The Best Way to Get Six Pack Abs – 2 Fundamental Principles You Need to Focus On

July 13, 2018 / Uncategorized

Most people who try to get six pack abs will never be successful because they do not have any idea about the best way to get six pack abs. The most common exercises that these people do are cardio workouts and abs-specific exercises like crunches and sit-ups. And most of them stop trying when they do not quickly get the result they want.

In order to be successful in getting six pack abs, you have to understand which exercises are effective and which ones are not. Here are 2 fundamental principles of the best way to get six pack abs.

Stop focusing too much on abdominal exercises

The most important principle in getting six pack abs is that you need to focus more on full body exercises and less on abs-specific exercises. Stop wasting your time doing endless repetitions of abdominal exercises like crunches, torso twists and leg lifts.

Many people who want to get great looking abs exercise only their stomach muscles. But this is a mistake because you do not lose stomach fat and get flat abs by exclusively doing exercises that target the stomach area.

Start focusing more on full body, big multi-joint exercises

You do not need to completely eliminate exercises that target the stomach area from your workout routine. These exercises should always be a part of your routine anyway, since they are useful for creating a strong back and a strong core.

But you need to spend the major of your workout time doing full body exercises that target the largest muscle groups in your body like the chest, back and legs. Doing exercises that target the multi-joint areas of your body is the best way to get six pack abs and burn stomach fat.

These exercises cause an increase in those hormones responsible for burning fat in your body. They also increase your metabolic rate, which causes you body to burn fat faster, up to 48 hours after the workout.

Exercises that fall into the category of full body, multi-joint exercises are back exercises, chest exercises, dead lifts, squats, step-ups and lunges. You could work with dumbbells, barbells or even your body weight. Just make sure that you do exercises that target the big multi-joint parts of your body and that you do them with high enough intensity. That is the best way to get six pack abs.

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