insufficient. Timing of these muscle supplements is equally important. To discuss this point fully you should consider what type of muscle supplement you are consuming.

There are three types of muscle growth supplements that are considered the best supplements to gain muscle. These supplements are creatine, glutamine, and protein. Each supplement has to be taken specifically in a certain time of the day to have optimal effects on the muscles.

Creatine is considered one of the best supplements for muscle gain. The best time to take creatine is half an hour before and right after the workout. Taking these portions at the specified times will trigger the anabolic state (muscle building state) and developments catabolic state (muscle degeneration state). However this is not the only time that you can take creatine. It is recommended to take creatine at different time intervals through the day.

Creatine is taken into two phases: loading phase and maintenance phase. The recommended dosage is 25 to 30 grams in the loading phase and 10 to 20 grams in the maintenance phase.

Glutamine is another ingredient in the muscle gain supplements. Glutamine should be taken right before bed time. When you are going to sleep you are starving your muscles for whole eight hours and then you need to provide them with the right nutrition. Another good timing is just after you wake up. For the same reason, muscles have been stripped from food for the last few hours and then it would be beneficial if you provide them with the nutrition that they need.

Glutamine can be taken also after workout; however this could interfere with the absorption of creatine which would have taken approximately at the same time.

Protein is considered by many body builders as the best supplement to gain muscle. Protein muscle growth supplements can be taken at different times of the day. Following is a list of possible times to take protein starting with the most preferred times:

• Right after the workout. This is the best time to take protein supplements. During this time the muscle is in high need of muscle building supplements to replenish what it has lost.

• Before going to bed. This is another good time since the muscles are going to stay without nutrition for around eight hours, so it is a good idea to feed these muscles before going into this period.

• After waking up. The reason is the same as the previous one. The muscles have been without nutrients for full eight hours and so need something to feed upon.

• Half an hour before workout. Taking protein supplements as a pre workout supplement will prepare the body to get into the anabolic stage and prevent it from going into catabolic stage.

Spotting the best supplement for muscle gain is a critical point; however it is not the only factor to take into consideration. Even if you include the best muscle building supplements you should pay attention to the timing at which you take these supplements.

Source by Brad Stadler

25 Oct

Here are five techniques to easily lost fat. Everybody knows that excess fat in the body can lead to various health risks. The busy schedules we have today cause us to eat lots of foods that are not good for us. We exercise less these days, which is a big part of the reason that obesity has become an epidemic, and it's extremely harmful.

In order for us to be smart and to stay healthy, it's important that we burn off that extra fat. A lot of people do not think it's so easy to do and that it requires more effort than they can put out. They believe that fat loss just is not for everyone. So to dispel that myth I have five easy steps you can follow, and drop the extra pounds, with only minor changes n your lifestyle:

Eat Breakfast – Breakfast has long been considered our most important daily meal. Lots of people skip it for losing weight when that's exactly the wrong move. You need the essential nutrients from a hearty breakfast to give you energy to burn through your day. If you do not eat breakfast, you tend to gorge at the next meal. It's best to eat some whole grain toast or fresh fruits, maybe oatmeal and some egg whites.

Exercise – This is a must for dropping fat from your body. It's the most effective tool by far. If you incorporated exercise into your daily routine, your fat will drop off as a natural result. This does not mean you have to go to a gym and lift heavy weights or workout for hours. If just means increasing what you do over the course of a normal day. If you do not take walks, then you can start to take them three or four days a week, and if you are consistent, you'll see some fat drop off.

Control Your Calories – Controlling your calories is extremely important for fat loss. If you can cut down on your fatty foods by one third, you can lose a lot of fat. Add plenty of fiber to your diet. Fiber keeps you feeling full and is an excellent replacement for the old fatty foods you're used to eating.

Drink Tea – There have been studies done that prove drinking tea or even taking tea supplements along with regular meals can help to block your absorption of carbohydrates. It does not matter if you drink black tea or green tea, it will still be beneficial to burning calories and losing fat.

Sports – By going through a rigorous workout with your body, you'll shed the pounds quite easily. Just go out and get involved in some type of physical activity that you like. Baseball or tennis, or golf, or bowling, can all help you to lose weight, especially if they have not been part of your normal routine. Plus you'll get to spend quality time with family and friends.

These five little pointers can help you lose fat, and they are plain common sense, nothing high-tech here. Adopt these to your daily routine, do it consistently, and you can easily lose the fat from your body.

Source by Dmytro Fedorev

25 Oct

The best exercises to lose belly fat are no secret. They are just overlooked because the people that are trying to sell you things are trying to convince you that what they are selling is the best product for getting results. The best exercises to lose belly fat are not going to be easy, you will need to be dedicated, you will need to be motivated, and then you will see your results.

Cardiovascular Exercise

We may as well get this out of the way right now. If you have read any other posts on this website or if you know anything about exercising then you will know that your abs are not going to be revealed just by doing sit ups alone. This is what companies want you to believe so that you will buy their ab machines. All the sit ups in the world are not going to remove that layer of fat that is padding your abdominals and the only way to remove that fat is by cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular training such as jogging, fast paced walking, or bicycling are some of the best exercises to lose belly fat. But if you cannot (or will not) do any of these try to find any exercises that elevates your heart rate, gets your lungs working hard and gets you sweating. Aim to do this at least twenty minutes per workout and at least three times a week. Without cardiovascular exercise you are never going to get to see your abs; unless you already are skinny.

Squat Exercises

Some other of the best exercises to lose belly fat is squat exercises. A squat is an exercise in which you look forward and lower your body down into the squat position while keeping your back straight and your eyes looking straight ahead. Most people will put a barbell across their shoulders when they do this exercise but it isn’t always necessary. As you are lowering your abs are tight and your back is always as straight as possible. Having a straight back with good form will ensure that you do not injure yourself (especially if you are using weight). The abdominal muscles are a key part in this exercise and it will keep them strong and lean.

Sit Ups

Sit ups are also part of the best exercises to lose belly fat. This exercise will keep your abs strong and also give you great posture. Most of the movement that our bodies do at any given time somehow involve our abs, so it is important to keep them strong. It is usually common practice to do as many as you can in a session, after you cannot do anymore then you should record the number that you could do in a Journal; next time you exercise, it is important that you try to beat that number.

The best exercises to lose belly fat all rely on each other. One of these exercises by itself will not give you the results that you are looking for without the others.

Source by Ben G. East

24 Oct

Let's face it, both you and I know that the faster your metabolism, the less likely you will gain weight. So what can you do to improve your fat burning furnace to lose weight?

First let us understand exactly what metabolism is. Basically it is the speed at which your body processes food. So the faster you process food the better metabolism you have and the concern about weight gain disappears.

So here are seven simple things you can do to boost your slow metabolism.

1) Get Moving – You need to move your body every day for at least twenty minutes. Just by going for a 20 minute brisk walk you involve all the major muscle groups in your body. The body needs energy to perform these walks and this comes from the food you eat. This is just a starting point.

If you sit at desk all this may be a bit challenging especially in this day and age of modern conveniences. You need to find the time.

If you are or have been athletic in the past you may want to look into some form of high intensity training.

2) Eat smaller meals throughout the day. Many weight loss experts suggest that you eat 5-6 smaller meals. The idea is that every time you eat you boost your metabolism.

3) Eat a complete protein with every meal. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein takes more energy to digest and this causes an increase in calorie burn. Eggs are a great example of a complete protein.

4) Build muscle. Listen you do not have to be big like a body builder. Have you ever seen one of these guys or girls if they are not competitive? You need some form of resistance training. Gardening does not cut it. Doing something like squats and lunges is start. But please if you have any health issues get cleared by your family doctor. The last thing you want is to be hospitalized.

5) Eat breakfast. You should probably eat your first meal in the morning within the first half hour of rising. Remember point 2. If you wait to long to have your first meal in the morning your body will go into a "starvation" mode. In other words when you finally have that first meal your body will want to hang on to it for fear it will not be fed again.

6) Cut down or eliminate drinks that contain sugar. Many fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. Over time this sugar turns into fat. Drinks such as green tea, white tea and even black tea are great have.

Drink more water. It is the ultimate purifier. Good for the body, soul and mind.

7) Get support. Any time you want to lose weight and boost your metabolism around yourself with positive people who will help you with your goals. There are many forums and support groups online for you to join.

Well there you have 7 simple tips to help you boost your metabolism

Source by Mike Grafstein

24 Oct

If you run a restaurant, retail store, or other business that requires you to schedule shifts for a lot of different people, you may decide to look into employee scheduling software to make your job a little easier. This takes your regular scheduling system to a whole new level as it allows other people to access their schedules at any time from their computer. Rather than calling in to see when they work, they can just log on for the same information. There are plenty of other features to this program you can look into, so let's take a look at what a software program like this can do for you.

One of the hardest parts about the process of scheduling is trying to work out shift swaps. People at work are constantly trying to switchifts so they can do other things in their lives. This is fine when you can supervise it, but that supervision can sometimes be a challenge. With employee scheduling software though, employees can put in requests for schedule swaps that you have to approve before they will be finalized. You can thus be in total control over the situation and minimize the confusion that comes from hand writing in last minute swaps like that.

Your employees can also use employee scheduling software to put in requests for times off. That way you do not have to keep a bunch of handwritten notes around to hide by. You can just log on, look over the schedule for that week, see if there are any adjustments to be made, and then grant or deny the person's request. There could not be an easier way to run a business than with the help of software like this in hand.

Employee scheduling software can allow you to see reports of how many hours your employees are working every week so you can manage overtime, payroll and the like. In essence, everything you would need to know about when your employees are working can be located in one convenient location. You can effectively run your business that way. Do not leave things up on a chart to be changed around without your knowledge during the day. Get a system going that allows you to be the boss you need to be. The right set of software can give you all the tools you need to be able to keep your employees and yourself in line.

Source by Drew S Hunt

24 Oct

Health experts and doctors advise people that in order to stay healthy a person must eat the right things, get enough sleep, and get regular exercise. If a person is overweight and he wants to remove an extra pound, then getting enough exercise is essential.

Lack of motivation and lack of time are two main reasons why many people do not get enough exercise. If a person is properly motivated then he will make a way to dedicate a time to do the exercises. There are 5 important exercise tips on losing weight; choosing something fun, getting a partner, surround yourself with supporters, always stretch first and start off a little at a time.

In exercise tips on losing weight choosing something fun is important. A person must get all the motivation that he needs in order to exercise. Since the word exercise sounds like painful and boring a person must know how to make these exercises more fun and enjoyable. Simple running, playing with the kids, swimming and walking can start to pump your heart.

It is a best warm up before proceeding to the main set of exercises. A person must start to remove the boredom factor out of the idea of exercise and start to see it as something fun and helpful. One of the greatest secrets in exercising is having a partner and maintaining a regular exercise routine. Getting a partner makes the exercises more enjoyable. A person can have two or three partners to work out with you. Motivating each other through moral support is enough to encourage the person to keep on going. Having supporters around the person can help him to keep on going. These supporters will help the person continue the exercises that he needs to complete. It is best to have supporters who is willing to listen and supports a person even without asking.

One important tip in exercising to lose weight is to stretch first. Always start workouts with at least 5 to 10 minutes of stretching. A simple stretching on carpet or foam mat or in gym will do. It is a great warm-up and it can prevent injuries.

Never go beyond what you can do. It is best to avoid injuries in the muscles. Warming up and slowing down are two important things that a person should remember when engaging in exercises. The above exercise tips in losing weight should help you achieve your goals.

Source by Bernice Eker

24 Oct

How To Lose Weight Fast – What's The Secret?

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast. You might have the wedding coming up, the trip to Mexico, or the class reunion. Whatever the reason may be, people always want to know the secret to losing weight fast. Well, you might be thinking you know what I'm about to say. There is no secret! Weight loss takes a lot of dedication and consistency. That truly is the secret. HOWEVER, do not quit reading just yet. There are a few tips I can offer that can help you. No fat loss tip can turn you from couch potato to chiseled abs in a short time, and any product or person who claims they can is LYING to you and you should avoid them (phew). With that said, I can teach how to lose weight fast in a reasonable, safe and permanent manner.

I want to make it clear that these tips are for losing weight quickly. These are not tips that will needlessly work forever, especially if you're trying to put on some muscle and build solid muscle definition. Normally, I would not even recommend a short term weight loss plan, but I've had a lot of questions about it, and I do not want anyone doing anything REALLY stupid to lose weight. These tips will work, but in a safe and reasonable manner.

Weight Loss Tip # 1 – Reduce the Carbs

You've probably heard this before, and that's because it works. The problem most people have with this is that they go CRAZY and cut out all their carbs. Carbs are the body's ideal source of energy. This is why people who cut out carbs feel irritated, angry, and can not think. Their body needs some carbs, man! I chose the word reduce and not cut in the heading for a reason. You need carbs to really push and get a good workout, not to mention function properly on a daily basis. Keeping some carbs in your diet will keep your body right hormonally. Cutting out all carbs can send your hormones out of whack, leading to fat storage and muscle breakdown. Keep your carb intake around 20% of your total calories and you'll see strong weight loss.

In addition to keeping your overall carb take around 20%, you need to eliminate (cut) ALL high glycemic carbs from your diet. This includes sugar and starchy carbs like potatoes. To find foods that are low on the glycemic index scale, search for glycemic index on Google.

Weight Loss Tip # 2 – Perform A Lot of Compound Exercises

The benefits of compound exercises are vast! While the majority of your weight loss will come from your diet, exercise is important to keep your metabolism churning so you burn calories all day and all night. In addition to that, performing quality, compound exercises will help to put your body into a fat burning state through the release of certain anabolic hormones. Hormones are SO important! Keep them in check or your body will FIGHT to keep all of that fat you want to lose.

Some key exercises are chest presses, pull ups, rows, squats and deadlifts. If you do not have access to a gym, do not worry! There's plenty of body weight exercises you can do to ignite your body's fat burning mechanisms. Push ups, squats jumps and pull ups can all be done at home with little or no equipment. If you're not sure what to do, research some options on the internet about exercises with no equipment.

Weight Loss Tip # 3 – Do Some Kind of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you're still wondering how to lose weight fast, the best cardio to do is HIIT. HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, which is great for people who do not have a ton of time to exercise. Cardio like sprints, hill sprints, squat jumps, or any other type of exercise you can perform at max effort burns a lot of calories, but also builds a lot of muscle. You can not turn fat into muscle, but if you can burn some fat away and build some muscle in the process, you'll see changes a lot sooner.

Perform some variation of HIIT 3-4 times per week with a lot of walking on your off days, and you'll start losing weight fast.

Bonus Weight Loss Tip – Work Your Body Immediately After Eating

I've read about this and learned a lot on my own through trial and error. I'm pretty confident that it works though. You can help keep your body from storing the food that you eat by performing a brief bout of exercise after you eat. Ideally, compound exercises that will lead to muscular failure work best. For example, after all my meals, I'd drop down and rep out push ups to failure, squat jumps to failure and sit ups until it burned. Get your heart racing and your muscles fatigued to encourage your body to burn off the food instead of store it.

Source by Ryan M York

24 Oct

Similar to humans, lack of exercise in dogs can lead to poor health such as obesity, heart problems, bad bone structure, emotional and behavioral issues.

What are some ways to properly exercise your dog and insure a long life?

Here are some suggestions to get your pup active that will not break the bank.

Get him involved with other dogs. Consider visiting a dog park. That can be fun activity that also enforces socialization. It can also be as simple as letting them play with the neighbor's dog or a friend / family member's friendly pup.

Walking your dog is a great way for both of you to stay in shape. Let your dog carry something on the walk, even one of his toys. Be loose on the leash during walks. Let him explore other people and other dogs. This is natural way to feel comfortable around others. This also negates "leash aggression." A dog that guards against everything and anything is an anxious dog, which comes with its own set of problems.
Hide his toys around the yard or on your walks. Hide yourself in the same fashion.

Teach him how to retrieve. This is an exciting way to get them running and jumping, to bring you back the object you've thrown. Of course, there are risks of over exerting your dog with this one, as they never know when to quit. Judge this exercise according to your dog's age and current condition. Throwing a ball too high or letting your dog fetch for way too long can affect the bones and joints in an adverse way.

You can even give your dog a work out in a dark room. Take his favorite toy into one, hide it, and then have them seek it out. This can lead to hours of fun and exercise.

Put his favorite trips in an upside down bowl. He will spend hours trying to figure out how to get at them.
Make mazes in your yard out of old furniture or boxes and have him navigate a specific way through.

A well exercised dog will be more calm and apt to be less nervous about being left alone. It will improve his bones and joints, as well as his heart and lungs. A healthy dog ​​actually looks better too!

As an added bonus, you should look and feel better. Remember that dogs rarely exercise alone. They will often wait for someone or some animal to come along and interact with them.

Source by Jill M Jackson

24 Oct

This is a list of ten common mistakes made during exercise. Quite often the exerciser and even the personal trainer or coach is unaware of these mistakes, reducing the effectiveness of the exercise and even risking injury. This list describes each "mistake" but follows with a suggested "correction". You may find this list helpful in grading yourself or even your personal trainer.

Ineffective warm up prior to a workout

The purpose of a warm-up is to gently prepare the body for the increased stress from the upcoming exercise session. A 5 – 10 min bout of moderate intensity cycling, treadmill walking or elliptical work or even sports specific type movements to indu a mild, sustained stretch will be sufficient. These activities have the effect of increasing blood flow to the muscles (including the heart) and increasing the core muscle temperature for improved joint flexibility and range of motion, possibly helping reduce injury.

Quite often exercisers go to the extreme when it concerns a warm up, they either do not perform one at all, or "prefatigue" by running at a high intensity for 15 -20 minutes (or more) before their session. This has the effect of draining valuable muscle carbohydrate stores (glycogen) needed for the upcoming strength training / bodybuilding exercise session.

If the goal of exercise is to lose weight, it is actually better to perform extended aerobic exercise or interval training at the end of an intense strength training session as the body will be likely to burn more fat as a fuel due to the decreased glycogen stores .

Ineffective stretching

Many individuals and personal trainers lack the knowledge to perform stretches effectively. For example, when performing a static hamstring stretch on the floor with the leg straight up in the air it is essential to press the opposite leg onto the floor to prevent excessive posterior (back) tilting of the pelvis. Posterior tilting will decrease the effectiveness of the stretch.

When performing a dynamic stretch like a lunge to stretch the groin and thigh muscles, the spine (and pelvis) must remain erect and perpendicular to the floor otherwise the effect is lost. Exercisers that stretch in the standing position while holding onto or pressing against some external source of stabilization deprive themselves of full benefit.

It may beneficial to perform dynamic stretches with good technique in unsupported standing and lunge type positions at the beginning of the session. This has the effect of simultaneously targeting balance (core stability) and flexibility while preparing the body and joints for movement during the strength training exercise to follow. Static stretching may be more effective at the end of the workout session as the muscles will be warm and pliable.

Excessive use of machines

As mentioned in other articles on this website, exclusive use of exercise machines deprives the core muscles of stimulation and forces muscles to work either in isolation or in static, non functional patterns. While some machines such as leg press machines and assisted pull up / dip machines have merit; exercises that accentuate the body's own internal stabilization mechanism (core) are excellent for increasing movement function and also allow for much more creativity and fun.

Exercise machines are good for an introduction to resistance training and for bodybuilding, but it is not advisable to use them as an exclusively. A good suggestion is to strike a balance between exercises that challenge the body's own stability and balance (free weights, standing / lunging exercises) and traditional machine and supported exercises, which allow for greater muscle work

Poor exercise technique

Ultimately quality is the factor that matters most when exercising not necessarily quantity. It is easy to sacrifice form for function and perform many more repetitions of an exercise with poor technique than to perform the same movement with strict biomechanically correct technique. It makes sense then that correct technique is the most difficult aspect to learn and control as it is often only gained through experience and trial and error.

An inexperienced exerciser should invest in the services of an experienced and accredited personal trainer to minimize the learning curve and get it right from the start. For example, an excellent method of assessing the quality of you or your instructor's form in a squat is to view the back of the head in relation to the back of the heel. If the spine is straight (not curved) and the back of the head remains in line with the back of the heel (flat) throughout the entire movement, then the technique is good.

Essentially, the barbell should move in a near vertical line through the movement. Should the bar move forward, it places increasingly heavy loads on the spine and intevertebral disks, much like the arm of a crane. Lifting in this manner increases the likelihood of injury to the spine and the connective tissues such as discs, muscles and ligaments.

Holding the feet down and throwing the legs during abdominal exercises

An exerciser's feet should never be held down or hooked under a bed / door when performing multiple sit ups as this will allow for a major of the work to be performed by the hip flexor (groin) muscles. The lower abdominals are responsible for fixing the pelvis in a sit-up by pressing the low back into the floor. If the abdominals fatigue or are not strong enough to hold the low back flat and the feet are fixed, the hip flexors may cause a tilting of the pelvis and the development of a "hole" in the lower back.

Performing sit-ups with a forward tilted pelvis tends to strain the low back and actually stretch and weakened the abdominals instead of strengthening them. The same problems can occur while lying on the back when both legs are raised straight into the air and are thrown by a partner toward the floor. If the lower abdominals can not fix the pelvis flat as the legs approach the floor, this type of exercise can seriously strain the lower back muscles. An alternate leg scissor action is reverse curls or hanging knee lifts are a better substitute for concentrating on the lower abdominals.

Holding onto the front or side rails of a treadmill

This is a common sight in any gym of fitness facility – a person gets on a treadmill and starts to progressively crank up the speed and incline. The incline approaches maximal and the individual is holding onto the front or side rails for dear life to avoid being thrown off the machine. The rail holding essentially cancels out the benefit of the increased intensity claims gained from the incline since the arms are literally holding the body up.

Holding the railroads also negatively affects natural walking / running biomechanics – the lack of arm swing may unnecessarily strain muscles and connective tissue – especially those of the pelvis and low back. Rail holding also has the effect of reducing the core / balance training stimulus required to walk / run in the unsupported condition.

Lastly, since most people use treadmills as a means of performing aerobic exercise to lose weight why stop the arms from moving as this contributes to energy expenditure?

Ineffective exercise progress

Any exercise session should have some logical order to maximize results. Often exercisers and trainers do not place a high priority on exercise order; switching from one exercise to another with no identical sequence. Exercise order is very important on the temporary results and should be motivated by the neuromuscular and energy system demands of the chosen exercises. For example, core exercises which require a great deal of concentration and precise form to perform effectively, should be performed when the person is "fresh" – right after a short warm-up and stretching.

Core training may be followed by power training (if appropriate) since this form of exercise also requires that the exerciser be rested and fresh to perform effectively. Multiple joint strength training (exercises like squats, lunges, bench press, shoulder press etc.) should follow power training since these exercises require large energy reserves.

A good variation here is to alternate between upper and lower body exercises or use the "pull / push" rule – that is, follow a pulling type exercise with a pushing type exercise. Since most isolation exercises such as tricep extensions, bicep curls and sit-ups have much lower energy requirements, these can be performed near the end of the session.

Trying to perform stabilization and mobilization exercise together

The core muscles stabilize the pelvis in its "neutral" position (as in standing upright with perfect posture). The muscles like the hamstrings, large back muscles and hip flexors that are attached to the pelvis are mobilizing muscles and do just what their name implies – they tilt the pelvis forward and back, side to side and rotate it to allow for bodily movement. It is very difficult to train stability and mobility in a single exercise since technically they are opposite actions.

For example, performing squats (requires movement of the pelvis) on a BOSU ball or while standing on inflatable disks or foam rollers is probably of little benefit to strengthening the core. Likewise, performing curl-ups on an exercise ball is illegally to improve core strength as this exercise is targeting the muscles that tip the pelvis backwards.

Core exercises are best performed in static positions such as bridging and standing. It is beneficial then to concentrate on stabilizing strength and mobilizing strength separately and not together. Build a foundation of core stability and flexibility first before trying to work the arm and legs. Much more leg strength can be trained when the foot is in contact with a firm surface (like the ground) – surrounded this is how we operate in daily life anyway.

Faulty exercise progress

Quite often exercisers, personal trainers and even coaches fail to understand functional exercise progressions. They observe other people performing a particular exercise and decide to incorporate it in their or their client's routine. It may be however that the person that observed performing the exercise had progressed to that point correctly in a functional and systematic manner. If an exerciser attempts to perform an exercise that they are physically unprepared for, there is increased risk of injury and performing the movement with poor technique.

The brainembers and stores both good and bad motor and movement patterns, so the old adage JUNK IN = JUNK OUT holds true for exercise too. A good suggestion is strengthen the "inside out" and not the "outside in" by focusing on flexibility and stability. These are the prerequisites to the successful performance of functional movements such as squats, lunges and sport specific movements.

So static stability training and stretching progresses to dynamic stability training, which then progresses to strength and finally power training. To attempt to strengthen and condition the body from the "outside in" instead of from the "inside out" will fail to give any satisfactory results. Any exercise program should look first to develop a base (core stability, cardiovascular fitness) and then progressively "build" on this base to improve performance, strength and function.

Placing blocks under the heads in a squat

Placing blocks under the boots is a common technique used by trainers and exercisers alike to compensate for tight calf muscles (soleus) or to concentrate work on the quadriceps (thigh muscles). Often exercisers see other individuals performing squats in this manner and they aim to copy them. This practice is not advisable since one is essentially "giving in" to the lack of flexibility at the ankle and failing to increase the quality of this highly functional movement.

Raising the boots also places the ankle in an unstable, plantarflexed position making it more susceptible to injury – specifically a lateral ankle sprain. In this position, the body's center of mass shifts from the midfoot to nearer the witnesses, increasing the likelihood of a loss of balance and possible injury. A safer method to target either the quadriceps or the hamstrings and glutes is to control the bar placement on the back.

In the high position the bar rests on the posterior deltoids (shoulder muscles) at the base of the neck, this has the effect of targeting the quadriceps muscles. In the low position, the bar rests further down the back across the posterior deltoid at the level of the middle trapezius (top of the shoulder blades) this positioning will translate into a greater load being shifted towards the hamstring and glute muscles.

This article has aimed to highlight the common mistakes that people may make in their exercise routines. Very often just an awareness of the mistakes can often remedy the situation while other problems may take time and experience to deal with like learning correct exercise technique. It is held that this article served the purpose of informing the reader so as to allow him / her to get the most out of their exercise routine and allow them to make educated assessments of themselves and other exercise professionals.

Source by David Petersen

24 Oct

Surviving a break up is one the hardest things most of us go through during our lives. To wake up suddenly alone can leave you feeling hurt, devastated, confused, angry and alone. But waiting around forever to start feeling better is not a lot of fun. Instead, here are some simple survival tips for how to get over a breakup that should have you feeling better again soon.

Get Active

Sitting around the house in your sweats doing nothing only gives your mind time to stay on your break up and on how sad you are feeling. It can drag the pain of a break up on longer than necessary and leave you feeling even more depressed.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get active and do something. Take up an old hobby again – or find a new one to try. Hang out with your friends, go shopping, go see a movie or anything else that gets you out of the house and into the world again.

Just doing something will give your mind a distraction and can help you to feel better right away. Now, at first after a break up you may have to force yourself to get out and do things because all you want to do is bury your head in your pillow. However, within a very short amount of time you'll find yourself looking forward to your activities and enjoying your life again.


Exercise is so good for getting over a break up for several reasons. First, exercise releases "happy chemicals" into your brain that can immediately give you an emotional boost. Next, it is a great way to burn off some of your sadness or anger in a constructive, healthy way.

Now, you do not have to go gung-ho and run a marathon or anything. Instead, find an exercise that you enjoy and stick with it. You might try taking walks in nature (being surrounded by nature is one of the best ways to lift your spirits). Or hit the gym, go swimming, ride your bike, go for a jog, or even just do some exercises in your living room to get your blood moving.

Talk to Someone

Do not keep your feelings bottled up inside. Find a good friend or a family member that you can talk to about how you are feeling. If talking is hard for you at least try getting a journal or diary and writing down what is on your mind. Just getting the feelings out of your head can go a long ways toward helping you to start feeling better faster.

Try to Get Back Together

Many couples successfully get back together after a break up or separation. If you feel like your ex is "the one" and you can not stand the thought of them slipping away it might be worthwhile for you to at least try to get back together with them. Even if it did not work out at least you would have the comfort of knowing that you did everything you could instead of just giving up and throwing in the towel.

Before you try to get your ex back be sure that it is the best thing for you. If you were in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship or were with someone who did not respect you, as hard as it is to hear you probably will be better off just moving on.

Source by Kathy Northland

24 Oct

What did the old strong men know that gave them super human strength?

The simple principle of a 7 second long isometric muscle contraction which stimulate muscle growth, build strength and have enormous health benefits. The father of isometrics “Alexander Zass” comes to mind. He snapped steel chains wrapped around his chest or remember the images of Alexander Zass catching a woman fired from a canon.

Today, isometrics is a scientifically proven method to sculpt your body and skyrocket your strength in just seconds. Sounds to good to be true but it works. How can you with a 7 second exercise accomplish what others can’t accomplish with an hour of daily tedious repetitive work outs in the gym?

Recent studies and studies in the past have shown that not length or duration of an exercise is important to stimulate muscle growth and build strength, but that intensity of an exercise plays a far greater role to stimulate muscle growth and build strength. During an isometric muscle contraction a specific muscle or group of muscles is contracted for 7 seconds with intensity.

This intense contraction causes a complete exhaustion of the muscle fibers. When these muscles are being relaxed, an increased flow of blood delivers an increase of oxygen and nutrition to these muscles. Each exercise is being done once for 7 seconds. A combination of several exercises for as little as 10 minutes a day produce astonishing results in muscle growth and well being. It is hard to believe but it does work.

The beauty of isometrics is, that it is done in a static position, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion. Which means that isometrics can be done anywhere, anytime without any exercise equipment. Many isometric exercises can be done sitting on a chair at a desk. No trip to the gym necessary. No expensive workout machines needed. This makes isometric exercises perfect for people working at a desk or in any restricted area. There are many isometric exercises that can be done sitting at a desk.

Isometric strength training is also very useful for martial artists, wrestlers and boxers who are looking for a superior method to improve their strength, increase mobility and energy level. You may have heard of Paul O’Brien online. Paul has re-discovered isometrics and increased his strength to super human strength which he demonstrates in videos online. Paul can bench-press and lift 400 lbs which is more than twice his body weight!

A wonderful resource on isometrics is Paul O’Brien’s E-book. 7 Seconds to a perfect body.

Isometrics was the secret of the old strongmen like Alexander Zass, Maxick, Mike Marvel and others.

Isometric training is an old method re-discovered.

Source by Bernd Kriesten

24 Oct

Because everyone is constantly being told to get into some kind of keep-fit ​​routine, they also try to find different ways of doing this to keep them interested and motivated. For example, one of the newer trends in gym fitness equipment is the shake plate which claims to tone up all the muscles in the body. In fitness equipment elliptical machines have also come to the fore since they do not strain the joints as much as the more traditional machines in use. But whatever workout equipment is preferred, as long as the end result is the same, it is down to personal choice for sure.

Of course, it is not just toning up the body which is necessary in any kind of routine. Strengthening all the body parts which count is obviously desirable too and this includes the joints and muscles, along with the heart and lungs too. Aerobic exercise used to be frowned upon by men since they always took it to a rather feminine pursuit, but these days even tough and rough football and rugby players have it as part of their regime. Indeed, some also include some rather difficult ballet exercises too and this soon weeds out the boys from the men!

Perhaps the first thing to advise anyone is to take things very slowly right at the beginning. By being over zealous right at the front, many will certainly fall at the wayside when the muscles start to complain. Pain is the most popular reason that people give up after a short time so keeping this to a minimum is probably the best way to ensure that the routine is followed for longer.

Once people begin to feel that they are becoming stronger, they usually opt for the treadmill or something similar to push them just that little bit further. Having one at home is even better since they can jump on it at any given time when they have a few minutes to spare every day. This is also good for the heart too and if the beats are raised for some minutes every day, the body will soon begin to feel the benefits.

Once the routine becomes too easy, these machines are built to have a small incline which makes the workout much more difficult for sure. But then, rewards come to those who persevere with their routines and this is where the 'junkies' to these routines are born!

For anyone who is absolutely serious about getting into a good routine, try searching out used machine sites on the internet. An inordinate amount of money can be saved if some care is taken and a lot of people like the idea of ​​having all these machines available at home so that they can work out whenever the need arises.

Finally, before buying any machine, try going to the local keep-fit ​​center and try out one or two pieces first to see how it feels. In this way, costly errors are not made and the individual is far more likely to keep up with the routine for far longer.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

23 Oct

Many knowledgeable observers and respected analysts of the industry have noted, for example, that particularly in these hard global economic times, many crooks, scammers and fraudsters with actually no real crude oil to sell, have flown into the international crude oil selling business in tremendous numbers, seeing it as a fertile ground for them in which, many of them think, they can "strike it big" by scamming unsuspecting or gullible international crude buyers, aided and made easier for them by the Internet and the easier cover of anonymity that it provides. Consequently, clearly, a well-established and settled FACT in the world of international crude oil is buying and selling business today, is that that whole terrain is literal teeming and crawling with congenital scammers, and pathological crooks and fraudsters who parade themselves, especially on the Internet, as crude "sellers." (See, for an example, another article by this writer published by, titled "Buy Nigeria Crude Oil Without Fraud: How Authentic Crude Oil Sellers Can Find Ready Buyers.").


Given the above-described distinct reality today, are there ways in which you can spot or detect crude "sellers" who are not LEGITIMATE, or those who are most simply simply scammers and fraudsters with no real crude allocation or crude to sell?

The following are some of the ways and signs:


Often, a Buyer may get a seller or his agent who aggressively pushes and presses that the buyer should simply "just sign the contract, just sign the SPA," and that everything else will work out for the buyer after that. Typically, such seller or the agent will promise heaven heaven and earth, and commit to providing the buyer basically any and everything whatever the buyer requests of him, PROVIDED that the buyer just signs the contract. He will, the buyer will be promised, be immediately provided satisfactorily verifiable POP, or the 2% Performance Bond, or get the seller's profile, his proof of past track record or past performance in the selling of crude oil or of his creditworthiness, etc ., etc – but only "after" the buyer has signed the contract!

Watch out for such a scenario by sellers or sellers' agents! Many supposedly sellers like that probably do not really have any oil allocation or available oil to sell. However, for them, the trick is simply to get some gullible buyer to sign the SPA or Contract. And then once that is done, such fraudsters will often arbitrarily fault the agreement in some way or the other, and employ that as a ruse to demand a hefty penalty fee of upwards of $ 100,000 or more from the buyer. The buyer will then be forced either to pay for a transaction that never occurred, or else, to have the buyer's Letter of Credit tied up, athaps greater cost and expense to the buyer, until sometimes he succumbbs and pays up the scammy seller's " penalty. "


A good sign that you better employ caution, is when a seller wants you to make the move first on the sensitive Financial aspects of the transaction, such as requiring that you (the buyer) issue the Letter of Credit first before the seller will then issue the custom 2% Performance Bond to activate that LC. A less scam-prone way would be for the buyer (unless it is a well-known seller that's involved) to have the seller move FIRST by issuing the PB from a reputable international bank, as this will guarantee that the seller has the financial capacity to be able to put up the PB before the buyer goes through the hassle of putting up an LC, which could be quite an expensive proposition for any buyer. Scammy sellers are notorious for not being able to put up the 2% PB after the buyer might have first put up the LC simply because, being usually a small, obscure or sometimes even non-existent operation, such "sellers" often lack the funds to afford the PB, thus leaving the buyer with huge expense in banking costs for posting the LC.


Buyers may sometimes stipulate that there will be a TTM (Table Top Meeting), which is a meeting between the buyers (or their top representatives) and the seller, to be held at a mutually convenient time and place at which place the parties will personally meet , discuss the terms of the deal, and sign the contract. It is not uncommon to find some sellers strenuously resist or refuse that, giving all manner of reasons and excuses for not wanting it.

Watch out though for such! Such post often arouss suspicion and serious doubt in the minds of skeptical buyers as to what might be the under motives of the seller for doing that, and the true character and authenticity of the seller.


When a seller provides a buyer ONLY Nigerian-based sources for verification of supposedly crude allocation bona fides or cargo documents, with no credible foreign-based, non-Nigerian sources or authorities provided, that could be a serious warning sign of potential scam. Verification through Nigerian sources (NNPC Abuja or Bonny, the Ministry of Petroleum, Abuja, and the like), are often viewed by international buyers with grave suspicion as notoriously unreliable and subject to forgery, and to manipulation and corruption of the facts and materials.


In general, unwillingness, conductance, or accessibility on the part of the Seller, to provide verifiable proof of past track record and ability to perform, such as reliable evidence that seller had ever posted a 2% Performance Bond in any deal in the past, or proof of any previous deals confirmable from a reliable foreign, non-Nigerian source, showing where the seller has actually shipped and successfully delivered any crude oil to anyone, and the like. This should at least sound a warning alarm bell.


When a Seller is adamant against providing a statement of the seller's profile (for the seller's company as well as its principal officers). A person who claims that he (or she) really has legitimate crude allocation for which he wants a prospective buyer to pay some humongous sums to him in the several hundreds of millions of dollars, but he is a lender to provide that prospective buyer some profile of himself for some idea of ​​who the Seller is, shows serious speculation in a lot of buyers' mind. This is more so today, especially, in the present climate of international crude oil buying and selling trade, which by all accounts has become ubiquitously populated by fraudsters and scammers.


Often, some sellers may quickly pledge to a buyer that they will post a 2% Performance Bond as a means of assuring the buyer that they'll perform the contract, claiming that they'll do so "once the contract is signed," but would adamantly bark at any proposition by buyer for them to show the buyer, in advance of the parties entering into the contract, some independently verifiable evidence that the Seller actually has the funds ability to be able to fulfill this 2% PB pledge upon the agreement being signed. As a prospective buyer, watch out! That is frequently a signal that the seller simply lacks the funds, and that he will not be able to post the PB if a contract were to be signed with this seller.


Sometimes, a Seller who says he will post a 2% Performance Bond insiders that he'll do so only on the condition that the buyer, through the buyer's bank, will first send a request to the Seller's bank for an RWA (Readiness, Willingness , and Ability), such as an MT799, requesting for the seller to place the said PB. Watch out! At the very least, this is an indication that this seller is probably not banking with a reputable financial institution that is of the caliber that contains the highest or world-class ethical banking and financial standards, such as one that is ranked among the top 25 international banks. Among most of such top 25 international banks in the world, doing such RWA is considered as "solicitation" in international banking protocols, and is viewed in such circles as illegal and hence something they will not engage in under any circumstances. Even more importantly, use of the RWA is viewed in such highly ethical circles as a tool employed by sellers who lack the funds required for the posting of the 2% Performance Bond to get buyers to "sign contract, sign contract," only for these sellers to rely on financiers by showing them the NEWLY-SIGNED SPA, which financiers will then impersonate unrealistic conditions that usually can not be even touched by any reputable top 25 international banks.


Individuals who claim to be crude Sellers (or represent them themselves as seller's agent or mandate), but as yet have really shown nothing tangible to demonstrate that they are truly legitimate sellers, but persistently demand that prospective buyers issue them an LOI (Letter of Intent) right upfront even before the buyer can find out who they are or anything about them. Watch out here! Many a time, especially in a case involving a seller who is either a fake seller or does not actually have the alleged crude in hand, or, an unscrupulous aspiring seller's agent who actually has not acquitted a crude supplier (seller) yet, Buyers may issue an LOI only to find out that there is no seller on the other end. This happens a lot in situations where you have an hungry agent or facilitator who is still struggling to get a real supplier, and by getting this LOI from an unsuspecting buyer, this facilitator can commit the buyer only for him then to start hustling for a seller .


A seller who names sources like the so-called NNPC "Shell Screen" or so-called "Lloyd of London" as the means by which the buyer may do his verification for the ATS or POP. These entities are FAKE and non-existent, and do not verify anything.


A offered seller that asks you to pay any form of money upfront at any time before the buyer conducts the Q & Q. Why do you have to pay for a product when you have not confirmed the product is even there, or its quantity and quality specification? Serious, reliable or successful sellers do not have any need to collect fees or payments upfront. As one analyst observed, "Only scammers want to see your money first, because their business is to collect these fees, not to sell oil."


Certain Buyers would often ask the agent of the seller that he arrange a 3-way phone conference with the end-seller so that the buyer can at least establish a contact or verbal communication with the end-seller. This could be very important for a buyer because it may be informative for him to have a verbal communication with the seller. A savvy buyer will be able to assess, just from having this phone conversation and "feeling the pulse" of the seller, a lot about the seller and his familiarity with the business, and a clear picture of what the seller can actually deliver what the buyer wants. A seller (or a seller's agent) who refuses such access to a prospective buyer, however, arises speculation in the mind of the buyer as to the agent's motives and intentions, or the legitimacy of the seller.


A seller who claims that the cargo has been cleared, but refuses to provide the cargo's CPA (Charter Party Agreement), ATL (Authority To Load), and Q88 Vessel details, should be a cause for suspicion as to whether such a loaded container ever actually exists.


In general, unwillingness, reluctance, and accessibility on the part of the Seller, to provide some routine practice evidence, or general signs of confidentiality and lack of transparency or authenticity – eg, the purported "seller's" profile, his past track record of performance in oil sales, being forthcoming with facts and information, showing ability and readiness to post Performance Bond, ready provision by seller of verifiability, and things like that.


In general, purported "Sellers" who only engage in big "talk, talk, talk," and big claims merely by means of the Internet, but provide little or no "showing" of anything – no PROOF or EVIDENCE about the heaven and earth they claim!


For a follow up on a specific plan of action by which, exactly, you can spot scammy, crooked crude oil sellers of Nigeria and other crude, please see the instructional information in the author's resource box below.

Source by Benjamin Anosike, PhD

23 Oct

Before we see a real woman’s body for the first time, many guys can get a very unrealistic idea of what female genitals look like. Consider most males first exposures to sex and inevitably they are either from the scientific texts that our well-meaning parents showed us that contained baffling drawings of intimate parts, or from the idealized airbrushed photos from adult magazines.

The problem with this kind of education is that many of us believe that these are accurate images that represent every female body type that we will ever encounter. We almost expect her body to have the smooth, perfect flesh that we see in these images. Then suddenly there is the day when you first see a woman naked and suddenly everything looks so different that you barely know where to begin. Sound familiar? Anyway to celebrate this diversity, we will look at the many different vagina types, labia types and even clitoris types and what they mean for you and her.

What Does This Mean for Guys

There are many reasons guys should care. The major one is that the difference in morphology between difference women can lead to huge advantages or disadvantages when it comes to giving her an orgasm. Therefore knowing as much about the difference vagina types as possible can help you easily work out what type your woman has. The second reason is that women can often feel very insecure about their vagina. I never realized how common it was until I asked some women. It can get so extreme that women may even forbid their lovers from giving them oral sex or fingering because they feel secretly ashamed about their genitals not being as pretty as others.

Physical Differences

The biggest morphological difference that makes a difference to their partners is the exposure of the clitoris. Some women have a clitoris (Also called a clitoral gland. I.e. The part you stimulate) that pokes out quite far from the clitoral hood (The triangle of flesh right above the clitoral glans). A more exposed clitoris is easier to stimulate and so it makes the guy’s foreplay significantly easier. The only problem is that it may be overly sensitive, so it is best to use more lubricant than you would usually use. Conversely the clitoris may sometimes be concealed by the clitoral hood. When this happens you may find it easier to open her legs wider during foreplay or grind your hips against her. In extreme cases, a sex toy will help as these can vibrate even through the clitoral hood. If she find that nothing helps you may want to suggest a clitoral pump to her. This device creates pressure that enlarges the clitoris.

Many women often have an inner labia that is longer than the outer labia. These creates the flower-shaped look that spawned centuries of awful poetry! This should not have any major effect on oral sex, but it can cause problems during fingering as it is easy to accidentally push the labia minor (The ‘internal’ labia) inside the vagina and this will probably cause her some discomfort.

The Effects of Psychological Differences

Once I asked some women about this issue, I was amazed at how many did not like the shape of their vulva. After that I quickly realized that a lot of what I thought was modesty on the woman’s part was actually her nervousness about the way her genitals looked. Since then I have made sure to tell them how beautiful every part of their body is.

Many women have a different coloration to their genitals. In fact the pink-colored vulva is comparatively rare compared to other kinds. Even Caucasian women experience a wide range of coloration with darker areas particularly around the perineum and sometimes the labia too. Different races obviously have differences too.

Therefore it is your job to ensure that she is comfortable with her body. When she is convinced that you find all of her a turn-on then you are most of the way there to having mind-blowing orgasms together.

Source by Harlan Mulroy

19 Oct

If you’re wondering how to make your penis thicker you’ve come to the right place. You’re about to learn simple tips and tricks that you can use today — and learn how to get other sexual benefits that you probably haven’t thought of.

I understand that penis size is important to you – and probably for good reason. If you’re feeling insecure about your penis size it’s probably been affecting your self confidence and self esteem for quite a while now — and you know what happens then — it affects your sex life and your relationships…which means you need to do something about it today before you start to feel any worse about yourself!

It’s not right that you’re not happy about your penis width and it’s not right that men are going under the knife to make drastic changes to their penis size when they don’t have to.

Some men are keen to having a longer penis, or a wider penis or more often than not both.

As you keep reading this article you’ll learn how to increase your penis width — and how you can get started with it today.

Before I continue let’s talk about average penis size. Do you know the majority of men are under 4 inches in length. According to women this just isn’t enough to satisfy them in bed.

You’re about to learn one of the best girth-adding penis exercises around right now and will be a great starting point to your penis enhancement (however, to get the bigger and more permanent results I will recommend that you add something else to your penis enhancement exercises in a moment).

As you perform this exercise you will feel your penis girth increase and that will make you feel slightly more confident. As you have already decided you need to do something to get bigger and wider it’s a good idea to start as soon as possible.

Step 1 – the warm up (take a warm shower or bath) for around 5 minutes to loosen up the connective tissue and draw blood to the penis.

Step 2 – jelqing is a bit like milking a cow and you must use lubrication. A daily jelqing workout will take 15 to 30 minutes every day (as you can appreciate most men don’t have the time to devote to exercises which is why it’s not the preferred method).

Step 3 – there are a few different ways to cool down such as doing some slaps, waiting until it’s flacid and giving it a massive or just taking a nice warm shower or wrapping your penis with a warm, moist towel.

I know at the start of this article you were looking at solely increasing girth but let’s not forget that stamina, horniness, and the ability to hold on for long enough before ejaculating will add to your sexual prowess and masculinity.

So let’s talk about penis enlargement pills. The method behind any form of penis enlargement is to get the two chambers in the penis to GROW. The best penis enhancement pills use naturall substances to stimulate the growth of the penis soft tissue. The added benefit to pills is they’ll contain herbs that will get you feeling hornier more often, more sensitive and give you the staying power (think no more premature ejaculation) that every good lover needs.

So your task now is to find the best penis pills on the market. As you keep reading you’ll learn how to find one that ticks all the right boxes fairly quickly. It needs to have been around for five to ten years, it needs to be all natural, it needs to have proof that it works, and it needs to be covered by a money back guarantee.

What would it be like if you found the right pill today that gave you the increase in girth you’re after, but also more length and better sex overall? It’s only natural to want all these things, to the point where you sex life becomes the envy of all your mates — and you become the BEST lover they’ve ever had.

I know these benefits are all important to you.

So look for a penis pill that’s been on the market for years, has been proven to work, isn’t overhyped and of course comes with a money back guarantee. You will know straight away that if you find a supplement that has all these boxes ticked you’ve found the right penis pill for you and you’ll feel instant relief and save a lot of time surfing the net.

In any event, now that you’re armed with these penis pill buying tips you’re now fully equipped to find and buy the right penis enlargement pill today — because when you think about it you already know step by step what to look out for, don’t you….

Source by Ian Hastings

18 Oct

Red tea, or rooibos, is growing in popularity in the United States as an herbal drink and as part of a comprehensive weight loss program. Combined with a healthy diet, red tea may help you lose weight. Red tea is not a true “tea.” It is an herbal drink made from the rooibos plant native to South Africa. The people of South Africa have used this tea as a treatment for inflammation and stomach ailments like colic in babies, and it’s rich in antioxidants that help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in the body.

The flavonoids in rooibos may also help reduce the risk of cancer and stimulate the immune system. When you are dieting for weight loss, it is important to support your immune system. Rooibos tea can help calm an upset stomach. Anecdotal evidence suggests that drinking red tea can help calm the digestive system and relieve stomach ailments. People who drink rooibos tea report feeling calmer and relaxed, which can be beneficial when faced with the stress of weight loss.

Red tea contains no caffeine. This nutrient-dense herbal drink also facilitates the absorption of iron and contains potassium, which is necessary for normal metabolism. Essential minerals like calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium and fluoride are also present in this herbal tea. Rooibos tea may be a natural appetite suppressant. Caffeine can cause the body to retain water, which results in increased weight. A diet that limits caffeine intake can help you lose weight. Since red tea is caffeine free, you can drink it throughout the day as part of a healthy weight loss program. Cutting back on caffeine can also help you sleep better at night.

Red tea is a great source of antioxidant phytochemicals. Phytochemicals stimulate the body’s metabolism without the negative side effects of drugs like caffeine. Foods like blackberries, strawberries and blueberries are rich in natural phytochemicals. Combining natural sources of phytochemicals with the metabolic benefits of red tea may help you lose weight. There is no need to add sugar or artificial sweeteners to this tea because it is naturally flavorful and sweet. Drinking rooibos tea may satisfy your craving for a sweet beverage without the negative effects of sugar in your diet.

Source by Robin Reichert

18 Oct

What is possibly the most dangerous sport for girls to participate in? Cheerleading is it, over all other sports. A report from the National Center for Catastrophic Injury Research shows that cheerleading accounts for at least 65 percent of injuries in girls sports at the high school level. Keep in mind that cheerleading takes up only about 12 percent of all the females athletes in high school.

When you consider the high flying stunts that cheerleaders do, you can see where a high level of catastrophic injuries can occur. It only takes one fall from a missed catch to ruin someone's life. The percentage of injuries above only accounts for those accidents that are permanently disabling or of fractured bones. It does not take into account minor injuries such as sprained ankles.

So it goes without saying that a cheer squad must take the matter of safety extremely serious. It does not matter if you are the best cheerleader in the world, it only takes one mistake. Always be aware of your safety measures and if you do not have any start now. Make use of spotters to help catch someone who may be falling or at least to soften the fall.

What can be done to prevent or reduce injuries? Practice on mats, use proper spotting methods, gradually increase the intensity of practice, learn easy stunts first and have an emergency plan. Be aware that cheerleading carries with it the possibility of injuries and no amount of prevention can stop all incidences. But following good safety precautions will reduce the possibility and seriousness of injuries.

Source by Tim A.

18 Oct

When people turned to a low carb diet, it was because they had become popular as an effective weight loss method. However, they were thrilled to discover there are also many health benefits to starting this kind of diet.

Higher HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol)

HDL ( high-density lipoprotein) is known as the "good" cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is known as the "bad" cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that both low fat and low carb diets decrease LDL, however in combination with the decrease in bad cholesterol, they also saw an increase in good cholesterol. Good cholesterol runs through your blood stream and actually helps to remove LDL. As HDL removals LDL it is literally cleansing your blood system lessening your chances of heart disease and stroke.

Weight Management

As you will discover, eating low carb is the perfect diet if you have tried to lose weight and failed in the past. Because it offers so many tasty options, it is very easy to adopt for both weight loss and weight management . There is a combination of factors that add to the effectiveness of the kind of diet:

  • Protein consumed in this diet keeps you feeling full longer, so you eat less.
  • Because you are feeling fuller for a longer period of time you also are less likely to want to cheat.
  • It allows you to burn energy as opposed to store fat.
  • The protein in this diet helps to jump start your metabolism.


The low carb diet also offers you a balanced diet. Eating fresh meat, fish, vegetables and dairy offers you not only healthy choices, but reasonable portions and a wide variety of foods and meals that keep you satisfied as they are a pleasure to consume. The key is to eat less bad carbs and more good protein combined good carbs which include:

  • Low glycemic fresh fruits, like apricots, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries
  • Non-starchy vegetables, asparagus, green beans, broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Unsweetened dairy products, such as yogurt, sour cream, cheese

Lower Blood Pressure

Lower blood pressure due to weight loss is common, regardless of diet. However studies have shown that half of those who used a low carb diet were able to discontinue their blood pressure medications compared to only 21 percent of those who used a low fat diet.

Lower blood insulin level

Insulin is a hormone your body uses to store fat. The more bad carbohydrates you eat the higher your blood insulin level. Eating Low carb lower your insulin levels by cutting out bad carbs including:

  • Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta
  • Cake, candy cookies and chips
  • White potatoes
  • Sweetened soft drinks
  • Sugar

Improved Triglycerides

Triglycerides are storage fats that travel in your blood stream. Low carb diets reduce triglycerides with the consumption of a lot of meats, green leafy vegetables and low carb fruits.

Reduce Blood Glucose for Diabetics

Because eating less carbs lowers your insulin levels, you are better equipped to keep your blood glucose levels under control which is an important factor if you have diabetes.

As you can see there are many incentivies to start a low carb diet and set yourself on the path for a healthier lifestyle.

Stay healthy and live well,


Source by Gayle M McLeod

18 Oct

We all know that there are various ways on how people can make money online. This time around you will not have to just focus on your local area but you will have access to a wide variety of possible clients world wide. However, to make sure that you get to make use of Internet Marketing to your advantages you will have to go through proper training for a broader knowledge on how everything can work out for you online.

The first thing that you will learn are the strategies that you can use to market your business online. Since many of those possible clients that you would like to get in touch with could be taking their chances in finding the right options for their needs online, you will have to push through getting through an Internet Marketing training course to get you started with.

First you will encounter terms for Internet Marketing strategies which you may not be able to understand from the very beginning of the course but in the end you will get a clear understanding on this, and decide whether you will be using it or not. Terms such as PPC, Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Link Building, Affiliate Marketing and more marketing topics will be discussed.

It is essential that you get a clear understanding of what Online Marketing is before you start your new online business. This is the reason why it is essential that you go through an Internet Marketing training course. Of course you do not want to fail in this line business do not you?

It is better to take a starter guide to help you get things organized and at the same time provide you with proper training on how to do things right and achieve success with Online Marketing. You may be asking how this training courses can help you with such achievement, right?

These training courses will assist you with giving you more examples and things to take note of when it comes to starting to making your own investments online. Some of the best courses will allow you to get access to tools which you can make use of to build your own sites, to research keywords and other marketing tools that can help you leverage your skills with Online Marketing.

The good news is that these courses are available online for you to take advantage of. So, if you are looking for ways on how to grow your business online for the very first time, starting getting access to the best Internet Marketing training courses and get yourself trained.

Source by Deborah Mc Lean Smith

18 Oct

One of the questions new entrepreneurs ask is how to price their product. I think a more important question than pricing a product, is how much you get to keep. Profit targeting is when you plan your pricing to incorporate your desired profit level.

Business expenses are ether fixed or variable in nature. Knowing if your expenses fall within the fixed or variable category is important because fixed expenses affect your profit level whether or not you make a sale.

Fixed expenses

Fixed costs are costs that remain the same regardless of revenue. However, a business looking to expand will see an increase in fixed cost because of new investments made. Having fixed expenses is great when you expect high revenue levels.

Fixed costs can either be a committed costs or discretionary costs. A committed costs is a direct result of owning a resource or signing a long term contract. For example, signing up for a 2 year phone contract. With a committed costs, there is usually a penalty for cancelling early.

Discretionary costs

Discretionary costs arises from the business owners decisions. For example, a decision to subscribe to an online tool is a discretionary cost. The subscription could usually be cancelled without penalty. A business just starting out will want more discretionary costs than fixed committed costs.

Variable expense

Variable expenses are those that vary in proportion to revenue. For example, credit card fees is a direct percentage of sales.

Profit Targeting

To compute the target profit, you will need to know your selling price, total fixed expense and variable expenses. For example Brain, Inc. is starting a new online venture. Brain Truechild the founder of Brain Inc. plans to charge a $125 monthly fee. Brain has figured out his costs as follows:

Variable costs

  • Subcontractors: Each subcontractor will be paid $20 per job – variable
  • Marketing expense- customer acquisition cost is estimated at $15 per client.

Total variable costs = 20 + 15 = 35

Fixed costs

  • Website hosting fees – $15 a month
  • Other subscription fees – $30 per month
  • Other fixed costs – $100
  • Owners pay $485 (you should always incorporate pay in any business plan, whether or not you plan to actually withdraw the cash)

Total fixed expenses = 15 + 30 + 100 + 485 =630

Total costs = Total variable costs + Total fixed costs = 35 + 630 = 665

Analysis – Contribution Margin

Now Brain knows his fixed and variable costs, the next thing he will need to know is his contribution margin. Contribution margin is the amount each new subscriber contributes to meeting fixed cost. Since, Brain pays fixed cost whether or not he gets a new subscriber, it is important to know how much each new subscriber contributes towards fixed costs.

Contribution margin = Sales Price – Variable Costs

Brain’s contribution margin = 125-35= 90

Breakeven point

The breakeven point is the point where revenue equals expenses. Whatever you sell above your breakeven point is profit.

Break even cost is computed as follows:

Total fixed costs/ unit contribution margin = Breakeven point in units.

Brain’s breakeven point is 630/90 = 7 clients

7 clients translates to 7* 125 = $875 in revenue

All brain needs to break even is to have seven (7) subscriber. Anything above that is profit.

Profit Targeting

What if Brain wants to pay himself enough so he does not have to have a job? Brains cost of living is $2,485 a month. He already plans to pay himself $485, so he needs $2,000 more. In addition Brain will like to make an additional $3,000 monthly to reinvest in his business. This is a total profit of $5000 each month.

The formula to compute target profit is as follows: (Fixed expenses + Target Profit)/ Unit Contribution Margin = Number of units Brain will need to sell

= (630+5000)/90 = approximately 63 subscribers

Brain will need 63 subscribers. Now let us see how this number works out in a profit and loss statement:

Sales revenue (125 * 63)


Less: variable expenses (35 * 63)


Total contribution margin


Less: Fixed cost


Profit (due to rounding up the profit is $40 more)


Brains marketing strategy will have to focus on building a system of building his subscription revenue to 63 subscribers. The good thing is that once he gets a new subscriber, he earns recurring revenue from that subscriber which means he does not have to work at building 63 subscriber every month. If this was Brain’s goal for the year he only needs approximately 6 – 8 new subscribers each month. He should probably plan for about 10% more than his analysis because he might lose some subscribers along the way.

In summary, when you break down a big goal into numbers, it is easier to see how doable it is. Business is simply a game of numbers. You just need to know how to work the numbers to your advantage.

The more you see the possibility of a goal, the more likely you are going to see it to completion.

Source by Evelyn Ivy

18 Oct

Warm weather and figure-revealing clothes inspire nearly everyone to want to look better. Most women find that the areas they most want to improve are their hips and their upper legs. They might be tempted to plunge into a program of exercises to get slimmer thighs without really knowing the best approach.

What exercising does for you is to tone the muscles underneath the fat. Exercise does increase the number of calories you burn and will help you lose weight. However, the weight you lose will not disappear just from the parts of your body that you exercise. It will decrease from all over your body in a pattern predetermined by your genetics.

There are many benefits to be had from doing slimming exercises for thighs. Anything that strengthens muscles and burns calories will enhance your overall fitness. The important caveat is to avoid exercise that will increase the size of your lower limbs.

Most men do not normally put on weight in their lower bodies. When you see a weight lifter or other extreme athlete with huge thighs he probably didn’t come by them naturally. He bulked them up through the kinds of workouts, and probably with the help of nutritional supplements, aimed at making muscles bulky.

Fortunately female muscles do not naturally incline toward bulk. What you want to do when you undertake a search for the best slimming exercises for thighs is to be sure you don’t spend time in activities that will make your thigh muscles look bigger. Exercises that stretch and lengthen the muscles will make thighs look thinner and longer.

An example of an exercise designed to elongate the muscles in the thigh is the side leg raise. You perform this movement by lying on your side with your legs out straight. Support your head on your arm. Raise the top leg to a 45-degree angle. Lower it but not all the way. Stop when it’s still a couple of inches above your lower leg. Hold the leg suspended like this for about five seconds and then do it again fifteen times. Then turn over and do the same thing with the other leg on top. Do this at least three times a week.

Exercises that make your muscles longer and stronger are good. If the added strength in your legs enables you to do more jogging, running, and other aerobic activities you will have an easier time losing weight. If you lose weight and tone muscles every part of your body will benefit.

Source by Vicky J Donkin

18 Oct

Most people believe that doing ab exercises will help you lose your belly fat. Well most people are wrong. Ab specific exercises only tone and strengthen your ab muscles.

This is the problem that most people have about losing stomach fat and getting that flat stomach. They are doing the wrong exercises to achieve their goal. To really lose that belly fat you need to concentrate on a full body strategic workout that will increase your metabolic rate and fat burning hormonal response.

A cardio workout alone will not necessarily accomplish your goal of increased metabolic rate and fat burning hormonal response. You should have a workout program that focuses on working your whole body with resistance training and multi-joint exercises with high intensity.

Now combine this full body high intensity workout with a healthy diet and you are on your way to a flat sexy stomach. This is a plan that will work so you can stop doing your crunches, leg raises and other abdominal exercises to try and lose your belly fat.

Now you should still do ab exercises so you can tone and strengthen your ab muscles. By having a strong core you can achieve other fitness goals like a healthy back and good posture. But by doing these exercises only, you will not burn any fat off your stomach.

Another perk of the full body workout is that most of the exercises are indirectly working on the abs and your core due to the stabilization required in some of the exercises.

Remember to combine your full body workout with a healthy and balanced diet and you will start to see the belly fat go away.

Consult a professional trainer to get a good full body workout and show you how to do each exercise correctly.

Source by Peter O'Brien

17 Oct

A steel chastity belt enforcing strict orgasm denial and access to his penis is the fantasy of many a man. And it's easy to see why, because of the many, many benefits of male chastity and orgasm denial that millions of couples around the world can attest to.

But the problem is, the reality is clouded by illegally and impossible fantasies, as is often the case with this kind of thing.

And while you can argue such fantasies are harmless, and while it's true that they are harmless in the main, it's also true they can be harmful and damaging to those serious couples who actually swallow the fantasy as fact.

So right now we're going to look at the three biggest myths about steel chastity belts and devices.

  1. There is a "best" belt or chastity device . Unfortunately, this is not true. There are many, different makes and they're made from materials as diverse as polycarbonate, stainless steel and titanium. And the only real measure of their relative worth is how well they work for you . Some men, for example, find the polycarbonate devices very effective, even for long-term use; but other men, like my husband, John, found they were actually useless because he could still masturbate while wearing it. There is often no alternative but to try a few devices and, depending on how serious you are, go for a higher-end custom-made device. Yes, they're not cheap, but you might be wearing the device for a long time, and if male chastity is important to you, then it's worth the investment. A belt you do not wear because it's uncomfortable or causes soreness or simply does not fit properly it is the most expensive device you will ever wear. You might even find you end up buying more than one fairly expensive device because the one you hoped was The One True Device did not work out in practice. The key is perseverance. If you want chastity badly enough, then you'll stick with it – and, believe me, it's worth it in the long run.
  2. You can simply put it on and forget it . This is a common lie: "my wife locked it on me while I was sleep and now I can not get it off, and I've been locked like this for six months". Fact is, a good device takes some effort to get on. As it should, because a device that's too easy to get in is probably a poor fit and will likely be easy to escape from. More than that, though, you need time to let your body adjust to wearing it. There will be the inevitable chafing and a little soreness, just as there is with a new pair of shoes. So take your time to let it all settle down. There is no hurry.
  3. They can be 100% secure . Nope. Another lie. No steel chastity belt or other male chastity device can ever be completely secure. Any one of them can be removed with the kind of simple tools every man has in his garage, albeit with some (possibly considered) damage to it. More than that, most men can, with enough effort and determination, bringing themselves to orgasm wearing a belt or other device. They are nothing more than a deterrent, the level of deterrence being set by the man's desire to remain chaste and to some extent by the style, nature and material of the device itself.

I realize what I've written above might be disappointing to you, but it's the truth. And going into male chastity with ideas and expectations based on lies will only set you up for disappointment.

Source by Sarah Jameson

17 Oct

Everyone wants to get that great looking, toned and sexy abs but the most important question to be answered is " how to get abs fast the pain free way?" Well. the first thing you should be ware is, nothing worthwhile in life comes without some form of sacrifice. You'll need to pay the price if you want to get those sexy six pack look!

If you are looking for way to get abs fast, here are two tips you can follow.

Tip # 1: Diet
You would need to start with a healthy and well-balanced diet. Developing that trim toned body with great abs requires discipline and knowledge and it start with the right intake of calories per day along with the right proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fats. One great tip it to spread your meals through the day so you'll be having five or six small meals per day instead of two or three. This is one way to promote rapid weight loss and burning fat form the body. To be able to get that flat abs, you'll need to get rid of the excess fat around the tummy area. Consume plenty of lean meat, protein and complex carbohydrates. Cut down on sugar and carbohydrates content. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Tip # 2: Exercise

You would need to include two facets of exercise-one that would increase your metabolism and cardiovascular strength. The other would be targeted to build those muscle groups around the abdominal area. You would need to include movements that would help strengthen the abdominal muscles so you would be developing a set of stronger and powerful muscle groups which would help you dramatically accelerate fat burning. You would need to develop the muscles groups on other areas of the body as well. The more muscle mass you have, the more fat burning power you'll possess and the stronger you will be. This is a fantastic and very effective way to get abs fast.

You can work on movements that would strengthen and develop the upper muscle group and the lower body areas. Movements such as lunges, squats, arm exercises, bicep and triceps curls may seem irrelevant when you are looking to get abs, but these movements helps in building total muscle mass and increase your fat burning power.

There is one trick you can do to get abs really fast. Perform some aggressive cardio workouts that ranges from long low intensity sessions and then change drastically to high intensity moves, These variations would help your body o burn of more fat within a single session. Those long low impact exercises would actually burn off more fat than those short bursts of high intensity training. But those short high intensity training sessions have a long-term fat burning effect in that it actually raises your metabolism and help your become to be more efficient when in coming to fat burning.

How to get abs fast need not be a mystery. You just need to include these two tips we share and you will soon be your way to getting those abs you want.

Source by Jing Zhou

17 Oct

If you're the type of online games player who loves getting his / her mind teased while killing some free time on the internet, if your idea of ​​fun is closely related to that of getting yourself absorbed in pulling off the perfect strategies, the right solutions for solving all kinds of puzzles, if that's what relaxes you, usually, well, then we two sure have a lot in common!

Office Time Wasting Champion

If you think that physics can not be fun, wait until you play this physics game! It's one of my favorites especially because its developers have decided to add the fun factor to it, too! Basically what you need to do is help one lazy fellow make those dreadfully long hours at the office pass quick and in pleasant way by … tossing paper balls into the dustbins. He sure is far, far from winning the title of the "employee of the month", but he's so close to becoming a true "office time wasting champion." If you have a weakness for challenging shooting puzzle games, you must already already accustomed to this type of game-play: you set the angle of your throw, moving the cursor on your screen, then its power, as well, and then .. You release the mouse left button and launch your missile, hopefully, in the targeted zone. To this, add a lazy fat clerk and his idea of ​​coping with another dull day at the office and you'll get an addictive physics game to kill some time … at the office or anywhere you like, while working your brain muscle, too!

Jelly Cannon

This mind-challenging game, with its eye-catching bubbly, jelly-made characters, is another game that has quickly caught my attention and turned me into one of its biggest fans, while I was looking for catchy physics games online. How could you not fall for it? First of all, its slightly cartoon-like graphics and cute bubbly characters trick you into thinking that your tasks are going to be some super easy ones. Well, you should know that starting with the second level things get trickier and trickier. Your job is to keep popping little angry-faced bubbles and aim at the yellow jelly bubbles on your screen, making them reunite and grow into one single huge yellow bubble. Rely on your strategy skills for setting THE perfect angles before launching each one of those tiny bubbles and making those yellow jelly bubbles bump into one another! The more purple little bubbles you'll fire at them, the less chances you'll get to actually unite those jelly-made yellow ones, so … think over your every shot!

Dummy Never Fails

Very much related to the previous 2 games, "Dummy Never Fails", too, is on my list of shooting puzzle games with a … twist of physics! I could launch that dummy over and over again and I love how the strategically displayed fix and mobile platforms challenge me to pull off the best strategy for firing my rag doll. It also comes with the goal of causing the least amount of pain to your rag doll as possible and some cool skin upgrades that you can use for … fixing your rag doll after all those brutal falls and violent hits. As in the other two games, you move the cursor until you decide upon the perfect shooting angle and then shoot, making your dummy hit the target object. As its tutorial says: "distance from cannon determines the force"!


The fourth physics game on my list sets itself apart from the rest with its different type of game-play. You no longer strategically launch stuff and hit specific target items on your screen, but you … draw. That's right! Of courses, it's no doodle competition, but using your knowledge of geometry and great precision for drawing different kinds of protection walls, drawing lines along the blank forms on your screen. The game plot, too, is a catchy one: you're the "guardian angel" of a poor helpless philanthropist chased by a team of gangsters. They're determined to fire bombs at him in order to eliminate the poor fellow, so you need to master handle that onscreen pencil for drawing the blank defense walks that will keep him safe from a … violent death. Carefully draw those lines along the given blank forms, uniting all the corners and keeping it straight, for if you do not stick to the given patterns, your walls might not come out right and turn, from protection into some … deadly weapons for your helpless, goofy-looking protegee!

This is the short list of my top favorite psychics games online, which are your favorite brain teasing games?

Source by Adriana Jefferson

17 Oct

I don’t mean that all thin people are not fit and strong. The exception from a rule applies here too. But most of us fall in “rules”. Gain weight and see people admiring your new found curves and glowing skin. Since the skin stretches with additional pounds it looks healthier and glows.

It is well known fact that being obese increases the risk of chronic diseases, being too skinny also can be a cause of heart failure and cancer. Elderly people being under weight can result them to be frail, and suffer from osteoporosis and prone to hip fractures. An underweight man can also increase chance of erectile dysfunction.

Putting on weight is not about stuffing yourself with junk food or anything which will harm your health than helping. Go through these tips to gain weight naturally and follow whatever is applicable to you.

Weight gain Tip 1: Make sure you are not losing weight!

Yes while you are doing all that you can to gain weight, it is more important to make sure that you are not losing those hard earned pounds without your knowledge. So get on that scale regularly and keep track that you are maintaining the current weight at least.

Don’t stuff yourself with too much of quantity in 3 meals a day to gain weight. Instead break it into 6 meals with regular intervals. Your goal should be to eat every 3 hrs and you are on right track to gain weight.

Weight gain Tip 2: Calories and calories

If you feel though you are eating enough still not gaining weight, then you have to check your definition of enough. Calculate your current calories intake and increase it by additional 300-500 calories per day and that should be your calories intake to increase your weight. With that you should be gaining 0.5 to 1 pound a week. If your weight gain is less than that, increase it by additional 300 calories per day and watch. Also it is very important to make sure you are not gaining too much too fast. Yup! Slow and study wins the race. So if you are gaining weight more than 1 pound per week, reduce your calories by 300 and get the right balance.

weight gain Tip 3: Weight training

OK now all that weight you are gaining will remain as fat which needs to be converted into muscle. So don’t start right away lifting heavy weights and pushing yourself to do ridiculous numbers of bench press, chin ups etc. Remember our mantra “slow and steady”. Start with running, stretching and light weight lifting and gradually increase on regular intervals.

When you are well into this step, your weight gain will be 1-2 pounds a week.

Weight gain Tip 4: Drink enough water

Yes I mean water not something you are expecting! One needs to drink half a gallon of water every day. If you can drink more than that still better. You don’t wish to be a victim of dehydration which may lead to many other health problems. And of course you want to increase your stamina and fitness right? Right, it is water therapy for you then.

Weight gain Tip 5: R and R

Rest and Relax, give your body a break to enjoy this new attention that you are paying. Get good sleep and relax with music or friends. Be in the company of people who encourage you and appreciate your efforts. This is most neglected yet important tip.

Avoid trans fat at all cost and say yes to good fats. Though you want to gain weight, definitely you don’t want to gain weight which is just fat. Avoid too much of cakes and chips. Fried items and no more visits to fast food joints. Cut down on your daily intake of coffee and tea, if possible switch to green tea with more antioxidant, milk with protein powder.

Gaining healthy weight is as easy or difficult as losing weight depending on the individual and body type. But the fact to remember is it is possible. Don’t obsess over doing things right and pushing yourself to limits to gain weight. It is your body and you should love and accept it first and convince yourself that you are going to gain weight to make yourself feel better than to impress others. The key is to be consistent and be patient.

Source by Geet P

17 Oct

Swimming can be an efficient fitness workout. It can also be full of fun in the process. Though this might seem obvious to habitual swimmers, there are people out there thinking that swimming pools are strictly for children or just for summer fun. Also, there is a widely circulated myth that swimming is not an efficient form of losing weight.

Why Everyone Can Benefit From Swimming

Good for the heart – Swimming will provide unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning; provided though that you practice on a regular basis using the right technique. Although other forms of exercise might be more efficient like cycling and running, integrating swimming into your routine and motivating yourself in practice will greatly result in overall improved health and fitness.

Balance your build – Swimming will help build longer, leaner muscles that can efficiently complement the shorter denser muscles that develop usually from weight training. These are actually called swimmer’s muscles. And these muscles can help enhance metabolism in order to keep calories burning longer.

Boosted flexibility – A heated pool can help relax muscles, boosting flexibility and allowing important stretching. Moreover, after intense lactic-acid-building endurance exercise routines like running and cycling, an easy swim is considered efficient at flushing out toxins. In turn, this can prevent muscle tightness and soreness.

Core strengthening – Swimming will help develop your core body strength since it makes use of all the body’s muscles simultaneously. Though about 70% of the swimmer’s effort comes from the upper body, fin and kickboard workouts can definitely give a great leg workout.

Endurance – With the right training, you can be able to train for longer periods of time so more calories will be burned.

Cross-training – Swimming will not only boost cardiovascular capacity and increase muscle strength but also gives your body a break from higher-impact activities such as running, weightlifting and basketball. If you create a balanced workout routine, you can actually avoid injury by allowing your body to heal whilst not forgoing your day-to-day training sessions.

Great form of socialization – Swimming can be your social outlet to meet other people, and may be your man or woman of your dreams. Know that there are team programs offering peer motivation and professional coaching so they can provide you with increased performance results.

Weight loss – Swimming is among the best activities that can help you shred off those excess pounds. Though this can be a strenuous activity, this can be fun too. So if you haven’t incorporated this yet in your fitness routine, think twice because this can be the missing element in it. Make a positive change today by installing a swimming pool in your property.

Source by Denis K Dresser

17 Oct

This century was not kind to the hip. From the hula hoop to hip-hop, boogie-woogie to break dancing, the joint was jumping, bumping, and grinding at a mind-swiveling pace. If anything we can do like, swinging your hips on the dance floor, walking to the post office, or just doing a few stretching exercises every day helps keep the muscles and bones of the joint strong. But we have gotten away from doing those things. The majority of Americans have become couch potatoes, and they are paying a price for it later in life in the form of thinner, weaker bones and an increased potential for hip fractures. But it is never too late to ease hip pain, strengthen weak bones, and reduce your susceptibility to hip fractures. Here are some of the ways that can be easily treated with these simple methods.

Take away some pounds. There is proving evidence that you will take two or three pounds of pressure off your hips for each pound you lose. Therefore, getting rid of excess body weight can help to relieve the strain on your hips. As you get older, it becomes more difficult for your muscles to offset your increased weight. As a result, your joints bear more and more load, and they degenerate. So keeping your weigh down and staying fit are two of the best things you can do to preserve your hips.

Use heat. Occasionally you may feel pain in your hip, consider using heat. Try placing an electric heating pad over your hip for 20 minutes three or four times a day. If you do not have a heating pad, try to soak a towel in hot water and wiring it out.

Use an assistance device. A cane or walker can be your best friend if it eases your hip pain and helps you to stay independent. If you need a cane or walker for stability, be sure that it is the right size. If not, then this device will increase your hip pain, rather than relieving it. Ask your doctor to recommend a medical supply store where you can be properly measured and outfitted with an appropriate cane or walker.

Use ice. If heat is not helping, apply ice where you feel hip pain to help reduce pain and swelling. At the same time, to help to protect your skin, put a towel between your skin and the ice. Ice may be used fro 15 to 20 minutes every one to two waking hours.

Be more able with a cane. When you use a cane, hold it in the hand opposite the injured hip. Move it forward at the same time that you step out with your injured hip, so you are distributing weight away from your bad hip and onto the cane. Then move your good hip forward as you take another stride.

Look for reliable relief. Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen can reduce the swelling and ease the hip pain caused by arthritis, and other muscle or joint injuries. Make sure to alert you doctor if the recommended dosage on the label does not help at all. You may have a hip fracture or another serious underlying problem that should be evaluated.

Relieve the ache. When getting out of a car, lift and swing both legs out of the door before standing. By rotating on your rear instead of twisting your pelvis, you will lessen the strain on your back and hips. If you step out of the vehicle one leg at a time, you will put yourself in a position that will aggravate your hips.

Source by Raymond Geok Seng Lee

17 Oct

My neighbor was telling me a story about her much close friend who loose weight so fast that she could not even recognize her. This is because she was planning for a beach vacation next summer for a hook up with her fiancee. When she saw her, she was surprised on how much she was able to loose and felt so happy for her new good looks.

However, after the vacation, her friend came back looking fatter than she was before she went on the vacation. “What happened?” she asked her.

There are many ways by which anyone can loose weight very fast like starving your self, fad diets, pills but the most important question you need to ask is this “Is it in a healthy natural way?” Every other way you choose may cause side effects like affecting your heart and weight loss returning effect.

Stop! Are you trying to give up on the search for the fast weight loss tips that works, well your search stops here. Yes you can still achieve a fast weight loss and In a healthy way too, just read on and get the simple tips.

We are what we eat. You should know that when you feed your body a lot of food, it ends up storing them as fat underneath your skin. These foods can be measured in calories. By watching and reducing your daily calorie intake, you will be able to loose weight fast and in a natural way.

Don’t allow those excessive calories to store up in your body but engage more into physical activities like exercises to be able to get rid of them. Refer to our site for more information on losing weight fast in a healthy way.

Source by Jane Michael

17 Oct

Usually people go to gym in order to lose weight. But some go to the gym to add weight. Although this is a highly recommended solution to help increase weight loss by increasing the mass of muscle and keeping the body fits fit, but it is not enough. You have to balance the routine practice by keeping the healthy diet pattern and taking weight gain supplements.

Many bodybuilders and fitness practitioners advise to exercise regularly to gain weight, so you also have to ensure the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You must also ensure all thenutrients that your body needs can be fulfilled through the food you consume daily. And another effective way to supplement your regular workout pattern is by natural weight gainer supplement. This is not a drug. This supplement will continue to work on your body by helping to meet all the needs of the nutrients you need to reach your ideal weight.

The secret behind weight gain supplements is contained in the materials. Weight is a good supplement should contain nutrients that can help you gain weight by adding muscle mass and preventing the buildup of excess fat. You can select natural gainer is in addition to high protein and calories to build muscle mass and increase your weight, also contain carbohydrates complex and comes with a fat good, enzymes and glutamine.

Remember, if you want to gain weight, the correct way to achieve it is with a balanced diet, eating regularly and not excessive. Eating more is not the best way to raise the weight. Consume more food will only give you heaps of fat and calories that you do not want. The best way to add weight is to eat properly and regularly. Gainer consumption in addition to increasing body weight can also help avoid the accumulation of fat in your body.

Weight gainer supplement is used to stimulate muscle growth. Remember, weight gaining is not the same with the consuming junk foods, but with a diet that is balanced and assisted weight gainer supplement. And of course, it will be even better if coupled with regular exercise to optimize your program as well as keeping your body fit and healthy.Good luck! The better the body you have, the more self-confident you has in your society. Exercising regularly and good diet are the key to achieve body.

Source by Jimmy Kurniawan

16 Oct

Sexual health is an important part of a man’s overall health and wellness, and a healthy penis is obviously a key player in this respect. Everyone knows that to keep the body healthy, it is important to work out, eat right, take vitamins, get plenty of rest, avoid smoking, manage stress and limit alcohol intake – but few men take the time to give their penis a little extra TLC. Proper penis health care should be integrated into the daily routine of every man; the use of a penis vitamin creme containing Vitamin E is one way to improve the skin quality and health of the penis.

What are the Health Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E has many health boosting properties, one of which being its antioxidant function – antioxidants fight free radicals in the body which can cause cancer, as well as signs of premature aging. Vitamin E also reduces cholesterol in the body by stopping cholesterol from being changed to plaque. Plaque is responsible for narrowing the blood vessels and damaging cardiovascular health, which can lead to coronary artery disease. Vitamin E also reduces joint inflammation caused by arthritis, boosts immune functioning, and works with other essential nutrients to regulate hormones in the body. Vitamin E is an especially important nutrient for skin care, as it helps retain moisture, prevents skin dryness and can help protect the skin from UV rays.

What are the Penis Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E carries with it several penis-specific benefits. Vitamin E can improve the quality and appearance of the penis skin as it penetrates the skin cells, soothing irritation while moisturizing, smoothing and revitalizing the skin on contact. Vitamin E is also beneficial for men suffering from Peyronie’s disease – a condition in which the penis painfully curves due to scar tissue – vitamin E can help improve existing symptoms of Peryonie’s disease and may have preventative properties to keep the penis tissue healthy and straight. It can also prevent shortening of the penis tissue caused by Peyronie’s. Vitamin E increases blood flow throughout the body, all the way to those tiny blood vessels that make up the penis, this speeds healing and helps maintain the health of the penis tissue.

Sources of Vitamin E

There are many food sources that contain Vitamin E. The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommend adults intake 15 mg of Vitamin E daily. To ensure the daily dose is met, load up on the following foods:

  • Wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and palm oil
  • Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts
  • Spinach, collard greens, dandelion greens
  • Avocados, asparagus, broccoli, beets, turnips, tomatoes, sweet potatoes pumpkin
  • Mangoes, papayas, kiwi

For individuals who aren’t the biggest fans of fruits and veggies, vitamin E can be found in over the counter daily multivitamins, or as a vitamin E only supplement.

Maintaining Penis Health

While vitamin E can be taken in pill form to reach the recommended daily intake, to achieve the best result for the penis, it should be applied directly to the skin. An all-natural penis vitamin creme (most professional recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin E can be gently rubbed on the area to soothe, heal and protect the skin. When choosing a creme, ensure it is intended for use on the genital area, as lotions and cremes which are not formulated for the penis, may cause irritation of the skin. Other key ingredients a penis creme should contain include: shea butter, for moisturizing; Acetyl L Carnitine, for nerve healing; Alpha Lipoic Acid, for cell metabolism; vitamin A, for anti-bacterial properties; vitamin D, for anti-oxidant properties, and vitamin C, for collagen production.

Source by John Dugan

16 Oct

Early records of strength training date back to 3600 BC when Chinese emperors made their subjects exercise daily (Webster 1976). During the Chou Dynasty subjects were required to pass weight- lifting tests before entering the military. There is a large amount of evidence that indicates weight training was part of life in ancient Greece and India. In fact, the Greeks built numerous sculptures of people lifting stone weights.

Numerous systems of training have been proposed over the years. The accumulation of experience and different philosophies has led us to the current training methods utilized today. Keep in mind; many permissions have varied greatly from the original purpose of strength and conditioning. Hard work and dedication formed the foundation of earlier training methods. Today the opposite has occurred in numerous settings as easy work and quick fixes form the foundation of most people's regimens.

During the 16th century in Europe books on weight training began to surface. Sir Thomas Elyot's book on the topic was published in England in 1531. Joachim Camerius, a lecturer at Leipzig University, wrote several books in 1544 recommending that weight training should be a key activity offered in the model school. John Paugh published a book in 1728 titled A Physiological, Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Utility of Muscular Exercise for Restoring the Power to the limbs, which pointed out the benefits offered by weight training for rehab purposes. In the 1860's, Archibald Maclaren, devised the first formal system of physical training with dumbbells and barbells for the British Army.

The showmen and strongman entertainers of the 19th Century heavily contributed to methods used today in the fitness and sports conditioning industry. From extensive research iron game historian David Webster credits Italian circus and fairground performer, Felice Napoli as the one who popularized strongman performances on an international scale. Disciples of Napoli include Professor Attila (Louis Durlacher) and Eugen Sandow (Frederick Muller). Attila became well known and he attracted some of the world's most well known physical culturists and many rulers of Europe. His list of students including King George of Greece, King Edward of England, Crown Prince Frederick who became King Haakon of Norway, the six children of King Christian of Denmark, the Queen Mother Alexandra of England, Princess Dagmar (Empress of Russia and mother of Tsar Nicholas), and the Duchess of Cumberland.

At the time training the wealthy was a much respected occupation. We have what we call personal trainers today. The current protocols used by the major of today's trainers are a far cry from the original teachings and benefits provided by trainers. The fame and notoriety of trainers of those days was a result of the public displays of extraordinary physical feats. These events were often attended by royalty and were highly acclaimed for their promotion of physical well-being.

Eugen Sandow, born in Koningsberg in East Russia in 1867, was enrolled for his teachings by presidents and rulers from around the world. Nine kings and queens and many princes of Europe, as well as US presidents William Taft and Woodrow Wilson approved Sandow's book Life is Movement. Sandow was a successful strongman as well as a promoter of formal fitness and health management. He emphasized that physical education and sport should be an integral part of the school system. He also toured the world lecturing and promoting physical culture as a means of improving the quality of life.

Most authorities recognize Sandow, as one of the most important figures in the history of fitness, with the history of his work revealing that the modern phenomenon of science based fitness training is not a novel invention. Sandow promoted the importance of strength and skill as being the cornerstone of fitness. A half a century later Dr Kenneth Cooper proposed that being fit was primarily dependent on aerobic conditioning. Approximately 25 years later the important role of strength training has once again been recognized by the academia.

In Russia during the same period Vladislav Krayevsky founded the St Petersburg Amateur Weightlifting Society (1885). Many respected scientists, athletes; artists became his students, including famous strongman George Hackenschmidt, who credited Krayevsky for teaching him all he knew. Hackenschmidt mentioned in his book The Way To Live that some of the world's strongest men of the era, including Sandow were trained using Krayevsky's system.

Krayevsky's work and the popularity of his students had a major effect on weightlifting in Russia. Not only was he a renounced teacher, but he also achieved significant numbers in barbell lifts himself. He was the president of the jury at the first world championships in Vienna in 1898.

Krayevsky wrote two of his fundamental works during the period of 1896-1899. The writings were titled The Catechism of Health-Rules for Athletes and The Development of Physical Strength with Kettlebells and without Kettlebells. The Catechism of Health-Rules for Athletes was sent to press December 9th 1899, but was never published and is now preserved in manuscript form. His other book was published in 1900 and reprinted three times (1902, 1909, 1916) after his death (1901).

Krayevsky was well studied on the history of physical culture and all forms of gymnastics. He was knowledgeable about Swedish gymnastics and noted its therapeutic benefits, but his concern with the lack of scientific data of the Swedish system led him to recruit experimentalists to research it.

Many of Krayevsky's recommendations are still used today. His recommendations include medical control of an athlete's health, consistent training and varying load patterns, full spectrum physical development, psychological development and avoidance of smoking and alcohol.

The early strength pioneers developed numerous devices in regards to strength training including cable machines, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, odd-shaped bars, thick grip bars, weighted boots, isolation machines and various throwing devices. Yet 50 years later there are numerous people who claim to have invented this machinery. In today's industry there are many systems and people promoting their new systems, which are not really new at all.

The development of different scientific and educational cultures split the West and East as their promotion of physical activity was vaguely different. During the years following the World Wars Russia and Europe still continued to promote various elements of physical strength, power and skill while the West primarily promoted aerobics. Kenneth Cooper's book Aerobics was popular at the time as well as Swedish endurance exercise research. According to Cooper and the Swedish researchers cardiac and general health depended primarily on prolonged endurance work. Supporters of the endurance doctrine heavily protected strength training. Cooper told the world strength training promoted a beautiful body but did nothing for health.

During the same period that the aerobics craze was running wild in the West Russians and Eastern Europeans accumulated expanded international information on strength and sports training while developing comprehensive educational programs to promote their findings. Most schools offered weightlifting and within a few decades there were approximately 1 million weightlifters in the USSR. Strength training became a key element in all sports training programs in the USSR while the attitude in the West was that weight training would slow athletes down and limit their range of motion. Consequently Russia dominated the Olympic Games, especially in Olympic Weightlifting, at the same time the aerobic doctrine was formed in the West.

The Russian dominance has often been attributed to the use of anabolic-androgenic drugs, but the sporting use of these drugs was actually introduced in by the West first. It is probably more accurate to say that the Eastern nations ruled due to their special strength science and understanding of comprehensive sports conditioning. On the topic of drug usage no one uses more drugs than Pro bodybuilders, which are predominately Americans.

In the West today the majority of gyms, trainers, academia and coaches are still ill informed when it comes to fitness and Sports Conditioning. The aerobic endurance crazes still dominates in most cases, yet this makes up a minor portion of fitness. All one needs to do is study the science and abundant evidence that supports the numerous health and fitness benefits of a proper strength-training program to realize its importance.


Siff, MC (2000) Supertraining. Mel Siff.

Copyright 2005 Jamie Hale

Source by Jamie Hale

15 Oct

Ping pong, other known as table tennis, is a popular indoor sport enjoyed by many around the world in facilities ranging from recreation clubs to school common rooms etc. Ping pong is very similar to tennis in that players on opposite sides of the ping pong table hit the ball back and forth over a net. But similarities end there as ping pong is played on a table surface rather than a hard court, so the name "table tennis." To enjoy a game of ping pong, you need a ping pong ball, a net, ping pong table, and paddles.

Rules of Ping Pong

In a ping pong game the first player to reach 21 points is declared the winner. However, upon one player reaching 21 points with the opponent trailing less than 2 points, the game must continue until one player takes a definite 2 point lead over the opponent, at which point that player is declared the winner.

To start a point the server serves the ball with the paddle to the opponent's side of the ping pong table. If the server fails to serve the ball into play, either by serving the ball into the net or serving it out, the point goes to the opponent. Once the ball is in play either player can score points. The players must hit the ball back to the opponents' side of the table. If one player fails to return the ball to the opponent's side either by netting the ball or hitting it out, the point then goes to the opponent.

To start a point with a serve, the server throws the ping pong ball up at least 6 inches and as it comes down the server hits the ball with the paddle. Before crossing over the net the served ball must hit the server's part of the table first before bouncing a second time on the opponent's side. After the serve the ball remains in play as long as it clears the net and builds once on the opponent's side of the table with each stroke. The point ends either when a player hits the ball into the net, or when the ball goes out without bouncing at all on the opponent's side of the table, at which time the opponent earns a point.

Ping pong games can be played as a single as well as a doubles game. In a doubles game, an additional rule is that the ball must be served diagonally across to the opposite court. If the server fails to serve to the diagonal area on the opposite side then the opponent gets the point.

As you can see the rules of the ping pong game is nice and simple enough so that anyone new to ping-pong can easily enjoy a game of ping-pong without much trouble and confusion.

Source by Susan Jan

15 Oct

Pakistan, as we all know is a developing country and we are currently going through lots of challenges and issues. These issues vary from terrorism, energy crisis and poverty to poorly developed education and health systems.

Health, which is the basic human right, has unfortunately not been our priority. This statement is supported by the fact that according to the World Health Organization 2013 statistics, the health system of our country is currently ranked as 122 out of 190 countries. This is a very alarming figure especially considering the fact that one of our neighboring countries Iran is ranked as 93 in the same list. This particular figure definitely draws our attention towards issues in the health sector which we are currently facing.

Firstly, we need to understand what is meant by health system. The health system does not only include hospitals and clinicians. It rather involves anything and everything which directly or indirectly affects the health of populations. The health system is composed of hospitals, environment, urban planning, food, nutrition and numerous other sections which are directly or indirectly involved in determining the health of populations. What this means is the fact that by merely building new hospitals and producing more clinicians, we can not make our health systems better. There has to be a multi-sectoral approach which needs to involve all the components of the health system.

The next and the most important factor to consider is that we need to reshape our current health system model. If we want to improve the health status of our population, we have to base our health system on the preventive approach rather than the curative approach, that is, we need to promote public health. The time has now come where we must come out of the downstream (clinician) approach and move towards upstream (public health) approach. This is the only way by which we can survive and can make the health status of our population better. We should reconsider and amend our current health policy and we will have to develop it on the model of public health. This is the need of the time and if we want to survive and compete with the world, we must follow the public health model instead of the clinician's model.

At present, there are only a handful of institutes all across the country which offer professional studies in the field of preventive medicine. In order to produce skilled public health specialists, we need to have many academic institutes which focus is solely on preventive medicine. The government should also support such institutions and provide appropriate funding to them, so that they can eventually become stable and sustainable. So the only way to make our health sector prosper is by working on public health. If this is not done on a priority basis and we are not able to shift our focus from clinicians model to public health model, it is afraid that we will lag far behind as far as the health sector is concerned.

Source by Abdul Momin Rizwan Ahmad

15 Oct

Wind deflectors are accessories for cars that you would normally find on the hood, sunroof and side windows. Deflectors mounted on the front hood of a car will give protection to the vehicle from any debris that might be thrown up into its path by another vehicle or by wind. Deflectors fitted to the sunroof and side window areas are mainly for ventilation purposes and to keep those inside the car safe from nature’s elements.

Your car is at its most vulnerable from flying objects at the front it doesn’t matter what speed you are travelling at- stones, rocks, salt, insects even dust can damage your car and if your on the motorway the damage caused could be even greater than just paint chips, dents, or broken windscreens. These types of damage although they may seem minor at the time can progress into long term and bigger problems especially for the bodywork exposing it to the risk of rust and corrosion. A broken windscreen will not only make vision difficult especially if it happened at night, but replacement costs could be quite expensive. It is also illegal to drive with a broken windscreen at night.

A wind deflector that is specifically designed to fit your make and model of car on the front hood where the car is at its weakest from flying objects will help save the amount of damage by taking the initial impact of any object flying towards you and redirect it away from the vehicle thus reducing the likelihood of any major damage. A deflector fitted to your hood is a wise investment for any drivers that spend a lot of hours on the open road and in all weather extremes. They are a low cost way to stop what could be very high cost repairs.

Wind deflectors that are designed for use with the sunroof and side windows are normally fitted along the width of the sunroof and the length of the side windows. The idea here is to allow the sunroof and or windows to be opened and get fresh air into your vehicle but keep out the elements such as rain, snow and excessive wind. One of the main benefits from these deflectors is that they can reduce the amount of times you would need to use the air con whilst still remaining cool and refreshed another boost is that the less the air con is used the less fuel you will burn.

Wind deflectors are a very common vehicle accessory and most of the well known car accessory stores do carry them. Be careful though if you choose to buy from these stores. Deflectors are manufactured to fit certain vehicle types and models so, be sure that you take care when looking for the right one to fit your vehicle. The safest way to buy them is from the dealership you purchased the car from although this could work out more expensive, you will have the peace of mind knowing you have the exact ones for your make and model.

Source by John Loewen

15 Oct

As a fitness professional and boot camp instructor I am constantly talking with people. It never fails. They begin to ask question and want information. How can I just lose these last 10 lbs? I want to make just tone up a bit and get rid of this fat? I've been working out and even eating the meals per day but when I get on the scale it never changes. What's am I doing wrong?

So what I decided to do in this article is list some of the largest reasons why people do not get the results they're after. Even though they are numbered in numerical order, it is not listed as one takes priority over others. When I sit down with potential client I ask a serious of questions. This list below are some common answers and or reasons I've concluded from what I hear as to why they have not reached their fitness goals.

If you want to lose weight a good starting point is making sure you have these 50 tips covered this will ensure your chances of success so you can be the one of the 5% of people who actually see rapid results.

1.) Do not have clear and defined written goals
2.) No date set to obtain their goals
3.) Do not take enough action
4.) No support system set
5.) Skipping Breakfast
6.) Too much sugar in their diet
7.) Have not even thought of changing their diet
8.) Skipping meals
9.) Do not take enough action
10.) Not willing to do whatever it takes
11.) Do not take the right actions
12.) Not in full control of the foods they eat
13.) Do not use a food and exercise journal
14.) Not giving enough in their workouts … barely getting by and calling it exercise.
15.) Not fully committed to seeing their body change
16.) Do not allow their body's adequate rest
17.) Make way too many excuses (I'm too old …. I'm big boned, I like to eat, I'm too busy)
18.) Do not even have a mental picture / image of what they want to look like
19.) In fear of real change
20.) Under the impression because they worked they can eat whatever
21.) For some reason, feel if food is "free" or given to them feel they need to have it
22.) Are not willing to give stuff up (like laying down the alcohol or give up foods they know are contrary to their goals)
23.) Do not plan their meals ahead of time
24.) Do not shop at the local farmer's market for fresh produce
25.) Do not cook their own meals
26.) Look for the easy way out
27.) Spend endless hours on the treadmill, running etc
28.) Believe crunches & sit ups make the belly go away
29.) Try to do spot training for "target areas"
30.) Believe they have to lose weight before they build muscle
31.) Choose slow burning cardio as their primary way to burn calories
32.) Fail to get fast acting protein immediately following exercise.
33.) Fail to drink enough water through the day
34.) Do not eat 6-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day
35.) Do not eat healthy snacks
36.) Always claim they know what to eat / eating healthy, yet have no clue on what healthy eating really is
37.) Do not take a high quality fish oil and high quality multivitamin
38.) Have been misinformed and fall into traps
39.) Do not read food labels / ingredients
40.) Do not really know what their looking for when they do read ingredients
41.) Do not use an effective interval training program
42.) Are not fully honest with themselves
43.) Do not not plan ahead for potential road blocks
44.) Feel they need to reward themselves with "treats" in the form of food far too often
45.) Do not utilize multiple joint movements
46.) Take the advice from friends / gym members who have no proven track record
47.) Throw away $ with stuff they see on TV or at the supplementary stores
48.) Do not understand 80-90% stem from nutrition
49.) Continue to do the same thing day and day out, yet miraculously believe a change will come
50.) Fail to put themselves at the forefront. Their thoughts about how they look, their fitness goals, health etc. For the most part, they're always after everything, kids, family, work, church ….

Source by Benson Derann Manento

15 Oct

The term Christian is used very loosely in this day and age. For some reason, there is a strong willingness for people to call themselves Christians on Sunday, but ignore the implications of that Monday through Saturday. There are far too many people merely drifting through life this way. Their apathetic attitude and comfortable living style protects them from challenge and risk. The notion of hard work might scare them, especially if it threatens their comfort.

As residents of the greatest country in the history of earth, we have grown accustomed to an extremely high standard of living. Within seconds, I can order a $ 300 piece of equipment that will arrive at my doorstep in two days. Within 1 mile of where I am currently sitting, I can stuff my face with a premium meal at almost any price point, and I have a job that provides a constant stream of income for me to make all these things happen.

This is not a unique place I find myself in, but it is a dangerous one.

I want to flip the attitude of this lifestyle upside down . If this is common, I want to be uncommon . I refuse to submit to a lukewarm lifestyle that rejects Christ 6 days a week. Christians should Throw Down the Gauntlet in their faith and dive headfirst into the life Christ has planned for us. This means shedding the comforts of the American life and living a life of risk and challenge for Jesus.

1 Timothy 4: 7 states, "Discipline yourselves for the purpose of godliness." (paraphrased). This is an instruction, not a suggestion. Paul states that Christians are given the responsibility to be godly, and that it requires discipline. Many people are wishy-washy when it comes to their faith, ignoring God's principals if it interferees with their personal goals. Discipline is a difficult thing, requiring daily workouts and strength training to develop. If a bodybuilder only worked 1 day a week, he would fall behind quickly. The same is true of the modern Christian. The muscles of faith need constant, daily attention, and this world has no shortage of challenges to offer for exercise.

This day and age, we need leaders in the Christian community: people who will step out in faith to defend the word of God, and then live out the example Christ gave us. It's tempting to fall in line and do as everyone else is doing, but God looks for a different response on our lives. Leading is more than being in charge: it is more about the way you influence others. A laborer in the trench of a construction operation is just as capable of being a leader as the CEO of Lifeway – it just depends on your influence. Influence is good or bad, and that is up to you to decide. Live by the principals Christ has given us, and it is impossible NOT to influence others. Jesus shows us how to be a light, and this world is extremely dark.

Being a light in an otherwise dark world will threaten the comfortable. Standing for what you believe, especially when it is counter-culture will invite conflict. Conflict is actually a good thing, as it opens the opportunity to glorify God, depending on our reaction to the conflict. You can choose to react negatively, and sin in your response to it. Or, you could exercise your muscles of endurance and act godly through the circumstances. Whatever it is, the opportunity is there.

So the choice is yours, Modern Christian. Do you choose to conform to the world and give in to your every desire, or do you choose Christ and Throw Down the Gauntlet in faith? Choose one or the other, but at least make a choice and stick to it.

Source by Kevin Fischer

15 Oct

There are so many circumstances that can push to a level where you just have a need to sell your house fast. Even though the real estate industry has steadily grown and houses are always in demand, there are so many factors that could make it harder for you to sell the house within your desired period of time. It could have the style or size of your house or the current condition, the location and other factors that buyers really consider when buying a property.

While some of these factors you have no control over such as the location of the house and its size, you can do something about the condition to make it more appealing to your potential buyers. If you do not have the luxury of time and you really need to sell your house fast, here are some simple but helpful tips that can work out the situation for you.

Tip 1 – Renovate and remodel the house to meet with the current market demands. The good thing about renovating and remodeling the house is that you get to increase the value and since you will get a better price for the house. The process could however, take a good amount of time depending on the severity of damages around the home. You can however still save time by making small changes and repairs to make the house look pleasant and more habitable. If you have the money, then this can work great in giving your house a new facelift to attract potential buyers.

Tip 2 – Advertise the home in all possible means. The worst you can do when looking to sell your house fast is to just sit around and hope that buyers are going to find you. Remember that there are so many other sellers out there, including real estate agents, since playing an active role in making the property sale known is paramount. You can use simple marketing channels such as social media and flyers or even classifieds to get the message out to all potential buyers. Ensure that you include a quality photo of the house you are selling and an overview of its features to attract the right buyers. When you advertise correctly, then you should start receiving calls for house viewing.

Tip 3 – If you are really tight on time and you are not willing to handle all those buyers most of what only want to view the house than buy then sell fast to a real estate investor. The best thing about this kind of sale is that you will not have to worry about things such as the condition of the house or repairs that need to be done or even the style of the house. The investors buy the houses as they are and most have no limits as to which types or styles of houses they buy. They simply value the property and offer you a price, before closing the deal as fast as possible. They later renovate and resell the house.

Source by Jovia D'Souza

15 Oct

There are very important reasons why the Travel Industry is looking for reliable Travel Coordinators. One of the major reasons is 'International Travel Safety' has become a major concern.

The Travel Industry has long since provided a way to help Americans Travel more safely. Again, this is an ancient old method of travel. Even the wagon trains traveling west were not exempt from this method.

Group Travel

Agencies are looking for Travel Addicts; I mean Coordinators all the time. I guess you are wondering why a Travel Agency would be looking for Travel Coordinators? Most people would say that there would be the job of a Travel Agent. Wrong! Most Travel Agents do not travel that often. They are busy booking travel for their clients. They loose money every time they leave their office or computer. Its the Travel Coordinators that travel often.

Travel addicts are the people who arrange their life to accomodate last minute travel. Travel addicts usually will pay the rent or mortgage, however the 401K or any savings or investment of any kind is subject to finance travel at any given time.

A Group Travel Coordinator would have the following attributes: commitment, loves travel, likes people, have confidence in marketing themselves and their travel destination, can give attention to detail, love to coordinate, and can use common sense, then you qualify to Travel FREE .

This opportunity works out best when you start out as a hobby and turn it into a part-time job then a full-time business. It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel – do what others have done before you. I know one retired man who started out selling an exotic travel party in the Caribbean each year. Word of mouth took over, because people really enjoyed themselves, and now he does not have to work a 9 to 5 job. The commission from booking 300 to 500 people a year into a 5 star resort on the islands each year, pays off BIG.

I suppose you are wondering how a Travel Coordinator just starting out trips FREE? Easy, when you book 6 people or 15 people or what ever number the Travel whole seller sets; one person goes FREE.

Example: Say you have 9 people that want to go to China. You have a mark-up of 15% on the wholesale price, plus you get one free hotel and air if 6 people sign-up. Your mother and father, sister and cousin, your girlfriend and her husband want to go and the lady at the church wants to go. And when another lady at the church found out from the Pastor that Mrs. J was going, so she decided to go. (Your husband said if he wants to see China he will go to Chinatown!) So you now have 8 people, 9 counting yourself. You get one free travel pass and you can decided to lower your package price at the last minute because you did not need the extra 15% mark-up or you can keep it for any emergency during the trip or you can use it to market your next trip. It's up to you!

Travel Coordinator Trivia. If you can see a problem already with the above travel group, then you really understand Group Travel. Think about how you would handle the above situation BEFORE a problem occurs.

Source by Cassandra A. Ingraham

15 Oct

As a boot camp instructor for training women, I know a thing or two about getting the sexy legs, bums and thighs that most ladies want. And they can be achieved with highly effective and time-saving exercises. Forget about those huge chunky legs machines you see in the health club such as the enclosed leg presses, hip adductors and abductors machines and imprisoned leg extension. They sure get you the "burn" in your legs and bums but does not need to mean that they are the best ways. In fact, they may cause you more injuries in the long run than toning up the trouble spots because they do not train the muscles in a functional way and do not burn high amount of energy to reduce fat. The following recommended legs, bums and thighs toning exercises can be performed in different variations depending on your fitness level.

This exercise is very effective in working the quadriceps group muscles found in your front part of the thighs. To target the bum muscles more, squat low to a point wherey your thighs are parallel to the ground and be sure to keep your boots rooted to the ground. Other variations of this exercise include jumping squats, sumo squats and one-legged squats.

For toning bums, hips, and thigh, you can not go wrong with lunges. It essentially targets everything in the upper legs. Variations of this exercise include jumping lunges, dumbbell lunges and backward lunges.

Barbell deadlifts are a great way to work the bums, hamstring and lower back. Be sure to hinge from your hip joint and have an authenticated back when performing these exercise in the bending over phase for best results and safety. Other variations include Romanian deadlift and single-legged deadlift.

Kettlebell Swing
The kettlebell swing is not only a great workout for toning the bums and hamstrings, it also provides an awesome cardio workout. For best results in toning the bum, contract the glutes muscles hard when you swing the kettlebell up with your forward hip thrust.

Before you go away thinking that these 4 exercises are all you need for getting you the sexy pair of legs, bums, thighs and hips, it is important to know that the fatty lumps in those areas will never go away without healthy eating regime. Be sure to implement healthy eating habits to see maximum results.

Source by TC Lee

15 Oct

You may be in a business where the use of a Forklift is required and this may lead to the all important question of whether it is better to rent or buy a forklift. This can be a difficult question and there are advantages and disadvantages for both. By looking at a few important details it can help you with this vital choice.

Firstly though, it is most important that you work out what it is that is right for you and your business. However there are many advantages to looking at the Rental option and it can save you a lot of time and money by following this path.

It may be that your business is having a fluctuation in its demand and is in the middle of a boom period where there is a lot of activity and this may result in the needs of some additional lift trucks to ensure that business keeps flowing smoothly. This is where looking at a rental may be most beneficial, as for a short term measure you can rent a few forklifts to keep things moving along, without having to outlay to purchase some capital equipment that you are not going to need in the long term .

There are a lot of other advantages when it comes to renting equipment such as forklifts, and one such advantage is that it will mean you will not have to outlay a large amount of capital that is then tied up in equipment, and this capital can be put to better use.

The accountant would like the Rental option, as your costs for the rental will be a fixed monthly rate and you can then know exactly what is due each month, and you and the financial people will know that your budget is set and you will not have to deal with any unexpected large outlays of funds.

Of course in addition to this, rental equipment is something that can be fully expended as a tax deduction, which is another positive.

Owning equipment such as Forklifts can be quite a concern in terms of maintenance, especially if you have a fleet. By renting the Forklifts you can pass over this maintenance strategy and leave this to the experts from who you are renting your equipment from, and they will take care of this side of the business. You will be able to rest easy knowing that the equipment is fully maintained and well looked after when it comes to you for use.

Source by Cass Cale

15 Oct

Eight Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing


This article is just the basics for getting started in real estate investing. This is not a how to article but an article that gives you some information about things to do to get started. Everything in this article is tools that can be applied to helping anyone get started in real estate investing. I am going to give you my eight keys to getting started. Nothing is right or wrong but reflects the point of view of the author. Laws and legal practices vary from state to state, and laws can change over time. The author does not vouch for the legality of his opinions, nor is there any intent to supply legal advice. The author strongly encourages the reader to consult with professionals and an attorney prior to entering in any real estate transaction or contract. The author is not a writer but he is a real estate investor. There will be grammar mistakes and errors, so don’t be too critical of the grammar but focus your energy on what is being said. With that said prepare yourself to think a little differently and expand your mind. Let’s get started on an amazing adventure.

The Eight Tips are as follows

1. Desire

2. Goal Setting

3. Learning What To Do

4. Attending a Real Estate Investing Seminar

5. The Billings Montana Market

6. Finding a Mentor

7. Your Real Estate Team

8. Just Do IT

1. Desire

Before we get in to the bolts and nails of real estate investing in I want to talk to you about desire. If you are going to be successful at anything in life including real estate investing you have to have the desire to do it. Desire is defined as longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment. Desire stresses the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim. In real estate investing if you don’t have a desire to learn and grow as a human being and really get satisfaction out of it, then real estate investing is going to be hard to do. When I go out and look at a property it brings me a lot of enjoyment. Every aspect brings me joy from talking to home owners, figuring out how I can make a deal work, to buying the house and to finding a good homeowner or tenant for the house. Real estate investing may not be for everyone but real estate investing can offer anyone the financial freedom we all crave for. If you do not have the desire for real estate investing that is ok, it can still help you to live your dreams and help you to get where you want to go in the future.

Why is real estate investing an amazing avenue for anyone to live out all of their dreams? Let me ask you a few questions. Do you have enough money to do anything you want? Do you have everything you want? No debt? A nice house? Great Marriage? The freedom to do anything regardless of how much it costs and the time it takes? If you have all of these things then you are one of the few people in America who does. Most people may be working fifty hours a week and making just enough to pay their bills. In today’s day and age most people are living pay check to pay check never really knowing if they will make enough to pay the bills that just keep piling up. If you cannot keep up with your monthly bills how are you going to plan for retirement or send your kids to college or have time to enjoy life. The answer to all of these questions is becoming financially free. Now it’s not going to be easy everyone will have to get off the couch and out of their comfort zone. Real estate is proven to be one of the fastest ways to get your out of the rat race of the nine to five and begin living the life you deserve to live. Everyone wants something different out of their life. Some dream of traveling the world, spending more time with family, volunteering, golfing, laying on a beach, giving back to the community, or anything that will make them happy. There are thousands of things that make people happy.

Making it in real estate takes a person who has a strong desire to change their lives for the better and think big. Anyone can become a great real estate investor. It is going to take a lot of work and can be a struggle at times but in the end it will be the most amazing feeling ever. The people that make it in real estate investing all have a few things in common. First they run their real estate investing business like any other business out there. Second they get out there and network with anyone and everyone. Some people might be like me and have a hard time talking to other people. If you are that is ok, anyone can learn how to become a people person, it just takes hard daily work. You have to push yourself past your comfort zone. The third thing is that you cannot be afraid to fail. Everyone has failed at something but the most successful people out their learn from their failures. The fourth thing is that you have to put a good team together. I will go into putting a team together in a later chapter. The concept of putting a team together is so that when you don’t know something you have team members that know what to do and can help you with questions. The can also make sure that you are not working yourself to death. You do not want to be the person doing everything in your business. Doing everything is a receipt for failure. You have to put together good people who you can trust and rely on. The fifth thing is that you need a mentor. Sixth and final is the desire to do it. No one can become successful at something if they don’t want to do it and don’t get satisfaction out of what they are doing.

2. Setting Goals

Having goals is one of the most important aspects of achieving what you want in life. You don’t want to just have your goals up in your head you want to write them down and past what you have wrote on the wall somewhere or in the bathroom mirror. You want to review your goals daily and read them out loud to yourself. This way you remind yourself everyday why you are building your business.

How should you start to write down you goals? First off you should think big, and by big I mean HUGE. If your goals are too small you will easily achieve them and have nothing else to look forward too. You should start off by asking yourself the question if I had all the money and time in the world what would I do, what would I buy, how would I spend my time, and how would I spend my energy. Are you starting to write these down? Well you should be. Think about what you want, spending time with family, traveling the world, the best cars, a castle, owning a small country, running for president, having the biggest real estate investing business in your area or in the country. Whatever your dreams and what you want out of your life, write it down. Some of my goals are becoming free, traveling the world, having a Ferrari, having 10 vacation homes all over the world. Right now I am just trying to get you out of your comfort zone of thinking and let your imagination run.

There are several ways to set goals. I have learned a lot of ways you can set you goals and there is no right or wrong way. The best ways that I have found to set your goals is to break them up into two categories. First your short term goals. This should be goals from a month out to around a year. The second is your long term goals these goals are you think big goals and what you see for your future.

For year one I like to first make a list of what I want to achieve this year and I will give you an example of how to do that. For year one you want to be very specific first you want to list what you want your income to be at the end of the year, next how much cash in the bank you want (this is money in your checking account, not assets). Next you want to list how much you are going to give. Giving is a very important, this can be giving to charity, giving of gifts to friends and family, giving to your school or anything you can dream of. As long as what you give brings joy to others who need it more than you. Next list what bad habits you have that you want to eliminate. Weather is be quitting smoking, spending too much on junk, drinking too much, working too much, not spending enough time with family, too much TV, not exercising and many more. We all have bad habits that need to be changed in order for use to grow as human beings. Under each of these bad habits list out some steps that you can take in order to quit them. If you bad habit is being lazy and not exercising enough what can you do to change that. Well you can get a gym membership or a home work out program. Commit yourself you following through with a plan to work out 3-5 days a week. For you to change these bad habits you have to be totally committed and follow through with a detailed plan you set for yourself. After you have your plans in place you should start listing several things you want to achieve or do in the next year. This can be start a successful business, spend time with family, travel to 2-5 places and so on. Now under each of these you should also write a detailed plan on what you need and what you need to do in order to achieve these goals. Finally you should take all of this information you have a write on page on what you see your life being over the next year. Doing this is a great exercise to really see what you want out of life.

Goals Year One

This is what I am going To Do This Year

Income: $500,000

Cash: $100,000

Give: $20,000

Bad Habits that will be changes:

Over Sleeping 1. Go to bed at 11 p.m. 2. Use a timer and set it for 8 hours 3. Set the timer on the other side of the room

Buying things that you don’t need: 1. Going out shopping less 2. If you have the urge to buy something think to yourself is thing item going to help me to achieve my goals of becoming financially free? 3. Tell friends what you are doing, so they can help to stop you.

What I want to Achieve:

Start a successful Real Estate Investing Business: (you should write a detailed step by step plan of everything you need in order to achieve your goal)

Travel: Where do I want to visit? 1. Gators football game (what I need to do it, money, etc)

And last your own page about what you want to achieve using words like I will and only positive words.

For long term goals you don’t need to be as specific right now, but you should list them and under them list a few steps or smaller goals that need to be achieved before you are able to achieve them. With the long term goals always think big. Another good exercise for long term goals is to make a collage of you goals. Put pictures of the house you want on it, places you want to travel, a picture of your family, a number of what income you want in or anything you can think of.

3. Learn

Knowledge builds confidence and destroys fear. If you are starting any kind of business you need to learn the ins and outs of that business. The best way I have found to learn about real estate investing is to read all about it. But once you know it you have to apply what you have learned. Learning and reading is just one step to take. There are thousands of books on the market about real estate investing and everyone has something you can learn from. You don’t just want to read real estate investing books though. You also want to fill yourself with motivational and leadership books. Every successful person that I know if a reader and they all spend at least thirty minutes a day reading something that will teach them about improving their business or helping themselves to become a better person. Some of the best books that I would recommend reading are listed below.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (read this first and also ready everything in the rick dad poor dad series, great books to start with and will expand you mind)

2. Be a Real Estate Millionaire by Dean Graziosi

3. Flip your way to financial freedom by Preston Ely (this is an E-Book)

4. Four hour work week by Timothy Ferriss

5. The Attractor Factor

6. Short Sale Pre-foreclosure Investing by Dwan Bent-twyford and Sharon Sestrepo

7. Keys to success, by Napoleon Hill

8. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

9. How to win friends and influence people

10. Any Book by John C. Maxwell (he has tons of amazing leadership books)

11. Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading by Larry Goins

12. The E Myth by Michael Gerber

13. How to be a quick turn real estate millionaire by Ron Legrand

14. The Power of Full Engagement

15. The It Factor

16. Anything by Anthony Robins

There are tons more you can read but these will give you a great start. You should also read books on negotiating, sales, motivation, and biographies on American business people.

I hope this list gives you the knowledge it has given me. If you learn and apply what you have learned from these books there is no reason that you should not become very successful.

4. Attend a Real Estate Investing Seminar

Attending a Real Estate Investing Seminar can be one of the best places to learn about real estate investing from some very well known experts. There are several seminars going on all over the country every weekend. If you live in a big city it will be very easy to find one. If you live in a town like Billings Montana you might need to travel a little ways to find one. Now most of the best meeting cost money to attend them. Some range from five hundred dollars for three days and some can be up to $20,000. There are a few that I would recommend. Than Merrill is a great speaker to go hear. I have learned a ton from him. You can find his company online by Google searching him. Also rich dad poor dad has seminars all over the country. I attended one of their seminars in Billings Montana for only $500 dollars and learned a ton from it. There is also Preston Ely, Larry Goins, and hundreds of speakers out there. If you find a great book that you really enjoyed, then just simple search for that person online and see if they are speaking somewhere or offer a seminar close to you.

Another reason I recommend going to a seminar is because they get you pumped up and motivated. I have not yet found anything else that just gets you feeling like you can do anything. When you get back from one of these seminars you will have tons of energy and knowledge. Every time I get back from one all I want to do is going out and do a deal or ten.

These seminars will also provide you with several opportunities to purchase amazing real estate investing tools, software or learning material at a fraction of the cost. Believe me when I tell you all of the low priced seminars try to sell you something. But a lot of times what they are trying to sell is some really good stuff.

Another reason to attend a seminar is to network with other investors and build relationships with them. You can meet other investors who you can partner with on a deal, sell a deal too, people who will provide you with deals and so on. You should have hundreds of business cards made up and try to give them all out. You never know how much one business card you hand out can make you.

5. Learn About the real estate market in your area

Most real estate investors start their career off my investing around where they live. This is why I do my real estate investing in Billings Montana. You can venture out when you have more experience. The reason behind this is because we feel more comfortable with the areas and know the areas better. It is also easier to get local real estate information that we need. Investing in your local market is also cheaper to start out, there is less travel costs, you can see what you are buying and it may give you a feeling a comfort.

First you have to decide which part of town is the best place to invest in. This can be determined by what kind of real estate investing you choose to do. I have not gone over the types of real estate investing but some include rehabbing (fixing up and selling), wholesaling (finding deals and selling them to other investors), buying to rent, and there are a few others. These are the real estate strategies that I use for the most part. When looking at the market you need to see where other investors are buying their houses. Most of the best deals will be found in low to middle class neighbors hoods. By low I don’t mean drug infested war zones, what I mean is blue collar safe neighbor hoods that might have somewhat older houses and houses that are not on the higher end price side. Now you can find deals in the higher priced neighbor hoods but most will be in the low to middle income neighborhoods. When looking where others are buying ask local realtors, other investors or appraisers.

When talking with investors ask them several questions such as what neighborhoods they prefer, what type of houses they buy (3 bed 2 bath), and what they do (rehab, rent, wholesale). You should not look at other investors as competition but try and work with them.

There are different types of markets such as appreciating markets, flat markets, and deprecating markets. Appreciating markets are markets that there is no enough houses or a very high demand for houses which causes the price of houses to go up. The reason there is a high demand for housing can be because of job growth, a very appealing area, or several reason. Flat markets are markets that have no or very little growth. This means that there is not a lot of demand; buy just enough to fill every ones needs. Depreciating markets are where there is a lot more houses than people to fill those house. This causes house prices to start going down. This can be because of a large employer leaving the area, a natural disaster or just over building. There is an old saying buy in a bust and sell in a boom. In depreciating markets you can pick up several deals, while in appreciating the house prices are going to be much higher and harder to find great deals. The deal will still be out there you just have to know where to find them.

Learning your market is another key to becoming successful. Real estate Brokers and experts in your area can be the best source of information for you. Learn to use them to find out what kind of market you are in. If you are in Billings Montana we are in a pretty stable market. Billings Montana has not seen the ups and downs that other markets have experienced. I will have to say that I have been noticing a little bit of a downward trend but not much. Once the first time home buyer credit is over with we might see a little more decline. Every market can vary by neighborhood, so make sure you know you market well. I have seen the same houses just one mile apart selling for totally different prices.

6. Find a Mentor

Having a mentor to help you can be your biggest learning experience. Mentors can help you with any questions you may have, walk you step by step through the investing process, give you moral support, you learn from their proven system, and also network you with others in the business. Every successful real estate investor that I know says they owe a lot of their success to the mentors they have and had in their lives. I have had one of the best mentors around, my father. He is teaching me something new every day and pushing me to become successful.

When trying to find a mentor I would suggest network with the investors at your local real estate investors club meeting. There is a real estate investing club in Billings Montana that meets once a month. You can find information about real estate investing clubs in your area by searching for REA or real estate investors club then your area in Google. When you go to the meetings ask around who the biggest investors are. Then ask if you could get together with them sometime and discuss real estate investing. Ask them if they would consider working with you to get their career going. Offer your services as a bird dog. Bird dogs are people who go out find deals or leads about deals and give them to other investors. A bird dog gets from $500 to $3000 dollars depending on the deal. Make sure that you have a bird dog contract signed with the investors saying that if you find them and deal and they buy it that you get paid a certain amount of money. Being a bird dog helps you to build credibility with the investor and they are more likely to mentor you if you have something to offer them. If you would like to contact me with a question go to my web site Big Sky Property Solutions LLC.

7. Your Real Estate Team

Building an effective team can make your life as a real estate investor a lot easier. You are only one person and cannot do everything or be an expert in every aspect of real estate investing. Going at a project alone can become one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever encounter. Many people have become frustrated and quite real estate investing because they try and juggle too many things. Make sure that when putting a team together you provide everyone with win-win opportunities. When someone knows that working with you is going to make them money they will put you as a higher priority on their list. But you have to prove it to them that you are the real deal.

People to have on your real estate investing team include

o Real Estate Agents ( find the top agent for volume of sales in your area and other agents who work with real estate investors)

o Real Estate appraisers (find an appraiser that has done a few hundred jobs or more and make sure they carry errors and omissions insurance)

o Real estate contractors (good rehab crews that can get the job done in a timely manner, have 3-5 crews and on every deal get 3 estimates done. Ask for referrals from them and make sure they are licensed)

o Real estate attorneys (every investor needs an attorney, they can help to protect your assets, make sure you find one that works with investors)

o A property management company (can manage your properties and will give you leads on property they are managing that might come up for sale)

o Title companies (take care of the legal process and make sure there are no liens against the property you are buying, choose one that does hundreds of closings a year)

o Home inspectors(charge about $400 but will give you a great inspection and could save you thousands in the long run)

o And your Mentor

All of these people can help you in various aspects of real estate investing. You might find that there are a couple others that are keys to your business but this is just a list of a few.

8. Just Do it

There is no better phrase out there then JUST DO IT! Once you have learned all you can networked with investors in Billings and learned real estate investing strategies there is nothing left to do but get your feet wet. There is no better learning tool out there then doing a deal. Once you have completed that first deal you will know what to expect and find out that it is not as hard as you thought it would be. You will have learned what you did right and what was frustrating. Take that experience and ask yourself what would have made it run smoother. Apply that to your next deal. Then the next deal will be easier and it keeps getting easier as you go. I will say that every deal is different from the last but that what makes this business fun. You have to be creative and always keep on learning and growing with your business.

The average person never uses what they learn. Don’t be average apply your knowledge. When going out and doing your first deal act like you have done 1000’s of deals. The fastest way to change a habit is to act like it is true.

Five keys for success

1. Specialized Knowledge

2. Tools of a professional

3. Have the mindset of a winner

4. Mentors

5. Money and the knowledge of leveraging it (you don’t have to have millions to invest in real estate, there are many strategies out there to use other people’s money, or no money at all)

This is going to conclude this article about getting started in real estate investing. I hope this gave you some ideas about how you can get started. I didn’t give you any strategies at this point but look for some in upcoming articles. These are simple steps you can use to get started. If you read this article thank you for listening.

Source by Christopher Seder

15 Oct

Losing weight is predicament that so many of us are facing. We have found out that sitting on the desk working on the computer has led to immense disadvantages and one of them is us getting fat. Though our conditions are not wanting as others, we need to cut down our weight and live healthy. However, other people, in fact millions of them are struggling with weight problems. They are in desperate need for solutions to their immense body weights that seem to keep on becoming burdens. You might even be one of them.

A solution to weight loss is consumption of the Easy Weight loss green tea. This is a product that has been created from real green tea. It has chemicals which fight body fats and helps you reduce weight without actually indulging into any physical activity or drug prescription. This tea actually is full of essential chemicals which help you realize gradual and painless weight loss. This green tea has chemicals which inhibit absorption of lipids and fats into your body. This is the most essential aspect of this tea. Two, this green tea is involved in rapid fat oxidation. Fat oxidation means that, the fat in your body is rapidly burned down into energy. This gradually reduces the fat and cholesterol levels in your body minimizing both your weight and diseases of the heart and others that come with weight problems.

Easy Weight loss happens also to increase body metabolism by up to 12%. This means your body burn more calories effectively leaving your body quite healthy. This process fight your body fats and gradually helps you shed those extra pounds painlessly. It is advisable to make this tea a dietary supplement. You should take 3-5 cups of the easy weight loss tea daily so as to enjoy its many benefits. This is the best tea which can help you lose weight without involving prescriptions drugs or exercises.

Source by Anamika Gupta

14 Oct

Did you know that there is very common root cause for excessive farting that you likely don’t know about? Today I’ll explain what causes chronic farting is and what you can do to stop it for good. First though I’ll discuss 2 things you need to do right now to immediately reduce your flatulence while you work on the main problem.

2 Quick Solutions to Chronic Gas

#1 Eliminate Allergenic Foods: You may not realize it but dairy, wheat, corn and soy are the 4 most common allergenic foods which can also cause quite a bit of gas in the body. Dairy and what especially cause a great deal of digestive distress and if you don’t start reducing and eliminating them from your diet now the health complications they can create will only increase.

#2 Avoid Drinks with Meals: When you drink a lot of liquid of any kinds be it water, juice or beer, you are diluting the stomach acid necessary to break down the food you eat. You may not be eating the very best food but at the very least if you’re not breaking it down in your stomach you’re in for some serious problems! Over the course of 2 hours starting 30 minutes before you eat drink not more than 1-2 cups worth of water and do not gulp only sip.

The #1 Root Cause of Excessive Farting

It’s known as a candida or yeast overgrowth of the bowels. Over 90% of the population have this yeast inside of their body, a lesser percentage have symptoms because of it. The #1 problem this yeast causes in the body is digestive problems especially those of the intestine ie. Gas, bloating and farting! What causes candida to become a problem? Simple, a poor diet over a period of time, a diet high in sugar. Anti-biotics & prescription or OTC medication use. Immune system dysfunction which can create candida by simply having an extended period of severe allergy reactions.

Candida is something not to be messed around with as it has now been shown that cancer in fact develops under the same circumstances in the body as candida does and over 95% of people who died from cancer were later found to have a significant candida overgrowth in their body as well.

For now though we’re just focusing on excessive farting which candida causes through it’s fermentation, destruction of friendly bowel flora and enzyme inhibition as well as causing liver dysfunction and general inflammation in the digestive tract. Candida is definitely the #1 health issue that people don’t know about and need to get on top of!

Source by Jessica D Dale

14 Oct

Build muscle workouts are plentiful. The trick is to find the right workout program for you. With all the information available today it is easy to see why so many people give up or do not see any significant gains. The trick is to work smarter not harder.

There are different ways to approach your muscle workouts. If you are looking to gain muscle mass then you would need to concentrate more on lifting heavier weights and concentrate less on cardiovascular exercises. Traditionally speaking the heavier the weight you lift the larger and stronger you will get. This is not always true in respect to making consistent gains over a long period of time. There are many other factors involved and all must be addressed in order to achieve maximum gains.

If you were looking to just get in shape and possibly lose some weight then you would want to concentrate more on the cardiovascular exercises. These include running, step machine, bicycle and many other forms of cardiovascular exercises. This type of training is typically reserved for those that do not have the desire to go to the gym and lift weights but want to do something to try and stay in shape.

A good muscle-building workout can include both weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Done properly and in the right amounts you will improve your overall appearance and health.

When lifting weights it is important to use the correct form at all times. If you are not using the correct form you run the risk of injuring yourself and not getting the full benefits from the exercise. Too often you see people lifting weight that is too heavy and sacrificing form to look good in front of others. This is a surefire way to injure yourself and set back any gains you have made.

A good muscle-building workout needs to be tailor to each individual. Some may respond better to high reps and low weights, while others may respond better to low reps and high weights. The trick is to find what works best for you and then improve on it.

What is consistent is the fact that you must change your workout routine periodically in order to see the best long-term results. It has been shown that the best way to shock your body to grow is to keep it confused. Do not allow your body to adapt to one workout for too long. Once your body adapts it will stop growing and often times reverse it's progress.

Source by Kevin Forrester

12 Oct

Are you a big fan of the sport known as ping pong (also call “table tennis”)? Or are you a passer-by looking for good and reasonable table tennis equipment and wondering which brand would be the best for your buck? You are definitely at the right page because over here, we would strongly recommend Killerspin table tennis equipments when it comes to the world of ping pong.

Killerspin is a popular brand when it comes to ping pong. Ask any ping pong player and they will definitely know that Killerspin is the brand to go for when you are planning to invest on an excellent table tennis equipments. Not only does it emphasize a lot on table tennis equipments, it is also a brand that sponsors and hosts competitions in regards to table tennis events. To date, Killerspin equipments and products can be found on over five continents distributed among fourteen countries.

Killerspin has hosted many large table tennis events with their Killerspin ping pong tables and many other types of equipment. The Killerspin ping pong tables and equipments that are sponsored by Killerspin can mostly be seen on the popular sports channel, in example, ESPN. Killerspin has also been very privileged in being present at the Arnold Sports Festival which is hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Killerspin table tennis tables are made affordable to many and not only do they have a high quality competition worthy tables, they also have high quality table tennis tables for those of you that wants to purchase one table just for home use. Killerspin no doubt has the perfect table made for you and your need according to your funds and requirements.

The Killerspin Ping Pong tables prices ranges from over $350 to under $2,900. For a neat price of $379.05, you can purchase a Killerspin Paragon Conversion Top that comes with two Killerspin rackets and six balls. For a price of $2,849.05, you can buy a cool looking Killerspin Revolution SVR-B (Black Top) and boy, let me tell you; it sure is good looking

Killerspin Ping Pong tables can also be categorized for indoor and outdoor use. If you are planning to have your table tennis table out in the shaded open air, your best choice would be either the MyT5 Street Edition Outdoor Table or the MyT7 Outdoor table that cost only $899.99 and it really is not expensive because it is made of hardy materials to withstand the outdoor conditions. It also comes with wheels so that you can shift it easily when you need to move it around or rearrange your outdoor area without having your table tennis table getting in your way.

If you are planning to invest in an indoor Killerspin ping pong table, you definitely have many choices to choose from. From the cheaper option of Killerspin Paragon Conversion Top to the expensive Killerspin Revolution SVR-B (Black Top). The Paragon Conversion Top Ping Pong table has a look quite similar to a pool table. The MyT(number) series looks like the common ping pong table with wheels for easy maneuvering while the expensive revolution series has somewhat a futuristic look.

The MyT(number) series is an everyday use Killerspin table tennis tables where you are able to half fold the table for storage or individual playback positions for warming up. Some models have levelers that allow you to adjust the level playing surface as well as the easy up and down pin lock at the leg technology so your table does not swerve left or right when you play.

The revolution series of the Killerspin ping pong tables is created with having professional competitions in mind and has frequently shown itself in the Killerspin Extreme and Spinvitational Tournaments. The revolution series also flaunts its superior design of great stability that it provides besides having its unique cutting edge base with durable metal arched structures. The combination of these structures and design indirectly makes the revolution series Killerspin table tennis one of the best looking tables you have ever seen. Also, the revolution series Killerspin table tennis table requires minimum assembly that will be to your convenience during a competition.

Source by Ken Ye

11 Oct

It is a fact that bodybuilders work hard to create great six pack abs and washboard stomachs. However utilizing one or more Abs workout equipment can lead to having great abs. This look can be achieved by anyone who could spare some time to perform exercises to tone these muscles. The key is to isolate your workout of your stomach muscles and oblique muscles and combine this exercise with a good cardio exercise routine. The isolation of these muscles can easily be achieved through the correct use of one of many abs workout equipment.

The simplest workout equipments are the floors of the house and a mat. Really, anyone can do crunches with just these two. However, for those who wish to directly target their abs and sculpt a ripped midsection then it is recommended that one of the following Top 10 Abs Workout Equipment are used.

10. Ab Tightener

The Ab Tightener is a simple piece of equipment that can be used anywhere, and at any time. In fact, this equipment can be used while watching TV, sounds interesting, right? The equipment is very easy to use. While seated with the legs folded at 90 degrees, the user places the bottom of the tightener near the knees. Then, while holding unto the handles, the abs muscles are contracted so that the upper body is folded down into a crunch, then, back to the starting position. What is so great about this equipment is that it targets the abs with a simple motion but tightens the whole abs as well as the obliques.

9. Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel is an inexpensive piece of equipment that provides a fantastic and effective Abs workout. Although it looks quite easy to use, caution must be exercised at all times when using the wheel as the user can easily fall flat on the floor. While bending, the wheel should be placed just in front of the user’s feet, making sure that the arms and the legs are straight. Slowly and carefully, the wheel must be rolled as far as the user can. Then, without standing up, the body is pulled back up to starting position. Quite challenging but effective once mastered.

8. Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle combines a cardio exercise with an abs workout. The main position for using the equipment is by kneeling, with the knees placed inside the knee bowls while the hands firmly grip the handle bars. There are difference exercises that can be done on the Ab Circle but the simplest would be the right/left side flexion where the body must swing towards one side and to the other side. These exercises tone the obliques, abs, and the upper body.

7. Ab Swing

The Ab Swing targets all the abs muscles. The user sits on the cushion while holding the handlebars firmly; the feet should be resting on the foot rest. The body is then tilted to one side so that it sits on the left/right buttocks. By contracting the abs and the obliques, the legs are pulled up, then, down. The procedure is repeated for the other side of the body.

6. 45 Degree Slant Board

The Slant Board is used to tone the back muscles but those who have one at home or at the gym can use it to trim the abs. This can be done by turning the body sideways on the board, with the feet secured on the supports at the bottom. With this position, oblique exercises can be performed.

5. Medicine Ball

The weighted medicine ball can be used for abs workout. It can be moved around to ensure a challenging workout routine.

4. BOSU Balance Trainer

The Both Sides Up or BOSU Balance Trainer is a domed equipment use for balancing and other exercises that can also tone the muscles at the abdomen.

3. Exercise Ball

The Exercise Ball is among the most versatile and inexpensive equipment used for abs workout. It can be used for a variety of crunches, planks, and oblique exercises.

2. Captain’s Chair

The Captain’s Chair is a padded exercise machine where the user can also get great abs. The starting position is letting the legs hang towards the floor. While gripping the handles firmly, the user slowly raises the knees towards the chest and back to the starting position.

1. Ab Exercise Machines

To best target the abs, abs exercise machines are the equipment of choice – an example is the horizontal ab exercise machine. It strengthen the legs and thighs while toning the abs. These equipment allow the user to do crunches and other abs exercises.

The road to having washboard abs is long and difficult but can be fun and easier with the help of any of these top 10 abs workout equipment.

Source by Darryl S Jones

11 Oct

The demand for compression stockings go in the upward trend because such leg wears are no longer the usual thick and visible kinds. In the past, people can easily identify compression from the regular stockings because of the thick elastic materials used in their manufacture. Today, these kinds of hosiery are highly fashionable; they are sheer, thin and natural-looking.

Women who are now cognizant of the benefits of using the compression stockings are no longer adamant in using these. On the legs, the sock just looks like any ordinary pair of stockings. However, it is important that you identify the reason for your need for these medical stockings. As these socks have different levels of compression, understanding your needs will lead to the right choice required by your legs.

There are different brands of compression stockings. They are made from different materials, thickness and shades. After these differences, you can rest assured that they will function effectively to alleviate the blood circulation problems. With the pair of medicinal socks, you will feel it tighten in the ankle area gradually becoming less constrictive as it goes up to the knees and thighs. The pressure on the veins and arteries will optimize the blood circulation in the entire body system.

Although there are different styles and makes, the compression stockings are divided into two major categories – gradient and anti-embolism.

Gradient kind

The gradient types are designed to give relief to achy legs. The pressure of the stockings will help improve blood circulation. These are woven in a way that will make the compression level gradually diminish from the ankle to the top. When medical advice is thought, these kinds will be prescribed for people who are prone to blood clots and edema. This will prevent the pooling of the blood in the legs because of long period of footactivity. These stockings are prescribed for swelling, varicose veins and lymphmedema. Because of the beneficial effects on leg-swelling, the wearing of compression stockings is advocated for diabetics.

Compression stockings are recommended for expectant mothers, usually fatigued legs, swollen feet and legs and overweight women. It has been noted that because of the way these stockings were designed today, many women wear them even without experiencing pain in the legs. People begin to love the way these compression stockings feel on the legs.

Anti-embolism kind

Just like any compression stockings, the anti-embolism types are designed to exert different degrees of pressure on the wearer's ankles and legs – being more constrictive at the ankle portion loosing towards the top. Anti-embolism stockings have 18 mmHg labels which means that the pressure measurement for a pair is 18 millimeters of mercury. Thus these are only for short-term use, while the wearer is still non-ambulatory and is mobile.

The purpose of anti-embolism stockings is for the prevention of blood clot formation in the legs. The blood clot that moves into the blood stream is called embolus. When this becomes lodged in a vessel in the brain or lungs, it can be fatal. This kind of hose is highly recommended for people who are prone to DVT or deep vein thrombosis. People who are immobile for long time can be suspicious to DVT which can lead to serious medical condition. Thus, the wearing of anti-embolism compression stockings becomes a must.

You know that compression stockings are leg wears that had been invented and designed to provide comfort to the aching legs. What used to be an abominable sight when worn, the compression stockings are now fashionable; they look natural on the legs which do not give away the idea that you are on medical treatment. As you decide to wear the compression stockings, you have to seek advice as to which of the gradient or anti-embolism types are suitable to your needs.

Source by Felicitas Ramos

11 Oct

The air is getting crisp and snowflakes are beginning to fall. It’s the time of year that skiers, snowboarders and other winter enthusiasts have been waiting for. However, when heading outdoors, remember that you are asking your body to do things that it hasn’t done in many months. It is not uncommon for those who partake in winter activities to experience soreness and increased vulnerability for injuries. Incorporating massage into your winter wellness regimen will boost your muscle performance and help keep you healthy and injury-free.

Racing down the slopes on skis or performing acrobatics with a snowboard is an exhilarating experience. It also requires your muscles to stretch and work in ways that your body has been unaccustomed to during the warmer months. The heightened workload put on muscles can cause a burning sensation and soreness that lasts long after the event. It is also common to experience a delayed onset of pain and tenderness, which can disrupt normal activities. Injuries from twisting or falling can also cause soreness, as well as having more serious ramifications. A therapeutic massage can gently stretch muscles and relieve pain and tenderness.

Although a deeper, more pressure intensive massage is beneficial to athletes who are in training, the weekend athlete’s muscles are not as conditioned. Therefore, a gentle, light-pressure massage is recommended for those who experience pain and soreness resulting from a day of skiing, hiking or snowshoeing.

Massage also provides other physical benefits, such as promoting balance of the muscles on both sides of the body. This can aid in athletic performance by helping to strengthen one’s weaker side, thereby reducing overcompensation that could lead to muscle strain or even more serious conditions like tendonitis. Improved strength will lessen feelings of fatigue and increase endurance. Those who suffer from muscle spasms can find relief through therapeutic massage, allowing for more enjoyment of their preferred activity.

Massage increases circulation, which helps to carry nutrients to muscles and tissues while expelling lactic acid. Massage also promotes the removal of toxins throughout the body by encouraging lymph drainage. Massage gently stretches the muscles, improving range of motion and flexibility, which is an important component to injury prevention. If you do experience an injury, massage will reduce the pain and swelling, allowing your body to heal itself faster.

Therapeutic or sports massage can be an excellent way to promote muscle balance, strength and aid in injury prevention and recovery. Most resorts offer massage as part of their spa services, and the benefits are well worth the cost. The next time you are planning to enjoy your favorite winter activity, consider scheduling a massage to help you perform at your best.

Source by Brandon J. Thomas

11 Oct

For many clients the idea of having a massage therapist come to them is appealing. They do not have to drive or deal with parking on their way to or from their appointment and they are able to relax immediately after the appointment. As a massage therapist, providing services to these clients can be lucrative. However, concern for your safety may limit you from offering these services. We employ many therapists across the country to meet the demand of mobile massage services and recommend the following tips to help ensure their safety.

Your company image is important to ensure both you and the clients are comfortable with your business relationship. Professionalism in your advertisements, phone consultations, and marketing materials will project the services you provide.

Have a safety person you contact to provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of the client you will be visiting. Explain to them you’ll call them when you arrive and when you leave so they will know where you are.

Once you have a client’s name, research them on the internet. Conduct a search on their name and go to sites like to determine if they reside at the address provided or your local sexual predator lists to determine if there are any areas of concern.

Consider processing payments by credit card over the phone in advance so that you are not carrying cash with you on appointments.

Personally, I have found visiting clients in their homes provides another level of interest to client relationships. I have the opportunity to meet family members, see their environment and lifestyle which assists in assessments and recommendations, and reduce my overhead costs not having to maintain an office.

As a mobile massage therapist, you have a great service to provide and keeping your safety as a priority is critical.

Source by Lisa Meloche

11 Oct

When looking for ways to lose belly fat we sometimes get bogged down in what to do that we sometimes end up failing because we don’t avoid the things that cause failure. With that in mind I have put together this short article to go over 5 key things that can cause you to struggle in your goal to lose belly fat. Ready? Let’s get right into them…

1. Avoid starving your body of sleep

Research has shown that getting enough sleep is as important to weight loss as dieting and exercise. The body and the brain needs it to recover from daily activity. If you don’t get enough sleep your body will become stressed and this will cause you to pile on even more pounds.

2. Avoid Fatty Foods (Hamburgers included!)

This might irk some people but there are few ways to lose belly fat that doesn’t include cutting from your diet the foods high in calories and fat. If you want to shed pounds from your belly you’ll simply have to discipline yourself with what you eat. Eat mainly healthy foods and you’ll see results.

3. Avoid Dehydration

Failure to get lots of water in your system not only leads to weight problems but it can lead to problems with your kidney. On top of this, if you are constantly dehydrated you simply won’t have the energy to exercise properly and lose belly fat. 8 glasses per day is the recommended amount, but you can always supplement this with tea. Just ensure that you watch your sugar intake when consuming tea.

4. Avoid waste build up

Your body over time can store lots of toxins which simply aren’t good for you. Try detoxing when you can. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate like what you see on TV. Drink lots of water, which is a natural diuretic and eat lots of fruits. This last tip is one of the surefire ways to lose belly fat.

So there you have it; 4 proven things to avoid if you are to successfully shed those pounds from your belly. They are not too difficult to avoid too, all you need is the awareness, which this article gives you and a sound plan for losing belly fat. Take them on board and get a decent plan in place and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your belly sheds those pesky pounds.

Source by Taylor Landon

11 Oct

Water all over the world is becoming unexpectedly unsafe for consumption. While you are drinking the water from a tap or a source like bottled water, you have to secure the fact that it is pure enough to drink. Remember that contaminants and pollutants can perpetuate every variety of water. These could enter the water in bottling plants or the common corporation pipes that provide you with water. Water is today affected by both organic and inorganic wastes. Also important is the nature of the water treatment system that the water is passing through. These will certainly ensure a certain level of purification but that does not mean that all the harmful contaminants have been taken care of. Bottling firms too have conceded to the fact that they do not needlessly make use of the best water treatment system possible.

A public water system is efficient. But obviously this water comes with a high concentration of contaminants which need to be taken care of. Bottled water could be an alternative. But you also have to bear the expenses of that.

A water treatment system at home is an obvious truth of our age. We all use some kind of water purification or the other. Cleanliness and purity of water can not be ascertained at any point, but the most we could do is to ensure the best water treatment suited to our homely requirements to protect ourselves from the onslaught of water pollution.

What are the various forms of a domestic water treatment system?

1. Whole house water treatment system: often regarded as the best water treatment system possible, this particular form of purifying the water involves the treatment of water in the house at the source itself. That is, no more do you have to have single water filtration units. Faucets, kitchens, showers, toilets, all sources of water received filtered water after the water is filtered at the main source. This has the added advantage of checking air pollution ensuing from the dissolved impurities in the water. But this is expensive and maintenance charges do not disappear with it. Recommendable for a large house and a big family.

2. Faucet mounted water treatment system: This is primarily concerned with filtering drinking or cooking water and is a single unit filter usable for a single faucet and can not ensure filtration at other points in the house.

3. Shower head filters: Given the fact that the water pouring out of your shower is also impure and can cause skin and breathing disorders, this is the best water treatment you can use for your bath water. Again this is a single unit purifier.

4. Counter top filters: They are again usable to filter water at a single source. They are fixed at separate individual counters. There can be under the counter varieties which of course are not visible by design.

5. There can be a few personal use water filter systems. These are better options compared to bottled water in the long run, financially speaking. You could buy these online or off the market. These would be basically water bottles or pitchers and containers fitted with filters and sometimes straws with filters.

It is difficult to say which would be the best water treatment system? But that is not the point of contention of this article. Here we have described to you the necessity of using / consuming purified water and the ways in which water can be purified. The choice is yours now.

Source by Al Bracher

11 Oct

Many people wonder how they can get a reliable and effective massage education. Some would like to be able to massage their partner, or just massage friends they know. Others would like to be able to massage their husband or wife. Others still would like to be massage therapist, or as massage therapists learn more about massage and its different modalities! How can I learn massage the inexpensive way?

Well, as a massage therapist we have to pass a twenty four hour course every two years to keep out massage licence. These classes can be in any modality we choose, deep tissue, myofascial trigger point release, reflexology, ayurveda massage, thai massage, tuina, amma,californian massage, esalen massage, medical massage, craniosacral. Some courses are live hands-on and really you get the most training this way and learn the most as you can practice the new skills you are learning on real people. But I also found that many LMT’s (licenced massage therapists) order videos to watch at home to practice and then they can pass a test online where you are asked a series of questions and need a certain number of correct answers to pass and get your certification in whatever modality you are taking!

The videos usually go with a books which is most of the times about 30 pages long and ends with a test where you can test your learning, then when you are ready, after having practiced the exercises on a live person, a friend of yours, or family member, you can go online to their website and pass the real test, where you are required to have at least 60 percent right answers. If you fail you are able to pass again and pay a repass fee;Some of these courses are very expensive 300-400 dollars if you order the videos and the texts. The state of Florida require 24 hours of CEU’s every two years.

Source by Chanoz Fabien

11 Oct

Trout fishing requires so many different elements to be put in place to succeed in catching the fish. These elements are what fly to use, what rod, what bait, what the water conditions, weather conditions, etc.

One of these elements is trout fishing lures. There are so many different types of lures and they all have their own individual features, but choosing your lure comes down to how comfortable you are using it.

For example a spinner which is a lure imitates the movement of certain fish and act as prey for the trout you are after catching. Ideally you pick the spinner or lure that you feel will suit the water conditions and blend in well so it can help attract the trout.

Also you will need to think about the weight of the lure too. This helps with locating the fish during different seasons. For example if it was at the beginning of the season the trout would be near the bottom of the banks of the river due to just coming out of hibernation.

So ideally you are fishing at the beginning of the season you will need a heavier lure to help go nearer to the bottom so it will attract the trout's attention and hopefully get some takers.

What you should do is bring many different types of lures with you on your fishing trip, with different styles, weights etc. so you can swap and change when required to see what is working best for you.

At the end of the day you are there to catch trout, so you might as well find what is working best. Plus by swapping and changing and working out what is best for certain situations and circumstances, you will become a more experienced angler with a better catch record as you are working at what is best for you.

Another type of lure is a spoon, they are still a type of spinner but look like a spoon as the name poses. They move in a wobbling motion and they imitate small bait. They are a heavier type of spinner and are no more than an inch in size.

A popular lure being used is a rooster tail. They have attached to them a few pieces of animal hair which is meant to make them look similar to minnows when moving through the water, which is a prey that trout go for. The rooster tail will go to the bottom of the water and it will also stay at the top too, depending on where you want to fish. You need to fiddle with the rooster tail slightly to adjust the depth it works at. This kind of lure can be up to about 4 inches in size.

Source by S Walsh

11 Oct

Many people face skin problems and specifically acne. Facial skin is the most sensitive and needs special care. Treating sensitive skin is tough and people with sensitive skin should seek treatment right away. Follow these tips to pursue a better treatment.

• Know your skin type. The sensitive skin needs special treatment as it is more vulnerable to skin problems than other types. It needs effective but light treatment. So look for products that would provide a gentle and effective treatment without worsening the problem.

• Do not buy any product that promises acne sensitive skin treatment. Read online reviews of different products and compare the popular ones. Buy the one that suits your price range, skin type and see if it is safe for your skin.

• The best treatment for all skin types is the cleansing of skin. Keep your skin clean and fresh by washing it with an anti bacterial soap. Always remove your makeup before going to bed and take a shower after each workout.

• Wash your skin at least twice a day using toner or cleanser. Use moisturizing lotions and creams for a fresh skin. Minimize the use of makeup and only use non-comedegonic cosmetics that are not scented.

• Avoid greasy foods and alcohol. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and have a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water to get rid of toxins in your body and skin. Stay active and exercise daily.

• Home remedies include using of tree oil or application of toothpaste or diaper ointment on a pimple.

• If nothing works, then go and see a dermatologist.

Acne skin treatment can be slow and tough. You need to be very careful for your sensitive skin. There are many products and therapies but only go for the one that suits you so as to not worsen the acne.

Source by Ingrid Lihan

11 Oct

The WOTLK gold farming tips you are about to see here, will make you farming session a lot more lucrative. I have friends who used to waste hours, each day, farming all the wrong spots and getting all the wrong items. There efforts usually left them still poor. When I saw how bad they were doing, I gave them the same tips that I’m going to share with you here.

Making gold in WoW isn’t all about finding a spot and starting to kill mobs. You need to know a few things prior to starting your farming session. That is, if you want to be successful. My friends tried the easier, random approach and it didn’t work out for them at all.

I always liked to do a few things that made my farming session a lot more lucrative. Once the Wrath of the Lich King expansion was released, I wanted to share them as tips as they work even better there. But I never got round to it, until now. I will show you a few, very useful, WOTLK gold farming tips.

– You first need a capped level character that has strong AoE abilities. I’ve seen people farm with one handed Warriors and Rogues. It is doable, but it is not effective. Make sure your class is trained properly and also that it has good gear on. The best class for this has to be the Death Knight.

– The best items to go for are the crystallized elements. So make sure you find a spot that gives those. Even though most players go after that, they still sell very good and you will make gold. If you don’t need the money right away, hold on to your loot until the prices go up, and then sell.

– Make sure you have Skinning leveled up as it is very useful. Go after mobs that drop other ingredients in addition to Borean leather when you skin them. Such mobs are Drakes in general. You have a greater chance to get Icy Dragonscales, which sell really good.

– You will need to be fast when you farm. Don’t wait for mobs to respawn, go kill something else instead. Doesn’t matter what it is, just don’t wait around when you kill all the mobs around you. Also, always try and kill more mobs at a time. That way you will use the time you have at the maximum.

If you follow those tips, you’ll see that everything will improve. If you can get a Death Knight to farm with, it would be great. A Mage, for instance, isn’t that great as you will kill equal level mobs or a bit lower. So you stand the risk of dying. I hope you will find a use for my WOTLK gold farming tips.

Source by Robin Windbreaker

11 Oct

What is massage therapy anyway ? One thing we can say for sure is that it has become a fast growing profession. A couple of decades ago, you never even hear of massage therapy. But since then interest has grown tremendously. Even insurance companies understand and recognize the benefits of a skilled massage therapist.

The term massage therapy is used when talking about health and healing practices that involve touch and movement. It is a profession in which the therapist applies some manual techniques, and may apply at adjunctive therapies. These techniques when applied have the sole intention of trying to positively affect the health and well-being of the client.

So where did massage therapy come from?

The word massage is most likely to have emerged from the Greek word 'Massein', meaning 'to knead' or the Arabic word 'mash' meaning 'to press softly'. Massage is really the oldest form of physical medicine known to man. It can be traced all the way back to the early Chinese medical manuscripts around 400BC. Hippocrates was known to promote massage. And he was born in the fifth century and was also known as "the father of medicine". It was used and written about in Roman times, with history recording Julius Caesar had received massage to help relieve neuralgia!

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. Ancient writings of many cultures have referenced the term massage.

They included:

  • ancient Greek
  • ancient Rome
  • China
  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • Indian subcontinent

In the United States massage therapy became popular for a variety of health purposes in about that mid 1800's. Around the 1930s and 1940s massage therapy fell out of favor. This was because of scientific and technological advances in medical treatments. Massage therapy interest was revived in the 1970s. Athletes were the one who mainly used this form of therapy back then.

There are over 80 types of massage therapy. Most of the time what happens is when people find a method or two that they like, they will usually stick with their practitioner who use this form of therapy. Then there are times when people find a particular massage therapist that makes them feel comfortable and that individual will remain a loyal customer to this particular massage therapist.

The first thing that will happen is the massage therapist will review your symptoms and neeeds. They will then ask you questions about your problem and conditions.

There are a variety of massage techniques that are used to help with the following:

  • reduce tension and pain
  • improve blood flow
  • relax muscles and provide a sense of well-being and relaxation

Massage therapy is really a hands-on manipulation of soft tissues and joints of the body. The soft tissues include:

  • muscle
  • skin
  • tendon
  • associated fascia
  • ligaments
  • joint capsules

Although it greatly afflicts those muscles just under the skin, massage therapies benefits may also reach the deer layers of muscle and possibly even the organs themselves. Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assays the lymphatic system (which runs parallel to the circulatory system), this helps to eliminate waste thoughtout the body.

The purpose of massage therapy is to prevent, develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or treat pain. It is also a clinically oriented health option with undeniable result in relief from an array of discomforts that include stress, muscular overuse and many other chronic pain syndromes. If employed early enough after accidents involving trauma and injury, massage therapy can greatly reduce the development of painful muscular patterning.

What the massage therapist will do is press, stroke, rub to try and manipulate the muscles and other soft tissue with particular focus on muscles and pressure points. Pressing and kneading different areas of the body to heal pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. This will often happen using various pressure and movement. The therapist use their hands, fingers, forms, elbows, and sometimes feet.

With the goal to relax the soft tissues, help to increase the delivery of blood and oxygen to the massaged areas, reduce tension, relax muscles, decrease pain and provide a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Some of the popular types of massage are:

  • Swedish
  • Deep tissue
  • Trigger point
  • Reflexology

With the popularity in "massage" today, you should only get your massage from someone who uses the title "massage" (MT). This person has completed a diploma program at a recognized school and has passed an examination. When you are out looking for a qualified therapist look for someone who uses a massage therapist (MT) or registered massage therapist (RMT) as their title.

When is a time when massage therapy is not the right treatment?

If you suffer from certain circulatory ailments (such as phlebitis), infectious diseases, certain forms of cancer, cardiac problems, certain skin conditions, or any inflamed or infected tissues, be sure to consult your physician before initiating any massage program. An experienced massage therapist will also be able to tell you when massage is not indicated.

Source by Steve Madigan

11 Oct

Nestled in the foothills of California’s Santa Rosa Mountains in Rancho Mirage, the California timeshare of Westin Mission Hills Resort Villas feature 360 acres of lush landscaping, sparkling streams, and terraced fountains where guests can enjoy 350 days of sunshine! The Palm Springs area has long been a second home to Hollywood celebrities and California timeshare owners join the celebrities as they enjoy all the area has to offer with its galleries, upscale shopping, chic cafes and restaurants and exciting nightlife.

The variety of activities for California timeshare guests to enjoy range from outdoor activities like tennis, golf, biking and hiking to the excitement, entertainment and action of local casinos. Add in live performances by well known musicians and comedians or a day at one of the many spas in the area, and just about anything you want to do on your California timeshare vacation is just moments away!

Let’s see what the Westin Mission Hills Resort has to offer in villa accommodations, on site amenities, activities and dining options. The Westin Mission Hills is a member of Interval International exchange company.

Villas description:

One bedroom villa: These are the smaller side of the two-bedroom lock-off villas. They are 585 square feet and can accommodate up to four guests. Each villa of this California timeshare features a fully equipped kitchenette with two burner stove top, a master bedroom with queen bed, living room with full size sleeper sofa and a bath and shower.

One bedroom Premium villa: The larger side of the two-bedroom lock-off villas are 820 square feet and can also accommodate up to four guests. Each villa features a fully equipped kitchen with a full size, four burner stove with oven, full size refrigerator with ice maker, a breakfast bar with seating for two and a formal dining room. In addition, there is a separate living room with a queen sleeper sofa, an armoire with television, a CD player, two fireplaces, master bedroom with king bed and television, two bathroom vanities, a whirlpool tub and an outdoor barbeque range.

Two bedroom lock-off villas: The two bedroom, two bath villas offer 1,440 square feet of luxurious comfort that can accommodate up to eight guests. Villas feature a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator with ice maker and a breakfast bar with seating for two. There are two fireplaces, multiple televisions, a whirlpool tub that can accommodate four, a large shower with two showerheads and an outdoor barbeque range.

Standard amenities for all villas include: The world famous Westin Heavenly Beds and Heavenly Baths/Shower with Heavenly Cribs also available, private furnished balconies or patios, in villa washers and dryers and high speed Internet access.

Accessible guest room features include:

Roll-in showers, bathtubs with grab bars, transfer showers and portable tub seats

Visual fire alarm, door bell and telephone notification devices and TTY (Text Telephone Device)

Mobility accessible doors with at least 32 inches of clear door width

Amenities and Activities on site:

Golf – 18 hole, par 72 Gary Player designed golf course offers lessons, a Pro Shop, golf carts and a driving range

Tennis – lighted outdoor courts

Basketball court and sand volleyball court

Waterslide, outdoor whirlpool and outdoor heated swimming pools

Sauna and massage treatments

Westin Work-out Fitness Center offers aerobic machines, free weights and is open 24 hours a day

Bicycling – Bicycle rentals make it easy to connect with nature as you cycle the trails weaving through the desert landscape.

Horseback riding – Guided tours are available on horseback or you can take a private ride

Unwind (SM) from 5pm to 7pm daily – California timeshare guests are invited to enjoy food and drink with other guests and experience Native Indian storytelling in the Lobby Lounge and Patio

Westin Children’s Program at this California timeshare provides hourly events for the kids with activities set up by the pool that include noodle races, water volleyball and a big splash contest. Kids are also invited to participate in basketball, croquet, badminton and a daily golf clinic.

Dining options on site:

Las Brisas Café and Caliente Bar: Both are located poolside and are open from 6:30am – 6:00pm. This spot is where California timeshare owners and guests are invited to enjoy healthy salads, hot and cold sandwiches, tropical beverages, ice-cold beer, sodas and smoothies. Kids can take a break from the waterslide for a hot dog, grilled cheese, or PB&J.

Seasons Grill: Open Friday to Monday from 11am – 8pm and Tuesday to Thursday from 11am – 5pm. Seasons Grill offers fresh and uniquely prepared food with a variety of different sauces for every dish, a full bar and an extensive wine list. The restaurant offers daily specials, dinner and wine tastings, is available for private parties and California timeshare guests can even “take-out”. It is handicap accessible and reservations are recommended.

Source by Syed Sarmad

11 Oct

An online entrepreneur will always be busy but more work doesn’t necessarily mean better results.

Sometimes, when trying to do everything yourself, nothing gets done very well. Aside from bad work productivity, the consequences of working too much can lead to anxiety, stress, being alone, and general bad health and fitness.

But your business won’t operate by itself and you can’t afford to hire somebody full-time. Maybe it’s time to outsource some jobs to a virtual assistant.

Can A Virtual Assistant Help You?

A virtual assistant (VA) is similar to a private assistant that you connect with online and outsource work to them to do for you. Some VAs work on their own and some work via various websites as a way to more easily find clients.

They can charge on an hourly basis, by each task, or you can pay a monthly fee for services. Many VAs are happy to work out a fee framework with you that suits you both.

Only Pay For What You Need

You don’t need to provide a VA with any resources to complete the tasks you need done. They should have everything that they need.

Using a VA actually can save you money, as well as time. You only pay for and seek the services of people to do work specifically when you need it. This means you can spend more time completing the tasks for your business that actually make money and take on extra work when it becomes available, as your VA can assist with the parts they can do.

How Can They Help You?

A VA can do a wide range tasks to help you in your online business. This includes administrative jobs, creation of content material, website construction and trouble-shooting or even social networking.

Some administrative duties are financial such as book-keeping, managing affiliate payouts, and keeping track of income sources. They can handle inbound and outbound email, sending certain kinds of email to you when your attention is required. They can also plan meetings, online seminars, or phone calls for you or help you plan your work week. This is particularly useful if you have difficulty with time management.

Your Success Is Their Success

Virtual assistants realize how vital it is to provide good work to you due to the fact your success is dependent upon the work they provide. The more successful you become, the more work that you will need them to complete for you.

The teach themselves to do jobs that are in demand. You simply use the skills you need for your projects, whether it’s a long-term or on a project by project basis.

Source by Jon Allo

11 Oct

Erectile Dysfuncton Cured

Erectile dysfunction is a reality.

Here the terms, impotence and erectile dysfunction are differentiated.

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

It can be at any age; for the younger men, the cause of ED can be more of a psychological factor while in older men, the cause of erectile dysfunction can be physical or organic. The tunica albuginea (membrane) inside of the chamber assists in trapping the blood; therey, sustaining the erection.

Related factors to ED

I can be certain types of medication. Conditions such Metabolic Syndrome will cause temporary impotence and numbness in the penis. Prolonged health conditions. Any kind of unhealthy emotions, as stress, anxiety, depression, guilt-feelings and others are detrimental.

Other Diseases and Erectile Dysfunction

Heart disease and Erectile Dysfunction can have a vice-versa relationship, a patient of heart ailment will not necessarily suffer from the injury and many men with Erectile Dysfunction do not have heart disorders. the success of therapy procedures and the success of it depend on the type of surgery, age of the patient and whether he has been a recipient of hormone therapy prior to the surgery.

Possible Psychological causes.

The feeling of hopelessness, desperate and inadequate. Be conscious of your weight and make the effort to maintain what is normal for your body. High levels of cholesterol harden the arteries causing (atherosclerosis) blocking the passage of the blood towards the penis. It is estimated that the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction is more psychological than it is physical.

Cures and Treatment

Self Hypnosis: By using the subconscious, self hypnosis can greatly revive sexual confidence and help overcome the weakness causing your erectile dysfunction.hypnosis is best in overcoming the psychological problem that hinders an erection. Self hypnosis can help erectile dysfunction patients to relax before and during intimate moments so that they acquire a stronger grip over your emotions and sexual responses. Some men develop impotency which is psychological in cause; now even if erectile dysfunction has been healed physically, the psychological scars can still remain.Sex therapy is a vital part of your healing and is a short term of counseling given by a qualified therapist or sex counselor. It is better to involve the partner in the therapy or in some cases she may suspect that her husband is having an affair with another woman. The woman's negative suspensions may cause her to stop talking to her husband and if she continues this kind of attitude, she may create a formula for disaster. By constantly talking to the patient and his partner, the therapist will assist them to work out their sex communication and create realistic expectations.

Viagra: Viagra absorbs and processes rapidly therefore it must be taken 30 minutes to an hour before intercourse. The side effects of Yohimbre are heightened blood pressure and heart rate and a feeling of dizziness, nervousness and irritability.

Some new drugs are:

Uprima (apomophin): Uprima (apomphin) is a tablet that dissolves in the tongue.

Nutritional: This involves the proper nutrition for you to have a healthy sex life.Tips to follow in using herbal supplement: Talk to your doctor first regarding your plan to go herbal. Naturopathic or natural remedies. Drug therapy: Self Injection. Hormonal Therapy. Vacuum Constriction Device (penis pump) as it is also known will create a vacuum motion and help the penis to become erect all while the band or a ring is used to hold the section. Surgical Treatment: Vascular Reconstructive Surgery. It is better for two people to face a problem. The patient and his partner.

Final words about erectile dysfunction.

Commonly called ED, Erectile dysfunction, is a common health problem affecting mostly men of older age.

Source by Sergio Nunez

11 Oct

Making sure our kids eat healthy food has, rightly so, become a national obsession and I am sure, like most parents, you want healthy lunch ideas to help your kids be motivated, full of energy and reaching their true potential.

There are some really outstanding reasons for making sure our kids eat healthy and here are two of the most important.

1. Studies have shown that kids that eat a healthy lunch are more motivated at school and basically do better. This is what we all want for our kids and it is great that we have the power as parents to easily make this happen!

2. Childhood obesity is a growing problem in North America – 5 million youth aged 6-17 are clinically obese. By introducing your kids to healthy eating early on, you are gifting them with a life full of health!

Of course there are many other reasons which I will not list. I assume if you are reading this you are already convinced of the value of providing healthy food and snacks for your family!

So what are some tips for helping you provide healthy meal options for your children?

1. Well first of keep healthy snacks lying around the house. Kids are natural grazers and if they do not have healthy snacks available they will sneak in unhealthy options. In fact, I would suggest that you have a cupboard cleanse and try to remove any unhealthy snacks, so the kids can not see them and you are not tempted to "give in" at a stressed moment.

* Some great healthy snack tips are:

– Humus and vegetable sticks
– Salsa and re-fried beans mixed together to create a great snack or a dip for toasted pita triangles
– Toasted pita triangles and low fat ranch dressing
– Sweet and crispy vegetable slices like carrot and red pepper

All of these are quick, easy to make and keep in the fridge ready for when you need them.

2. Another key healthy eating idea is making food that is easy for your kids to eat and easy for you to make. You are very likely a busy person, so do not overstretch yourself, there are many great quick, easy options available.

* Easy Tip: Wraps are easy and kids love them. Try adding a few new ingredients this way. My favorites are baked tofu, peanut butter and snow peas wrap and turkey breast, mozzarella, cucumber, avocado and alfalfa sprouts wrap. Both mix ingredients children will have tried before and new ones. Try swapping peanut butter for cashew or almond butter for variety.

3. Try and prepare as much in advance as you can. It is unlikely that you are able to come home from work and put 100% effort into your kids meals or prepare masses of food first thing in the morning. So, pick a time when you can give it your full attention and prepare a few days in advance. Some things like sauces and dips will keep for a while, so work out when is a good time for you to get your cooking mojo on! When you can cook, is also a great indication of what type of lunches to make. If you really only have free time on the weekends for anything complicated, choose things that will keep and need very little extra preparation first thing in the morning.

* Top Tip: Many meals are freezable, which is a good tip for after school meals. Cooking a large casserole, soup or stew and distributing into bags for the following week is always a great idea. For school lunches, try getting your ingredients ready a few days before. Cooked chicken and turkey breast will keep for 3-4 days. Also you can make any dips like ranch dressing 3-4 days in advance. Tuna mayo will also keep, but I suggest that you keep it well sealed as it can make your refrigerator smell!

4. Try to keep your child involved in the healthy eating process whenever possible. If your child hates sweet things (illegally but sometimes it happens!) Do not force them, look at savory lunches instead and vice versa. You want to introduce your kids to new types of food and food experiences and this can be an enjoyable process for everyone. Picking things they really can not stand will be like hitting a brick wall every meal time.

5. A good tip to get kids started with new food experiences is to use portion control. Mix a small amount of the new food together with something you know they like and slowly introduce a variety of food this way. Just remember it is OK for your little one to not like everything, I know I do not and I am sure you are the same! For example, if try adding avocado and celery to a tuna mayo salad.

Great healthy lunch ideas that your kids will love are easy to find if you follow these rules: Keep it simple, do not overstretch yourself, get your little one's input and introduce things slowly. You will be a family full of healthy eaters in no time!

Source by JR Holt

11 Oct

"Sue, let me see if I understand this. You manage 25 company branches. Every week you give a talk at each branch. it? "

"I take a Valium, Allan," she admitted, just as casually as if any of her friends might say, "I drink two cups of coffee every morning."

I slapped the side of my head, look it incredulously and confirmed what I'd hear. "You mean you take a Valium EVERY TIME before you stand up to speak?

"How on earth does your system tolerate it?"

"It's the only way I can keep my job. My whole life style depends on me communicating effectively with my employees. . "I've heard such great things about how you're able to transform 'basket cases' like me into people whose favorite activity is public speaking. I figured I'd risk it."

Sue was our first speaker of the day. Routinely, we ask each class member to get up before the group and, in no more than 60 seconds, introduce themselves. The task should be easy. The subject is one about which no one knows more than the speakers: themselves.

Wrong. Practically no one, by their own admission, succeeds at this introductory speech, in spades. Halfway through, Sue had gone stone silent. Began biting her index finger, dug her upper teeth into her lower lip, turned ashen white, sailed down the aisle, out the door and, tears streaming down her face, this 35-year-old executive thread herself into the couch against the far wall.

That's where I caught up with her.

I've taught state-of-the-art, stand-up presentation skills to more than 3,000 adults all over North America. So I've seen my share of fearful students; the effect of abject terror upon them. But, never had I witnessed such a complete breakdown and actual flight.

I imagine you have heard of the Times of London report of the survey of 3,000 Americans to learn what we are most afraid of. I can not figure why: do the Brits intend to invade us again?

Startling: 41 percent of Americans surveyed fear "speaking to a group," compared with 19 most afraid of dying and the number one fear of 18 percent is flying in a plane. A pity. Because not only do I adore helping others learn and practice the art and science of effective presentation, but also, speaking to audiences is my very favorite activity … out of bed.

Moreover, getting a group of prospects all to themselves in a private room, is the entrepreneur's most effective, most revealing, sales tool.

I applauded Sue's courage and foresight, considering the tension wracking her body. I assured her that time would prove that she had made the right choice.

"If you will pay close attention to, and follow to the letter, what we ask of you in the next exercise, then stick it in your quiver for permanent application, I promise you that your debilitating fear and paralysis will disappear forever."

I sympathized with Sue. There'd been times in my earlier life when I suffered each time I got up to speak. God knows how my impressions reacted to what turned out to be a very artificial speaker.

In 1968, I flew to Chicago for Crain Communications to give a talk to 100 visiting Japanese businessmen. No sooner had I begun speaking than a translator simultaneously began interpreting, loud, in Japanese. Disconcerting? To say the least. Had I known in advance, "forewarned is forearmed."

In 1991, I provided a workshop for students, administrators, teachers and professors at New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY. One female professor confessed, "All I need to get 'agida' is to be invited to speak to a group."

In 1983, in Indianapolis, Indiana, over a drink with my client company administrator, I described a particularly-distressing example of utter fear earlier that afternoon by one of his employees: "The poor guy stuttered, went silent, grabbed and almost shredded the outsides of both pants, paralleled. "

"Oh, that must have been, so-and-so," said my client. "He'd once been institutionalized." I pleaded that he never assign such a risk case to me … or anyone … again. "I'm not a psychiatrist," I insisted, "but I imagine another such experience might send him back … for good."

I suppose there are as many manifestations of SpeakerStress (sm) as there are scared speakers. Other than the horrible feelings one gets, physical evidence abounds. And it's anything but comforting to the victim. Or reassuring to the audience that the speaker knows his subject.

Nonetheless, these indications are but the tip of an iceberg so far as the potential negative impact upon a speaker's audience. And, THAT MOST CRITICAL element, only the rare speaker ever considers in his panic.

Next time you speak, would it behoove you to have a friend or two watch, listen and take notes of your behavior up front? Or video? Suggest they ask themselves,

(1) Does he clasp his hands in front … or behind … his back? (2) Is one or are both hands in his pocket (s)? (3) If you wear eyeglasses, does he regularly push them up on the bridge of his nose, whether or not they need it? (4) Does he brush his hair back, again, needlessly? (5) Does he fidget with his fingers? Pick or brush lint off his suit? (6) Does he rock back and forth on his feet? Or lean off on one side? Then the other? (7) Does he pace back and forth in front of the audience? And excuse it, claiming, "I'm more 'comfortable' that way." Face it: you're nervous. "And the heck with its effect upon my audience." (8) Where are his eyes? Up on the ceiling? On the floor? At his fingernails? (9) Is he whispering? Speaking too softly to be heard EVEN in the front row? Mumbling? (10) Is his voice boring? Does it lack variety? Change of pace, volume, emphases? Does his speech sound memorized? Rote?

It's odd how, when confronted, speakers reveal how oblivious they are to their seeming-compensating mannerisms … and their ignorance of the damage they do to their credibility through the audience. Especially if they're the BOSS. Please do not trust your employees to evaluate your presentations. For obvious reasons.

4 Practical solutions you can use immediately.

(1) Never. Never read your speech, use notes, memorize, nor use a Teleprompter.

Instead, when preparing your talk, identify specifically what you want to achieve by giving the speech. Pick 3, 4, 7 or 8 ideas or concepts which form a coherent, persuasive pitch and draw a picture of each that, when you again see that picture, it brings to mind the idea you had. Blow each up to fit a 36 "wide by 24" deep sheet of clean newsprint. Use pencil to sketch your ideas, then finish off with colorful, water-based magic marks.

These will SHOW, and your audience will understand, your ideas, you having told them WHAT each element IS and what it REPRESENTS. And how each ties in to your main theme.

(2) Talk to ONE PERSON at a time. What this means is: pick out one person's EYEBALL – left or right. Give that eyeball (the person) ONE THOUGHT. Then, in TOTAL SILENCE, move to another person's EYEBL. Give THAT eyeball ONE THOUGHT. Keep giving a different person's EYEBL one thought until the idea illustrated up that piece of paper is complete. IN SILENCE, flip the chart. And start speaking, ONE THOUGHT, to each of several audience members' eyesballs. Repeat the process until you've exhausted all presentation sheets.

(3) Fear, stress, tension, nervousness has a PSYCHOLOGICAL origin, yet, amazingly, the remedy is completely PHYSICAL – that is, what you DO to get rid of it. Make sure you speak to ONE EYEBALL at a time. Never say a word unless you are locked in on that EYEBALL. NEVER.

Be MORE physically- and VOCALLY-expressive than you believe appropriate. You'll be JUST ABOUT right. Your audience will LOVE YOU

(4) Position yourself center stage. Plant your feet square to the audience about as wide as your shoulders. Put your easel on which your illustrations are mounted to YOUR left, slightly angled toward the middle of the audience.

These four techniques, if you apply them routinely (video yourself!), Will not only eradicate paralysis fear and nervousness, but should eliminate all fear whateversoever. Soon, you'll actively seek opportunities to practice new skills which YOU will have discovered. They'll put you light years ahead of the pack of also-ran presenters, fearful, nervous, mired in poor behaviors.

Source by Allan Wikman

10 Oct

Many couples do not realize that at least 50% of the cost of each cycle of IVF goes towards paying for medication, which, is a huge amount considering that an average cycle in the USA can cost $ 12,000. Reducing the costs of IVF treatment is possible in a number of ways, one of which is known as natural cycle IVF.

The drugs typically stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, but natural cycle IVF uses no drugs, relying instead on the normal ovulation process. This cheaper process produced the first IVF baby and the lower costs means it is accessible to more couples. The procedure is ideal for women who produce healthy eggs without intervention and it means that the usual side effects from traditional IVF meds are avoided.

Natural cycle IVF works alongside a woman's body by monitoring hormone levels and measuring the follicle where the egg is produced. Although there is usually only one egg produced each month, some women will naturally produce more than one. On average, a woman will make three or four visits to the clinic each month whereas this can be multiplied several times for traditional IVF where drugs are given to stimulate egg production and this is the main reason why it helps in reducing the costs of IVF treatment .

When the egg is mature, it is retrieved and then the procedure is the same as conventional IVF. The egg is fertilized, incubated for 3-5 days and then placed into the uterus.

The main advantage to using this procedure is the cost saving element. However, there are other advantages. The whole IVF procedure is very stressful and high stress levels can have a negative effect on conception. Using natural cycle IVF means that the woman's body will be functioning normally and not having to deal with the effects of fertility drugs is less stressful.

Some doctors also believe that because there is a natural element to the process, the eggs are generally more healthy and robust, possibly making the whole procedure more effective.

In terms of costs, each cycle works out at around a quarter of the price of a conventional round of treatment, so you could have 4 cycles for the same cost as just one round of IVF. Some researchers report a pregnancy rate of 50% after 4 cycles so it is easy to see why this is an option for couples looking at reducing the costs of IVF treatment.

Source by Elena Vincent

10 Oct

Are you experiencing some up and down times in your new relationship? Would you like to know what you can do to survive the first six months and move on to more solid ground? Would you like to know what you should do so you can stay together for the long run and avoid the short term breakup? Many relationships unfortunately do not survive the first six months for a variety of reasons. But maybe you have that certain something going for you that those who fail do not.

Do You WANT It To Work Out?

What is that something that can help you survive the first six months? Plain and simply put, it comes down to the desire to make it work. You and your partner must make up your minds that first and foremost you want to be together and second, you're willing to do whatever it takes to do that.

This commitment to stick it out and work at it is something that many couples can not or will not do. So that attitude gives you a big edge over so many others.

You have to look at the first six months like you are in boot camp. Anyone who has ever been in the armed services will tell you that boot camp will make or break you. Those that can not handle it get out, while those who survive it are made that much stronger.

It's not a whole lot different when it comes to your relationship. Things will be tough and really challenging probably many times, but if you can stick it out, you'll come out the other side, more solid and committed than before.

Think about the first six months of a new relationship. You know you love each other and that you want to be together. But you do not know that other person inside out yet. That's what the beginning stages of a relationship are all about. You're going to find out everything you can about each other; your likes and dislikes, your dreams and aspirations, your goals and yes, even your bad habits.

The Most Important Thing

So, one thing that's maybe more important than anything else is honesty. This is when the rose colored glasses should come off and you need to be who you are and see him for who he really is.

There is no point in waiting until you've set the wedding date to find out that he never wants to have a family and is happy to have an apartment in the city, when one of your dreams is to have three kids and a house in the suburbs.

When there are fundamental differences like these, it may hurt to realize that you are not really meant to be together, but it's better to find out sooner, rather than later. On the other hand though, if you share the same dreams, think how wonderful it will feel to know it and build on that.

You can do more than survive the first six months of a relationship, if you take the relationship boot camp approach. If you're interested, I can show you what that means!

Source by Evangeline K Harris

10 Oct

Let's break this down and be honest for a second. You know how to lose weight. You know pretty much exactly what sort of foods to eat and you know that you need to get some exercise. Tell me I'm wrong and, quite honestly, I'll call you a liar.

Look, weight loss is not complicated. It's really easy in fact. You eat right, you exercise, you lose weight. Simple. Really, really simple. And you know what, just eating right can lead to great results, so sometimes you do not even need to exercise.

There's more to it than nutrition and exercise

However, there's something behind the scenes stopping you from losing weight. There is something blocking your path. You know what that is? It's you. You are the one stopping You from losing weight.

Weight loss is so easy it's not even funny. You just need to keep doing the right thing, and making the right choices. The problem is … you're not going to make the right choices if you do not have the right mind-set. This is the first problem you're facing.

You do not believe you can lose weight … inside

The reality is that nothing will be achieved without an internal belief that it can be done. This means more than you thinking consciously that you will lose weight for good. It means that your deep down subconscious needs to act with you, rather than against you, in your fight for long term weight loss.

You are not consistent

Consistency leads to results. These results help with your BELIEFS. Consistency, therefore, is critical. You have to focus and make sure you keep on working towards a weight loss result everyday for at least a month. Once that month is up, you'll have awesome results and THAT is stimulating.

This is the way it works. You need to start and then not stop for several weeks. You need to commit, make sacrifices, and gradually you'll begin to achieve results, and develop your beliefs. When this begins to happen, there's nothing better in the world. That feeling of achievement makes it all a lot easier, leading to even greater results as the weeks and months roll by.

Support is critical

Getting support from those around you and others on your journey is important, nay cruel, to your success. It's a lot harder to go it alone that as part of a team … trust me, I know this more than most.

When I started my business I was all alone and struggled for months, even years to get some transaction. As soon as I opened myself up to support, wonderful things began to happen. I was more consistent, the results came, my beliefs improved, and everything grew from there.

You see, these steps are not limited to weight loss. They cover anything to do with success. Whatever you want to achieve, you need these elements in place. Set them up and you'll become the person you have defined to be for a long time.

Source by Toby Edge

10 Oct

There is quite a number of ways to lose belly fat but the most effective ones are good food and exercises. In this short article, I am going to show you basically these two most efficient ways to achieve this without having to subject yourself to some kind of unnecessary mortification of the flesh.

Do Not Starve

Honestly, punishing oneself by going without food is certainly not how to achieve success in this endeavor. That idea must have emanated from sense logic and not from any empirical proofs. I mean it is not based on any obvious result which has been proven and can stand the test of time. Rather, what we notice is that as people go hungry in a bid to lose weight, the body begins to adopt a defensive mechanism for survival. Let me explain.

The body has two enzymes that have to do with fat. The one known as fat-storing enzyme and the other, fat-releasing enzyme. The moment the body is starved of food, fat cells in the system begin to release more fat-storing enzymes as a way of protecting and shielding the body from losing fat by preventing the fat-storing enzymes from dispelling fat any longer. What then happens is that because the body's natural process of burning fat no longer takes place, the toll of hunger on the body begins to work on and depreciate the lean muscles of the body, hence the seeming loss of weight.

But this is far from providing the required solution with regard to burning fat. It is only artificial and not real. This is so because no fat had actually been burnt during the time of starvation. Instead, fat cells had stored them up and shielded them from being burnt off. Thus, the individual is back to square one.

Eat Fat Burning Diets

Anybody wishing to make an enduring success in fat loss will require fat burning diets to help the body's natural mechanism of burning fat to quickly melt away that persistent, ever-growing body or belly fat. They consist of protein, fiber, calcium and mineral-giving foods.

Foods to be Avoided

Processed foods, fatty-foods, fried foods, baked foods and high calorie foods are well-known agents of fat build up and anyone seeking how to lose fat must avoid them. These classes of food get stored up in the abdomen and increase the likelihood of getting more belly fats as well as body weight.

Abs Work Outs

With the appropriate food regimen duly observed, abs work outs and aerobic exercises are another very effective ways of finally removing the remnant of fats in the belly, consequent upon adequate consumption of fat burning foods. Exercises that finish and mop up all the fat residues in the belly and enable you to renew the six pack abs that you had always wanted.

We have seen that eating fat-burning foods in adequate quantities, avoiding fat inducing foods and engaging in regular physical and abdominal exercises are the panacea and indeed the most effective ways to lose belly fat.

Source by Sylvester Oti

10 Oct

Those of you with children may find it difficult to offer healthy recipes for kids throughout the entire day. This may be especially troublesome these days if your children have already developed some poor eating habits or if they are among friends who are consistently eating fast food and bags of potato chips.

However don’t worry, with a little bit of persuasion and vital teachings from your part, you can open your children’s eyes to the wonderful world of healthy nutrition.

This is the perfect opportunity to educate your children about the importance of eating healthy, and what the long term repercussions can be if a person does not monitor what they eat. It’s never too early to educate them about healthy nutrition in the hopes that from your teachings they grow up taking care of their bodies and never have to worry about health related issues of being overweight or obese.

Here are some healthy recipes for kids to get you started building your arsenal of meals that will be conducive to a nutritious and well balanced life. As you explore these options, take note of what your family enjoys eating and additional possibilities that you may think of. Often merely tweaking a few ingredients can produce an entirely new meal without needing much extra work.

1. Beef Bowl with pudding dessert.

Grilled or baked strips/chunks of meat with a layer of brown rice, beans, and any vegetables you know your family prefers. You can even add beans if you’d like, or potato wedges instead of rice. As a dessert, a small helping of pudding with a dash of whipped cream and a cherry to top it off.

2. Grilled chicken wraps with jello dessert.

These can be fantastic choices to offer your family because aside from the grilled chicken, you can include a variety of vegetables or other low calorie options that will taste great such as lettuce, beans, brown rice, tomatoes, onions, or even some shredded low fat mozzarella cheese. Use a whole wheat tortilla instead of tortillas made with refined flour.

3. Whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs and frozen yogurt dessert.

Instead of eating the standard pasta made of refined enriched flour, opt for 100 percent whole grain pasta since it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and high in fiber so you will eat less of it to get full. Ground turkey is also better for you than regular ground beef, or you can ever select the garden meat variety that is vegetarian to make your meatballs or meat sauce.

4. Soup and Salad.

There are a variety of soups such as vegetable, lentil, and minestrone that are all healthy and great tasting. Spice it up for kids by throwing in a few goldfish crackers and they will happily eat it all. A bowl of soup and a salad with their favorite toppings and a light salad dressing, PRESTO… you have a healthy meal on your hands.

5. Tuna pita pockets with applesauce dessert.

Whole wheat pita pockets provide the perfect “container” to place an assortment of healthy edibles within, and kids will treat it just like a taco. Tuna with lettuce, olives and some parmesan cheese can be a great starting point.

The healthy recipes for kids listed above are all far better and lower in calories than the majority of fast food or pizza delivery options available around you. Use these meals as building blocks to get you thinking of other possibilities you could prepare for your children. Depending on the age of your kids (5-10), you may want to get a little creative with the presentation of the meal. It’s the simple things that matter, so think how you can present the healthy meal in a way so that they will start asking you to cook this meal again in the future. Sometimes by merely adding a decorative garnish such as a fruit cutout or curly orange/apple peel can inspire your child to want to eat the meal. If adding that little extra is all it takes to get them eating in a healthier manner, the minute or two spent on the presentation is well worth it.

If your children are older (11-18), then definitely a more serious conversation should take place. You can even gather specific articles and pictures from the Internet that will work wonders for motivation. Nothing works better than a graphic representation of a coronary bypass surgery.

Keep in mind as you build your library of healthy recipes for kids, maintain an ongoing recipe book where you continually add new healthy meals that your family enjoys. Pretty soon you will have a book full of healthy recipes for kids and if you want, you can even let your children decide which meals to cook out of the recipes you have collected. This way they will feel more connected to what is prepared and served that day.

Source by Gregory L Gomez

10 Oct

Do you want to lose 10 pounds extremely fast? Do you want to keep losing ten pounds every ten days until you have the body you dream off? Do you want a sexy pencil thin figure? If so, pay close attention here. You are about to discover the fastest way to lose 10 pounds…

You are about to uncover the sure shot fat burning tricks you can implement right away to make your body burn fat like crazy and lose 10 pounds ultra fast. The key is to implement these tricks. If you fail to implement these tricks, you will have to experience more frustrations and more troubles. So take action.

Here are the sure shot tricks to lose 10 pounds ultra fast…

Go on a hiking plus camping trip – This is one of the best ways to shed body fat. Taking a hiking cum camping trip for three to four days will do the trick. The hiking will make your body burn fat like crazy and will get you to lose a lot of weight. On the other hand, the camping trip will keep you away from foods that are dangerous to your weight loss plans. During the trip, you will be living on foods that accelerate fat burning instead of the ones that slow down fat burning.

Workout right away – Here’s the key to lose ten pounds ultra fast: Put your body in the fat burning mode 24/7. This can only be done by following a regular routine that involves activities which put your body in the fat burning mode. When you wake up, drink a glass of water and start working out. Do five pushups, five sit ups, five crunches, 1 minute running. Do all of it without any interval. And then take a minute’s rest and do it again. You’ll burn a lot of fat when you follow this workout.

Eating apples – There are harmful toxins present in your body which are causing you to gain weight. If these toxins are present, no matter how much you workout you are likely to gain more weight. These toxins directly affect your digestive system. It’s important that you handle these toxins right away. There are lots of things you can do cleanse your body from toxins. A master cleanse is one way to wash all toxins.

But the best way to do it is by eating apples consistently. Apples can be the best thing when it comes to detoxifying your body. Eat an apple once in the morning and once in the night before going to bed. Eating apples consistently for a period of time will help wash away all the toxins present in your body. And you’ll end up boosting your metabolism.

Source by Jennifer Sorensen